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Tokyo Times and Fashion, Anime and Otaku Culture (part one)

Tokyo Times and Fashion, Anime and Otaku Culture (part one)

Hiroshi Saito, Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Tokyo lifestyle is an amazing experience for Tokyoites, tourists and expatriates. The wealth of choices and things to do is boundless. Another amazing feature is that unlike many famous international cities in the world, this ultra-modern capital is extremely safe compared with certain no-go areas in parts of London, Paris, Los Angeles, and so forth, which all have zones of danger. Therefore, the Tokyo “magnet” keeps on drawing people into this fantastic city.

This article is the first of many related to Tokyo lifestyle and places to visit. After all, the huge pulling power of Tokyo applies within Japan and internationally. Also, the unique features of Tokyo are often in the news therefore many people feel a connection with this city and want to know so much more.

If individuals adore fashion then of course they will visit countless districts in this high octane city. The first recommendation is Omotesando because this part of Tokyo shares the same “fashion hub” which belongs to Aoyama, Harajuku, and Shibuya. The sheer size of this enormous “fashion hub” is a wonder to behold.

In Aoyama and Omotesando you will find the crème de la crème of fashion companies and of course Harajuku and Shibuya are equally blessed with some of the finest boutiques to be found in the world. The main difference is that while Harajuku and Shibuya have a noticeable youthful angle which endears teenagers and young adults, the Omotesando and Aoyama angle is mainly based on sophistication.

In saying that, the backstreets of Omotesando are also blessed with independent boutiques which cater for young adults. This especially applies to the casual angle and the power of American fashion mixed with Tokyo fashion can be felt richly. However, the main emphasis in Omotesando and Aoyama applies to the age group between the middle of the twenties to the early forties. Of course, individuals who are younger and older are fully catered for despite the above age group being the target area.

Indeed, the sophistication of some of the boutiques and high price ranges in Aoyama and Omotesando – means that purchasing power of the most exquisite designer clothes is the main focus and not specifically the age group. Of course, this will exclude the target angle being teenagers within the main areas which are blessed with adorable boutiques of extreme quality. Therefore, more mature adults will have ample opportunities to buy adorable items and purchase other top quality fashion goods in Omotesando and Aoyama.

The electric vibe of Omotesando is most noticeable because it is a place to explore and enjoy. Omotesando Hills and Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku (Omohara) have altered the landscape of old Omotesando. However, both fantastic malls cater for fashion lovers and other areas related to lifestyle in Tokyo.

One major feature of major cities like Tokyo and Osaka is the reality of anime and otaku culture. In Tokyo you have many fantastic places to visit in order to fulfill your anime and otaku love affair. One essential shop to visit is Mandrake which is the number one company in Japan for secondhand items related to anime, manga and otaku culture. This company can be found throughout Japan.

Mandrake ( for magazines, hentai comics, art books, cosplay, photography, Bishojo figures, Yaoi doujinshi (brand new and second hand), and a host of other areas. The CEO of this company commented that Our mission is to take over the world using manga and otaku things” While Mandrake can be found throughout Tokyo and Japan, the store in Nakano in Tokyo is special because of its history related to this vibrant company.

Another fantastic company to visit is Animate which is located in Ikebukuro. Indeed, Ikebukuro fashion is also fantastic. This notably applies to fashion malls including Lumine, Esola, Marui, Parco, Tobu Department Store and Seibu Department Store. Also, you have other areas which focus on casual fashion therefore Ikebukuro is awash with fashion companies catering for many different styles.

Turning back to Animate then Patrick Macias in The Guardian (UK newspaper) states that Animate is“specifically catering to female otaku.”  He further comments that the “Eight floors are mostly populated by otaku teens and young adults, and filled with the requisite anime goods and merchandise, but the real selling point here is the large selection of homoerotic-themed manga and novels from the “boy’s love” genre, a popular and influential subculture within a subculture.” 

Animate ( also appeals because unlike the relentless hustle and bustle of this scene in Akihabara, this store is a treasure by itself within a vibrant fashion district in Tokyo. The angle of catering for female otaku is also an added bonus along with selling products which cater for otaku fans in general.

Overall, it is clear that Tokyo lifestyle is extremely diverse and this article only delves into a small area of life in Tokyo. However, Tokyo lifestyle is blessed by the reality of fashion and otaku culture irrespective if this angle appeals to individuals or not. Without such a vibrant fashion and otaku culture then Tokyo wouldn’t be the same place.

All fashion images taken by Modern Tokyo Times.

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Tokyo and cosmetics: Shiseido The Ginza is the crème de la crème

Tokyo and cosmetics: Shiseido The Ginza is the crème de la crème

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Shiseido The Ginza is a store which is located in a stunning part of Tokyo where Japanese fashion companies of extreme quality vie for trade with the most famous international brands in the world. The image of Ginza is one of quality, style, elegance and where panache is visible in all directions in the main areas of high fashion.

Shiseido is a fantastic company which is blessed with a very rich history and in their store in Ginza called Shiseido The Ginza you have floors full of exquisite products. This is fused with high technology and many options are available to clients who want to talk and learn more about what suits them best.

The environment of the store is sublime because Shiseido is clearly focused on providing extreme quality products, high quality customer service, state of the art technology whereby customers can match what suits them best, special booths in order to obtain personal guidance and so much more. Therefore, if cosmetics and beauty products is what makes you tick then clearly you can’t go wrong if you visit Shiseido.

The total beauty facility is a wonder to behold because innovation, space, environment, expertise advice, computerization, amazing customer service, and extremely high quality products are on show. 

In a earlier article written by the Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that Shiseido The Ginza “….is a company with a very rich history and this can be seen by the store in Ginza because each of the three floors is based on a new experience whereby shoppers can engage themselves amongst the sophistication which is on offer.  Of course, this sophistication is matched by the quality of the products on offer and by staff who represent the finest of qualities which befit Shiseido.”

“Tokyo ladies and women who are visiting Tokyo will not find a finer place to shop around and enjoy the fabulous layout of each floor.  This applies to product sampling areas, beauty parlors, a photo studio and state of the art technology whereby customers can interact and make the most of their visit to Shiseido The Ginza.”

On the second floor Shiseido have staff of the highest quality and they will help each individual with their needs. The staff at Shiseido The Ginza listen deeply and they take great pride in working for such a sublime company. Therefore, if clients are unsure or if they want to enhance their beauty or change their style, then highly trained staff will help and cater for the needs of the client.

The products available on the first floor welcome the client or the individual who is browsing and clearly clients will soon be enticed by the products on offer. This is matched by the usage of technology and this shows the natural innovation and care of Shiseido.

Customers simply use the fully interactive digital cosmetic mirrors and then enter the barcode of the selected product or products. After the barcode is entered the customer will see how this looks visually once the technology is matched with the customers face. Also, the state of the art technology will show the various colors, and show the customer how it looks from different angles therefore luxury is being fused with technology and style.

At Shiseido The Ginza you have counselors on standby in order to help people with their skin types or other related areas of care and this all adds to the experience of each individual feeling special.  Estheticians of the highest quality are available and with all the knowledge that they have learnt from the Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion; then the customer is bound to get the highest quality of care and attention.

The ethics and care at Shiseido The Ginza on the third floor is matched by the décor and space available to individual clients. Therefore, the third floor is where the exquisite notch is increased even higher and the final finishing touch is available for clients who desire premium Shiseido products.

Counseling rooms are available and cater fully for the customer interested in premium products. The booths have been designed for private customers who want to utilize everything provided by Shiseido and this is the final piece in the exquisite jigsaw.

Shiseido The Ginza provides a unique experience and for Tokyo ladies and women visiting Tokyo, then this shop is a must place to visit if you are interested in crème de la crème cosmetics and other beauty items. The rich history of Shiseido is deep and this company continues to think about new ways of enhancing and furthering the reputation of this sublime company.

Shiseido The Ginza equals panache, modernity, innovation, and exquisite products. This is equally matched by amazing customer service and estheticians who are of the highest quality. All in all, this shop and company is a blessing for the lovers of cosmetics and crème de la crème goes hand in hand with Shiseido.  – SHISEIDO THE GINZA   

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