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Somalia and Afghanistan: the barbarity of Sunni Islam

Somalia and Afghanistan: the barbarity of Sunni Islam


By Lee Jay Walker
The Modern Tokyo Times

Islamic radicals support stoning women, terrorism, and killing converts to Christianity in Afghanistan and Somalia.  However, central forces also support Islamic Sharia law and killing apostates to Christianity or other non-Muslim faiths.

Islam equals dhimmitde. 


Somalia is yet another failed state where various Sunni Islamic factions are vying for control.  Just like fellow Islamists in Afghanistan and throughout the world, they hate diversity and Christian minorities are killed frequently in Somalia.  The madness of the “Islamic year zero” is gaining ground because of the global jihadist network and finance and training from fellow Islamists throughout the Middle East.

If democratic nations believe that Somalia is a million miles away then they are mistaken.  After all, many Somalians who reside in America, the United Kingdom, and other democratic nations, are joining radical Islamic terrorist factions in Somalia after being indoctrinated in the West.

Various Islamic factions in Somalia desire to create an Islamic state based on Sharia Islamic law and the brutality of their thinking can be seen by recent events in Somalia. This most notably applies to stoning a young lady to death and beheading a Christian convert from Islam.

However, even moderate forces within the government support the implementation of Islamic Sharia law and it is clear that democracy and civil liberties are not on the table. Instead it is the brutal reality of Islam which is creating fear and barbarity amongst all the chaos of Somalia.

Therefore, the stark reality of modern Somalia is an inefficient government which lacks real power and the limited power it does manage to have is based on the root cause, which is Islam itself.  After all, it is clear that Islam is not creating a flourishing nation in Somalia but like usual it is the root cause for the complete backwardness of Somalia.

Instead of progress and modernization we have all sides supporting laws which infringe on free thinking, democracy, and a society based on equality.  Yes, central forces are much better than al-Shabab and Hizb al-Islam but just like Afghanistan it is clear that another generation is going to be brainwashed and indoctrinated.

Therefore, women will be kept in the shadows and stoning to death and other draconian Islamic laws will keep them chained.  At the same time the minority Christian community will face death at the hands of al-Shabab and Hizb al-Islam and apostates will face the same fate by the so-called central government.

On 7 June, 2010, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad wrote an article for The Guardian newspaper called “How Somalia’s civil war became new front in battle against al-Qaida.”

In the article he quotes from a member of the al-Shabab who states that “One of the reasons for our strong name is not only the war, it’s the strong fierce rule that is based on cutting heads as punishments for the crimes,” he says. “We have gained respect. We implement a strong rule that no one can deviate from which has also made us very popular with Arab and other mujahideen. We have courts all the time that implement sharia, but when we are in the middle of war and the fighter captures the traitors and the apostate soldiers of the government then we implement the sharia immediately and cut the head.”

This clearly shows you the mentality of al-Shabab and other Islamic factions and this is the brutal reality of Islam after all other alternatives have been crushed.  Islamization leads to backwardness, brutal laws, the abandonment of rationality, and any semblance of normality.

Regional nations like Ethiopia and Kenya are deeply worried about events and the international community should have done more to support Ethiopia in the past.  However, both regional nations and the international community understand the need to contain al-Shabab and Hizb al-Islam because global Islamic jihadists threaten to destabilize the region and much further afield.

Yet just like Afghanistan, it is hard to see any end product because while the need to contain Islamic jihad is essential.  It is also vital to create “a new society” but this isn’t happening and despite tens of billions of dollars being spent on Afghanistan it is clear that you have no end product.

For the reality of modern day Afghanistan is that the central government also supports killing apostates from Islam and crushing the rights of women.  Yes, just like the regime in Saudi Arabia, they don’t mind non-Muslims defending them but of course they still deem non-Muslims to be infidels and unclean.

Therefore, unless “Islam” is taken out of the power base you appear to have little hope in the future.  Given this, why aren’t Western donors supporting secular education in Afghanistan and laws which are based on secularism and freeing women from their daily bondage? 

Are American, British, and NATO troops dying for maintaining Islam and supporting the implementation of Islamic Sharia law and the development of other Islamic institutions in Afghanistan because this is “a new liberal containment policy?”

If so, the war is already lost because it means that future generations in Afghanistan will be indoctrinated and all modernization of the economy will be given credit to Islam instead of Western donors.  This also applies to Somalia because like Afghanistan it is clear that central forces are much better than Islamists who want to spread their jihad to other nations. 

Yet in the long term it appears that central forces will do little to change society and while Somalia is weak because of the ongoing chaos and lack of institutions with any power.  It is still apparent that “a Japanese doctrine” is not being implemented in Afghanistan.

This applies to allied powers enforcing a democratic process on Japan and taking central power away from the forces which unleashed so much barbarity in the 1930s and which lasted until the end of World War Two. The same can be said about eradicating NAZI ideology but when it comes to tackling a similar but more potent Islamic ideology then nothing is being done, apart from containing Islamic jihadists but maintaining Islamic control via newly selected leaders.

 Therefore, the choice is stark, either the international community must focus on the real root cause of such barbarity and backwardness, or nothing will change?  However, given the political correct agenda of modern Western nations it would appear that the only goal is to stem the tide of Islamic terrorists while preserving the rule of Islam.

 Surely this thinking is leading to a dead-end because instead of taking brave measures in order to break the chain of Islamic indoctrination, we are just seeing the status quo.  Yet the status quo means killing apostates, keeping women in chains, and indoctrinating the next generation and clearly this policy is leading to a dead-end. 



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SOMALIA – Islamic radicals support stoning women, terrorism, and killing converts to Christianity

SOMALIA – Islamic Radicals Support Stoning Women, Terrorism, and Killing Converts to Christianity

By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent –  THE SEOUL TIMES

Islamic radicals support stoning women, terrorism, and killing converts to Christianity.
Islamic radicals in Somalia desire to create an Islamic state based on Sharia Islamic law and the brutality of their thinking can be seen by recent events in Somalia. This most notably applies to stoning a young lady to death and beheading a Christian convert from Islam. So will major powers support a policy based on the stabilization of Somalia via economic, political, and military support? Or will the international community do little apart from empty words? If the international community does the latter, then Ethiopia and the African Union will be left to deal with the crisis by themselves despite having major capital concerns.
Before focusing on current events it is important to acknowledge that Ethiopia and the African Union (AU) support a stable Somalia, whereby a centralized government can stabilize this country from various militias and Islamic radical organizations. However, militant Islamists desire to follow a radical Sunni Islamic path which will lead to the implementation of Sharia Islamic law. This means that Islamists desire to kill converts to Christianity, stone women to death for adultery, openly flog people for listening to music, and turning Somalia “into year zero.”
Added to this, radical Islamic forces will allow global jihadists to cause mayhem in neighbouring countries, and much further afield. This should alarm regional nations in Africa and throughout the world because we all know the consequences of global terrorism. Therefore, it is essential from a humanitarian point of view to support Ethiopia and the African Union, alongside moderate forces in Somalia. If this does not happen, then the consequences will be tragic.
For liberals and apologists, they will have an excuse for this behaviour or they will deem it to be un-Islamic, however, the reality is simple, conversion from Islam is deemed to be punishable by death in accordance with Islamic Sharia Law. However, the majority of mainly Muslim nations do not apply Islamic Sharia Law to the letter. Therefore, converting from Islam in Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and other nations, is allowed, and non-Muslim minorities have greater freedom in these societies, rather than in nations like Saudi Arabia. So it is important to understand that this codified law is implemented differently and many mainly Muslim nations do not enforce such harsh laws, however, this does not mean that complete freedom exists for non-Muslim minorities.
However, in nations which are not centralized and where radical Islam exists, then the situation is even worse. This certainly applies to Afghanistan and Somalia because random justice is applied by Sunni Islamic radicals and by terrorists who desire to rule by fear. So in modern day Afghanistan and Somalia we can see a linkage because of the weakness of centralization in both nations, therefore, failed states are “breeding grounds” for both Sunni Islamic radicals and terrorists. The same applies to parts of Pakistan where Islamists have a strong power base, however, some centralized nations like Saudi Arabia also persecute non-Muslims via draconian laws.
Given this, global terrorists in both Afghanistan and Somalia desire to implement draconian laws. Also, internal conservative Sunni Islamic forces have little power to stop global jihadists from spreading their dangerous ideology. So even if elements within Afghanistan and Somalia do not support global terrorism or such a rigid system, they have no power to prevent global Islamists from spreading their hatred and terrorism. This notably applies to the Taliban, because the Taliban did not directly support September 11th, but they were unable to contain Al-Qaeda. So it is apparent that Somalia and Afghanistan are frontline states in stemming the tide of chaos and brutal justice, which is being enforced on people who reside under radical Islam in both nations.

If you doubt the harshness of radical Sunni Islam in Somalia, then maybe the next bit of information will wake you up? For example, Mansuur Mohammed, 25, converted from Islam to Christianity in 2005 in Somalia. This individual cared for all Somalians, irrespective if Christian or Muslim, or if you had no faith. Therefore, he worked for the World Food Program (WFP) and he tried his best to help the people of Somalia.

Yet to al Shabab, a radical Sunni Islamic organization in Somalia, he was deemed to be an infidel because he had left Islam. Therefore, on Septmeber 23rd, 2008, the al Shabab beheaded Mansuur Mohammed in the village of Manyafulka. Not only did they behead this kind and considerate young convert to Christianity, but they even filmed the beheading in order to threaten other Somalians. To make matters even worse, the beheading was slow and Mansuur Mohammed was tormented by Islamic Sunni radicals, who were glorifying the name of their prophet, until he passed out and died such a brutal death.

More recently, a young lady in Somalia was stoned to death for adultery. It was reported that Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow had been raped and then sentenced on the grounds of adultery. Therefore, around 50 men began throwing stones at her head after she had been buried in the ground, so that she could not escape and in order for her fear to be complete. At one point nurses were made to check if she was dead after the stoning began, but when it was confirmed that she was still alive, then radical Sunni Islamists began to throw more stones until she died in complete agony.

So if the world wants to stand by and let Ethiopia and the AU deal with this crisis, then shame on all major economic nations for not supporting the stability of Somalia. If we add to the equation both global terrorism and piracy, then it is apparent that from both a humane point of view and from a strategic viewpoint, that stability is required in Somalia. However, this can only happen providing moderate forces in Somalia work alongside the AU, Ethiopia, and other positive forces; however, this needs to be backed by economic, political, and military support, from the international community. Failure to act means that in the long-term you could have a radical Sunni Islamic regime which not only persecutes the people of Somalia, but which also threatens regional nations and which allows Islamists to plot more international terrorist attacks.

Therefore, the choice is stark, either the international community provides genuine political and economic support to positive forces within Somalia and regional nations which are helping. Or nations must accept a chaotic and brutal regime which stones women to death and kills all converts who leave Islam. So which way will the international community decide?








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