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Ari TV is the Voice of Sendai: Responding to the tragedy of the tsunami by being tenacious

Ari TV is the Voice of Sendai: Responding to the tragedy of the tsunami by being tenacious

Pierre Leblanc and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Ari TV ( is a clear reminder about the tenacity of the Tohoku region which was badly hit by the devastating tsunami of March 11, 2011. Therefore, with the first anniversary getting nearer to March 11, 2012, it is important to highlight this media group for all the positive things that they have done.

Since the devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake which unleashed the brutal tsunami, this media group dug deep in order to undercover the “real stories.” This applies to highlighting the determination of the Tohoku region and how the people of Sendai have responded.

Also, because Ari TV is based in Sendai then clearly this media group can connect with local people. More important, unlike many mass media outlets who often enter and highlight an important story which is happening in Sendai, Ari TV is their around the clock. This fact enables Ari TV to express the “real feelings” of the local community and clearly strong bonds have been developed whereby this media group is informed at all times about local events, individuals who are fantastic role models, companies who are focused on regeneration, and organizations trying to help.

Ari TV ( also understood the international concerns after the devastating tsunami. Therefore, the introduction of the Tohoku Revival Calendar which is highlighted above was a nice touch because you can read continuous updates in English and Japanese. This aspect also highlights rebirth because clearly Ari TV is developing new international links.

It is equally vital that Ari TV is supported commercially because you have so much work to do in Sendai and throughout the Tohoku region. After all, sadly, you still have thousands of missing people in early 2012 and this aspect highlights the complete devastation of March 11, 2011. This also means that the nightmare goes on for many because you have no “closure” and “special grave” to visit and connect.

Therefore, it is essential that the local government, the central government, local businesses, businesses throughout Japan, and others, support Ari TV and all the positive work they do around the clock. After all, Ari TV can reach “local people” because this media group is fully interwoven with Sendai and the Tohoku region. Also, Sendai is the main city in Tohoku with regards to population and a healthy Sendai is vital for the regional economy.

In the photo above which was published on March 2, 2012, Ari TV is highlighting the regeneration of a shopping mall. However, unlike the glitzy areas of modern day Japan the brutal reality of the tsunami is visible in this image. Yet despite the clear limitations currently available to this shopping mall and having to move into housed shopping containers; locals don’t view the same image because to them this is a sign of rebirth and the start of a long process to normality.

Takano from Ari TV comments that “The big revival shopping area “South Sanriku SanSan Mall” opened in South Sanriku town, Miyagi, on February 25th. These shops are temporarily housed in shipping containers. The name comes from the people’s desire to make a mall filled with smiles and energy (which is) bright like the shining sun.”

In an early article by Modern Tokyo Times the “Suzuki Farm Harvest” was highlighted and this applies to the tenaciousness of Mr. Suzuki (photo above). He fully understood that salt water had damaged the fields and it appeared impossible to regenerate in such a short period of time, if at all. However, Mr. Suzuki was adamant that he would overcome all the obstacles in front of him and this set of a chain reaction whereby local people gave him the support he needed.

This moving story is one of many by Ari TV and this is why this media group needs support. After all, Ari TV is part of the community that they represent and because they are based “on the ground,” then they can highlight unique events.

Please support Ari TV by watching their many programs in Japanese providing you are a Japanese speaker. Also, if you main language is English or it is your second language then please view the Tohoku Revival CalendarIrrespective of language, Ari TV can build bridges throughout the local community and wider Tohoku region and also internationally. Therefore, Ari TV is “the voice of Sendai.” Tohoku Revival Calendar – English Version Ari TV – Please contact for more information.!/re_tohoku_en – Please contact for more information Tohoku Revival Calendar – Japanese version


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The Voice of Sendai and Ari TV: helping the community to overcome March 11

The Voice of Sendai and Ari TV: helping the community to overcome March 11

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

Ari TV ( at the heart of Sendai and the surrounding region because this company is providing a positive image and covers local issues. This media outlet is determined to show the people of Japan and the international community, that while the March 11 tsunami took far too many lives and destroyed much of the infrastructure, it didn’t break the spirit of the people who were hit hard by this tragic event.

Therefore, Takayuki Sato!/re_tohoku_en (Tak) and everybody at Ari TV are showing the determination of a region which is not only battling against adversity, it is doing so by focusing on the future and helping to bring fresh hope. Of course, every individual associated with Ari TV fully understands the pain and suffering which took place on March 11. However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes this media outlet wants to highlight determination, rebuilding, fresh ideas, a strong community spirit, and to show how tenacious the local people are in facing and overcoming such a tragedy.

In the photo above Tomomi Hama of Ari-TV visited a performance arts event called “Suzume Odori.” The event was held in Tokushima and Tomomi Hama highlights the fact that this city is a sister city of Sendai. Also, the people of Tokushima city have helped the people of Sendai and other areas greatly since March 11 and this shows the strong bond between local people.

The next photo highlights “Coming of Age Day” and this event is very important in Japan. Takano of Ari TV reports that 12,000 people attended this event in Sendai and that the atmosphere was electric. This image is extremely heartwarming because it shows the next generation of Sendai who need to be tenacious and play an important role in the future of the Tohoku region. Also, the image shows three beautiful ladies smiling in traditional costumes and they all look stylish and elegant.

In the next image ( above is the stunning view of Naruko and Ono, a director at Ari-TV, clearly adores this part of Japan. Therefore, Ono is clearly focused on showing this special place and a lovely video was done which shows many positive features. Given this, if you adore nature and want to refresh yourself afterwards by visiting Naruko Hot Spa, then why not take a break in Naruko and help the local economy?

The next photo ( children at San Jose Japanese School in Costa Rica. Mr. Kinya Morita who works at this school is showing the international concern for people who lost so much. Therefore, these children are expressing their love and warm feelings towards people whom they have never met.

In the image above are Ken Watanabe and Tomoyuki Takimoto who is a film director. Ken Watanabe is an internationally acclaimed actor and since the devastating events of March 11, it is abundantly clear that he shared in the pain and now he is involved in the regeneration. Shinichiro Takano from Ari TV mentions that both individuals have been touring around Tohoku in order to highlight the film called “Hayabusa -Harukanaru Kikan” which will be released on February 11, 2012, in this part of Japan. The host of the premiere in Miyagi was Tomomi Hama from Ari TV.

The following photo above highlights the tenaciousness of “Suzuki Farm Harvest.” It is clear that Tak from Ari TV was overwhelmed by such dedication because Mr. Suzuki fully understood that salt water had damaged the fields. However, he was adamant that he would overcome everything and local people gave him the support and help he needed. Like Tak comments, they “finally made it! Isn’t it amazing?”

These images highlight aspects of Ari TV and in another article about this media outlet it was stated by Modern Tokyo Times that It is essential that Ari TV is supported because Takayuki Sato (Tak) and everybody at Ari TV desire to help the local community. Therefore, Ari TV is a lifeline to many people in Sendai and Miyagi prefecture and advertisement, sponsorship, viewing, and helping this company grow in many other ways, is needed because Sendai suffered greatly and this city is very powerful in the region of Tohoku.”

Therefore, please support Ari TV by viewing their websites and seeing daily images and videos of Sendai and the surrounding region. After all, Ari TV is the voice of Sendai and the calendar is also in English in order for the international community to view and read about recent events.  Tohoku Revival Calendar – English Version Ari TV  – Please contact for more information.!/re_tohoku_en – Please contact for more information Tohoku Revival Calendar – Japanese version

All images belong to Ari TV


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