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Pakistan Music: Laal and Inqalab (My Slogan is Revolution)

Pakistan Music: Laal and Inqalab (My Slogan is Revolution)

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Laal ( and their music track “Inqalab” once more hits the heights and this applies to music, potent lyrics, and highlighting a message which needs to be heard. Unlike “Dehshatgardi Murdabad” (Death to Terrorism) by Laal which is aimed at religious extremism, nations who sponsored Sunni Islamic extremism, the role of the CIA and the national governments of Pakistan and America; the music track “Inqalab” is aimed at massive inequality in South Asia and the daily suffering of bonded laborers.

The lyrics and melody of “Inqalab” appeals to an international audience because you can feel genuine passion. “Inqalab” is milder than “Dehshatgardi Murdabad” when it comes to the beat of music but this doesn’t make the message less powerful. On the contrary, Laal is highlighting their musical talents alongside lyrics which have deep meanings. Therefore, both music tracks show the diversity of Laal and that their message applies to a whole ray of important issues.

“Dehshatgardi Murdabad” is firmly based on events in Afghanistan and Pakistan but “Inqalab” is aimed at real bread and butter issues – and sadly, for millions of people all over the world their real “bread and butter” is based on the exploitation of labor, being at the bottom of the ladder because of institutional discrimination, and other important factors.

Part of the lyrics state:

The truth can never remain concealed (x2)

Can one stop the rising sun?

How long must we keep on pleading?

How long must we hear rejection?

Only we ourselves can fulfill our dreams

One day, you will see, a new dawn

When the red sunlight fills the sky

Then you will get the answers to your questions

My slogan is revolution

Throughout parts of Asia you have poor Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and other faiths, and people of no faith, who are suffering because of elites in government, religious orders, rampant capitalism, exploitation by landowners, and all this is being done because of countless legal systems which do zilch to stop this inequality. Therefore, even when laws have been passed the same exploitation is continuing because central forces don’t have the “will” or “desire” to challenge the established order.

Each individual listening to “Inqalab” by Laal will take out lyrics which have more potency. According to the review by Modern Tokyo Times this certainly applies to “When the red sunlight fills the sky” and “My slogan is revolution.” After all, the only political movement in history which believed in equality was “the flag of socialism.”

Returning back to Laal then it is abundantly clear that some musicians still focus on “the bigger picture” and are not afraid to express their thinking. The music track “Inqalab” also highlights a hidden spirit which isn’t being heard in the mainstream music industry. Therefore, it is important that Laal is heard in Pakistan and internationally because their lyrics aren’t based on rhetoric.

On the contrary, this music group is highlighting the “real world” and the lyrics of “Inqalab” and other tracks by Laal, are a reminder that power comes through the written word. Therefore, while the music may be mild and catchy in the track called “Inqalab,” the song itself is revolutionary and inspires the soul.

“Inqalab,” just like “Dehshatgardi Murdabad,” is a lovely track because Laal have hit the right notes once more. Therefore, please check the links below and listen to a group which is inspiring a new generation and shows that despite all the negative forces in this world – irrespective if in East or West – you still have hope because some individuals see the bigger picture. Laal and Inqalab Laal and “Death to Terrorism” Laal homepage – please visit!/Taimur_Laal – Dr. Taimur Rahman


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Pakistan music: Laal and Dehshatgardi Murdabad (Death to Terrorism)

Pakistan music: Laal and Dehshatgardi Murdabad (Death to Terrorism)

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Laal is a group which hails from Pakistan and they highlight a vibrant reality which is often neglected in many nations. This applies to a culture which is questioning and challenging normal conventions in society which are keeping people shackled. However, the beauty of Laal is that they do this by connecting their message through catchy tunes, a vibrant message and genuine passion.

The track called “Dehshatgardi Murdabad” (Death to Terrorism) is hitting the right chords and this applies to the mixture of the music on offer alongside powerful lyrics and images. Therefore, the video at the bottom of this article is well worth watching because you will be able to connect with the reasons behind their thinking.

Images in the video of men and women supporting the initial revolution in Afghanistan show sexes mingling together and without any concern about how people dress. This is a far cry from modern day Afghanistan once America, the CIA, ISI (Pakistan – Inter Services Intelligence), Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and others, intervened and supported the forces of terrorism, killing apostates, shackling women, and so forth.

Of course, this may seem like an over simplification and not everything was rosy on the other side. However, the “other side” did not desire to enslave women, kill apostates, support terrorism, destabilize nations, and other barbaric methodologies. Therefore, it is clear that one side was more progressive than the other and clearly the side that the West and conservative Sunni Islamic nations supported, was the real threat to humanity in this part of the world.

However, it is also important to get away from the political side because the music of Laal is extremely catchy. This angle is very powerful because great thought patterns may exist but without the power of the musical side then it won’t reach far and wide. Given this, Laal have all the angles covered because their musical style is easy on the ear and you can feel their passion.

It must be remembered that in modern day Pakistan you have many individuals who yearn for the chains to be broken. Also, the beauty of Laal is that they are highlighting the duplicity of past American administrations which supported radical Sunni Islam and international terrorism. Therefore, conservative Sunni Islamic mullahs, terrorists, past American administrations, covert CIA operations supporting Islamism, and others, have all worked to destroy the moderate inner-self of Pakistan. This applies to the spirit of Pakistan which is multi-religious, multi-ethnic, secular, and represents a mosaic of different thinking.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, CIA, and Sunni Islamic terrorism 

Progressives in the younger generation desire a Pakistan whereby Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Christians, Hindus, non-religious people, women, secularists, socialists, and the entire spectrum of society, can pull together and show the common thread of humanity. It may sound idealistic given the current reality of many nations throughout the world. Yet, the lyrics are noble and with such a vibrant energy, then Laal deserve to have their voice heard and to be taken seriously.

The message of Laal doesn’t belong to the streets of any nation because their message belongs to the common thread of humanity. However, with so many “dark forces” and divisions in the world then it is easy to follow the party line.

Irrespective if you are political or apolitical, the track “Death to Terrorism” is extremely powerful and the video highlights many home truths. Laal and “Death to Terrorism”  Laal homepage – please visit


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