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Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) is a Stunning Cosplay lady from Mexico

Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) is a Stunning Cosplay lady from Mexico

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) is a stunning cosplayer from Mexico and her astonishing looks means that this talented lady can play various classy characters with ultimate ease.  Not only this, but Veronica clearly loves Japanese cosplay and international cosplay and this can be seen by her diverse and exquisite images.

Veronica is from Mexico City and this elegant young lady will turn 26 years old on September 19.  However, despite her young age it is apparent that cosplay runs through her veins because Veronica first started doing cosplay eleven years ago.

This charming lady is extremely busy and she is also a cosmaker and does cosplay commission when time permits.  Veronica prefers to wear cosplay in a natural environment rather than enter contests.  This is a blessing in disguise for cosplayers who enter contests because Veronica with her elegance and style would certainly be challenging for number one spot.

Veronica is extremely articulate and her Alice in Wonderland image shows her stunning beauty and this is matched by a beautiful pose which melts the heart.

Mexican magazines have highlighted Veronica and this enabled many people to see a glimpse of her world and clearly her lovely features hit a chord. Veronica who is also a cosmaker is a perfect example of cosplay and how this art form is gracing the world.

Victoria Centeno (Cosplay Girl) was recently highlighted on Modern Tokyo Times and both Victoria and Veronica are a cut above.  This applies to elegance, style, panache and both ladies ooze sophistication and open-up a world where cosplay, modeling, art and class come together.

Veronica is also invited to important cosplay conventions and for more than 5 years this graceful and stunning lady travelled all over Mexico and participated as a guest and luckily for the cosplay world she will continue to bless conventions in the future.

Cosplay appeals to Veronica because she can play and enter the world of her favourite characters. Also, Veronica loves cosplay because it increases self-confidence and natural skills like sewing, crafts, and learning about other cultures, is part of the cosplay world.

Veronica also gets great satisfaction when people recognize her cosplay and appreciate all the hard work put into the costume, make up, visual image, intricate designs and entering the world of the character on show.  This, to Veronica, is much more rewarding than trying to win competitions.

This fact, and the emphasis by Veronica on meeting new friends with similar interests, and being a cosmaker, is ample evidence that this lady is a true cosplayer.

Veronica hopes one day to visit Japan in order to experience the “culture, history, traditions, architecture, beliefs, and legends.” Also, with Veronica’s stunning looks and images which focus on “cuteness” then kawaii culture and fashion in Harajuku would surely interest this elegant lady.

Modelling and photography also appeals to Veronica and clearly both suit this talented lady.  Veronica also describes her style as “cute” because nearly all of her cosplay is based on characters which are cute.

The readership of Modern Tokyo Times will certainly support Veronica when she says her style is “cute” but add a little more by stating “amazingly cute and elegant.”

Hopefully one day this charming lady will grace Tokyo and Japan because “cosplay is in her heart” and her love of knowledge means that Veronica is a special lady. – Please visit Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE) Veronica Jullian (PuchysLOVE)

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Japan and herbivorous men: not interested in sex or cultural factors?

Japan and herbivorous men: not interested in sex or cultural factors?

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sexuality in Japan


Several surveys of young males aged 16 and 19 in Japan appear to show that many in this age group are not interested in having a girlfriend.  The surveys relate to an increasing minority of young men in this age group who have no interest in sex.  Therefore, the herbivorous men have been highlighted in the mass media and many questions have been raised to why this is happening.

O-net did a survey of 800 young men and asked these 20 years old about certain aspects of their lifestyle when it came to sex.  According to figures released from this survey 83.7 per cent responded by stating that they didn’t have a girlfriend.  When the questions dug deeper it turned out that 49.3 per cent of the men in the survey had never had a girlfriend.

The survey by O-net appears to be backed up by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare when their survey showed that 36.1 per cent of young adults had no interest in females.  This survey was published by the Japan Family Planning Association and this figure was a big jump from a survey which was taken in 2008 on the same topic. 

Therefore, with in the space of two years according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the figure of young males not interested in finding a girlfriend went from 17.9 per cent to 36.1 per cent.  This would appear to raise doubts on the findings because the jump is too steep within a short space of time so does it raise the possibility that aspects of young male culture is geared to being single and enjoying friendships?

It could be that this is part of a new trend which is now accepted and not seen to be negative. Youth culture fluctuates often and this applies to music trends, fashion and other factors. The hype over the herbivorous young men in Japan may just be ignoring a current trend within culture.

Also, some of these statistics may ignore aspects of the dark side of Japanese culture. Images of young teenage girls are seen in the media and represented in anime, magazines, on television, the music industry and throughout society. This also relates to a minority of young teenage girls having sex for luxury items or for money in major cities like Tokyo. 

Young females, therefore, are maturing more quickly and sexuality is aimed and directed towards young ladies. However, male teenage sexuality is not in the commercial arena to anywhere near the same level and maybe many young females are also losing an attachment to their own age group in early adulthood because of cultural norms.

It is very common to see young ladies with older males in Japan and issues like enjo kosai is embedded within aspects of culture.  Enjo kosai applies to mature men paying for dating and so forth and you have countless hostess clubs and love hotels which provide a service where mainly younger females and older males mix.

Of course enjo kosai and the sexual subculture is mainly aimed at ladies in their twenties and early thirties but you also have areas which drag in younger ladies.  However, the main point is that females are deemed sexually by older males but younger males don’t have this issue.

The 16 to 19 years old generation of young male adults are not part of this reality and with greater emphasis being put on fashion and following clean cut role models then sexuality is not so important.

Of course you have some alarmists pointing the finger at aspects of otaku culture, hentai animation, young adults dreaming about AV idols and the isolationist nature of culture. However, the figure is too high to point to issues like this and clearly the reasons are more general and some individuals just desire to paint Japanese culture too negatively.

Normal factors behind the figure are also being ignored and this applies to the huge pressure being put on young adults, both male and female. This applies to school homework, cram school and other areas related to studying hard. Even belonging to sport clubs or other extracurricular areas is a burden on time and the reality of the demands on young adults can’t be ignored in any survey.

In the United Kingdom and France, for example, you have more freedom and second chances and despite cultural changes in the workforce in Japan the male is still seen to be the main breadwinner. Therefore, many young female graduates once they get married in Japan they either drop-out of the workforce or rejoin at a lower level.

However, for males the pressure is that much higher unless the female is focused on being a career woman for life. Therefore, suicide and hikikomori is much higher in the male population than the female population and males know that the education system and work system is not aimed at second chances.  Either you enter a prestigious university which really enhances the future prospects of the respective individual or limitations and life opportunities will be hindered dramatically.

Young Japanese males may be becoming more herbivorous when young but much of this is cultural and following the reality of teenage life in Japan.  Like everything, you have positives and negatives but if individuals look deeper into the issue then most of the factors are based on modern lifestyles and social pressures being put on young adults.

ENJO KOSAI – “Compensated dating whereby an older male pays a younger female.”

HIKIKOMORI – “Pulling away from society and becoming reclusive.”  Facts and Details related to enjo kosai, young females and the sex trade and other related areas.

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Korean Pop Music continues to hit the heights in Japan

Korean Pop Music continues to hit the heights in Japan

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


South Korean sexuality is being fused within K-pop (Korean pop music) in order to make further inroads into the Japanese market.  This is a sure-fire winner in Japan and a very obvious market ploy. Alongside this traditional route you have catchy tunes and a more mature outlook with pouting looks and sexy outfits to appeal to many fashion conscious youngsters of both sexes in Japan.

The South Korean girl group Shoujo Jidai (SNSD – Shojo Jidai) or Girls’ Generation, continue to prosper and grow in Japan because of catchy tunes, easy on the eye dancing, sexy and fashionable clothing and extremely good marketing.  Therefore, Girl’s Generation is showing the pulling power of K-pop. The same applies to Kara and the male group Toho Shinki who were the forerunners of making K-pop so popular despite not being the first K-pop group to hit Japan.

Girls’ Generation is a group which is easy on the ear and eye because of sweet voices, sultry looks, nice movement, look petite, and dress stunningly.  Even if pop music is not your flavor you can still appreciate and understand why this group is making inroads in Japan and other nations outside of South Korea. 

Also, given the size of the music market in Japan then it makes good business sense for J-pop groups to target Japan because the South Korean music market is much smaller. Not only this, the size of the Japanese music market internationally is one of the biggest in the world and fashion is very potent in Japan.


Girls’ Generation consist of nine exquisite and beautiful members and Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Yoona, all appear to be not only in love with their trade but more important, it appears that they are genuinely close and this adds to the energy of their performances and videos.

K-pop will continue to develop and J-pop groups will notice the more mature outlook and this may alter aspects of the J-pop music scene.  Also, it is great to see South Korean culture growing in influence in Japan and the same applies to Japanese culture influencing the younger generation in South Korea.

Therefore, South Korean dramas, Harajuku fashion in Tokyo, modern technology, social networking, K-pop, J-pop, growing cultural ties, and other major aspects of cultural and business exchanges, are all helping to change the image of both nations in each society respectively.    

Turning back to the music of Girls’ Generation, then “Mr. Taxi” sums up the catchy and sultry nature of this K-pop group because this record track is full of energy.  The record “Mr. Taxi” shows a group which is energetic, vibrant, blessed with lovely rhythm, and a tune which enables their collective dancing skills to show their stunning features and beckoning call to buy the end product.

Kara is another South Korean group which is hitting the headlines and the album Girl’s Talk was a great success. The music tracks called “Sweet Days,” “Love is” and “Binks” gave the album Girl’s Talk a firm foundation and other tunes caught the imagination.

“Jet Coaster Love” by Kara was a huge success this year and because of the earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan badly and killed so many.  Kara donated all their profits from “Jet Coaster Love” and Gu Ha Ra stated “It breaks my heart to think about the pain of the Japanese people, who showed us so much love.”

Girls’ Generation also donated heavily from their hit single and just like Kara these elegant ladies show that they have deep hearts. 

Musically, Girls’ Generation, Kara, and other K-pop groups, have so much to offer and they are blessing Japan with their talent and other new bands will follow in their footsteps in the future. (Gu Ha Ra from Kara)   Girls’ Generation – Mr. Taxi KARA – Honey  Girls’ Generation  KARA

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Essential vibes (1): house/trance and hip-hop mix to get you chill-in

Essential vibes (1): house/trance and hip-hop mix to get you chill-in

Michel Le Bon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Music transcends barriers and can uplift the soul or can be a gateway to new ideas, having fun, filling moments of isolation or just about anything you desire it to be.  Therefore, different writers at Modern Tokyo Times will highlight tracks that offer something but of course the appeal will depend on each individual but why not check them out?

The first track from the mix is a trance track by Altima. It starts so powerful but then mellows out into an almost classical feel and you can feel the passion. Altima and the track Symphony of Light (Sound Quelle Remix) certainly reaches deep inside and a lovely sound.

Moving from trance to the world of hip-hop is not so easy but Royce Da 5’9 Feat and Writers Block featuring Eminem is worthy of the change.  Eminem, pure genius at times and Royce Da 5’9 work well together.  The track Writers Block is potent and pure energy and a little feel of old school adds to the spice.  This is one hell of sound and pure power with lyrics which come from the tongue so naturally and a must buy for anyone who likes this style of music.

Narayana and the track Cyanide Tears is what makes trance so inspirational because you can visualize many worlds while listening to this.  Narayana got this track to a T and it makes you enter a new zone.  No weakness through the entire track and for those trance people in this world then well worth the check and much more.

Turning to the vibe that was selected recently then Rebelstar Shyne and the track Big Bad A is buzzing. The lyrics have real energy and so much covered in one track.  Amazing lyrics, great sound and first heard on ShakaMedia ( and for any hip-hop lovers then Rebelstar Shyne and his track Big Bad A should be on your list because it is a real gem.

Drake and Get Over It is a mild hip-hop track sound-wise but full of words which relate to emotional issues but from the position of strength.  A message which relates to the challenges of life, but within the prism of music and catchy to boot….a nice sound!  

This mix will end on a trance note and Bobina feat Betsie Larkin and You Belong To Me is pure class and lovely lyrics.  It is yet another stunning trance track which reaches the soul and the lyrics “You fill my empty room with starlight. How do I find the words to make you stay?” is pure poetry within trance. 

I’ve only been alone without you
The rest was just a game
(It’s so far away)
You fill my empty room with starlight
How do I find the words to make you stay?

And here inside I’ll never change
We can last forever
Please stay

You belong to me
Inside my love you’ll always be
You belong to me
And only you can set me free

This is the first mix by Modern Tokyo Times but certainly not the last.  Keep on chill-in and check out the music tracks. Royce Da 5’9 Feat and Writers Block featuring Eminem Bobina feat Betsie Larkin – You Belong To Me – Rebelstar Shyne – Big Bad A Drake – Get Over It Narayana – Cyanide Tears Altima – Symphony Of Light (Sound Quelle Remix) – Rebelstar Shyne – Big Bad A   – ShakaMedia(please check)


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