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Tokyo lifestyle in Ueno: culture, fashion, and natural vibes

Tokyo lifestyle in Ueno: culture, fashion, and natural vibes

Sarah Deschamps, Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Ueno district in Tokyo is extremely diverse because aspects of “Old Tokyo” still survive alongside modernity within this vibrant part of Tokyo. Ueno provides many cultural places to visit. Therefore, Tokyoites and tourists flock to this area because of the many attractions provided. However, within Ueno you get a real mish-mash which flows from cultural attractions to social deprivation; from fashion to the sex trade which is powerful; and other contradictory factors in this famous entertainment district.

Tokyo lifestyle in Ueno and the surrounding area provides a plethora of different angles but unlike most major parts of Tokyo, it is a district which is either loved strongly or disliked. It normally isn’t a district where people sit in the middle because of the very nature of the area. This applies to Tokyoites who are going to pick a new place to reside or to enjoy the natural vibes of this district.

However, from a tourist point of view then Ueno is a must place to visit because you have so many cultural attractions and places to enjoy. Also, the natural raw energy of Ueno can be felt because this part of Tokyo is very distinctive when compared with other major districts. Therefore, tourists can enjoy the usual cultural spots to visit and at night the entertainment aspect of Ueno is extremely vibrant.

Ueno is also a gateway for people who reside in Chiba prefecture and Ibaraki prefecture. In saying this, Ueno is still firmly entrenched within Tokyo because within a short distance by train you have thriving districts like Ikebukuro and Akihabara. In between you have sleepy but beautiful areas like Komagome which is blessed with stunning gardens. Also, Nippori is extremely fascinating because if you visit the old area, then you have many stunning temples to visit – and providing your knowledge of the area is really good, then individuals can walk from old Nippori to Ueno.

The most notable cultural attractions apply to the Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Western Art, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, National Museum of Eastern Art, Tokugawa Mausoleum, Shitamachi Museum, Sogakudo Concert Hall, University Art Museum (Tokyo University of the Arts), Tosho-gu-Shrine, Iwasaki Family House, Yushima Tenjin, the statue of Saigo Takamori, Ueno Park, Shinobazu Pond, and other attractions like Ueno Zoo. Therefore, from this extensive list, which could easily be added, it is clear that Tokyoites and tourists alike have much to enjoy in Ueno because the cultural factor is very important.

The diversity of Ueno can also be felt within the fashion angle because it is a real mixture of natural street fashion, top notch department stores, independent fashion, and other styles. Ueno isn’t like Aoyama, Ginza, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Omotesando when it comes to fashion; but this doesn’t take away from the buzzing fashion angle of Ueno. This means that the multi-dimensional factor behind Ueno is catering for different fashion vibes alongside the choice of major stores.

In Marui department store you will find many amazing boutiques and stores to visit. Marui is one of the most highly respected department stores for fashion lovers which can be found throughout Tokyo, and in other parts of Japan like Osaka. Marui focuses on lovely boutiques for ladies and caters for male fashion. At all times this company understands the trends of Japan and for this reason it’s pulling power remains strong year after year.

Stores that can be found in Marui in Ueno applies to Sly, Moussy, Vence, Peyton Place, Rew de Rew, Mercury Duo, Jill Stuart, Swingle, Samantha Thavasa, Xmiss, Gap, Muji, Tsumori Chisato, Anna Sui, Earth Music & Ecology, Laisse Passe, Will Selection, Mary Quant, and too many others to mention. The choice on offer by Marui sums up this company very well because you have so many elegant boutiques to visit and other companies in this adorable store. Therefore, Marui in Ueno is a magnet for fashion and the same applies to all Marui stores which enhance the lifestyle of so many Tokyoites.

Matsuzakaya is the most famous major shopping landmark in Ueno because this company was established in this part of Tokyo a very long time ago. Indeed, the company itself can trace itself back to the early seventeenth century. Matsuzakaya sells a vast array of products and given its rich history then individuals should pay a visit. Also, you can buy scrumptious food and enjoy the dining provided within this department store.

Ueno vibes can be felt in places like the Ameyoko bazaar (Ameya-yokocho bazaar) and Takeya where both places provide their own unique angle. Indeed, the Ameyoko bazaar stands out in Tokyo because you have a rare buzzing market to visit which caters for different goods. Likewise, Takeya caters for an array of products and the independent vibe is most welcoming. Therefore, both places are well worth a visit for bargains and to feel a different atmosphere which is rare for Tokyo.

Overall, Ueno is certainly very individualistic and the options available are enormous. This fact means that Tokyoites and tourists continue to flock to this part of Tokyo. Not surprisingly, the cultural angle is a huge pulling power. However, within Ueno you also have an interesting fashion scene and clearly it is a bustling place to reside. In saying that, the beauty of Ueno is that you also have many Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and cultural places to visit. This means that Ueno caters for a broad array of individuals.  (about Ueno)   (info about Ueno)

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Tokyo fashion vibes: views from ladies in Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka

Tokyo fashion vibes: views from ladies in Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Fashion in Tokyo is amazing and this survey applies to the areas of Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka. If you don’t know these areas then both places are extremely fashionable and you have many lovely boutiques. Also, the survey conducted is based on the age group of 18 to 30 and was taken at random.

Ladies involved in the survey all adore fashion and take great care about their style and image. However, the results are obviously limited because information collected came from 50 ladies and you must take into account the districts of Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka. Equally important, is the fact that each individual female was fashionable and this applies to mainstream fashion, independent but chic styles, and within the age group of 18 to 30.

If the same survey was taken in extremely exclusive fashion areas like Aoyama or questions were given to ladies who adore kawaii style clothing, then clearly the outcome would be very different. However, Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka represent extremely fashionable areas which are famous for elegance and modern styles. Also, both places are popular in Tokyo because you have an abundance of lovely boutiques and a nice elegant feel about these two trendy areas.

Before focusing on clothing styles it was interesting that the question related to “favorite hair salon” produced the biggest winner when it came to popularity. This applies to the fact that Shima was selected by 10% of all ladies interviewed. Therefore, it is clear that Shima is hitting the right note for fashionable young ladies in Tokyo.

The question related to favorite shop and brand was extremely varied. However, while the majority of ladies selected a single favorite shop others mentioned their number one department store. Noticeable winners in the department store area were Marui, Lumine, and Isetan. Shibuya 109 and Harajuku Laforet were also selected and both places are icons within the trendy scene in Tokyo for younger ladies. However, Marui, Lumine, and Isetan, were selected many times and what was also noticeable is that four individuals selected both Lumine and Marui. Therefore, from this short survey it would appear that many young ladies see many familiar aspects about both stores which are extremely fashionable and highly respected.

Mercury Duo, Zara, Snidel, Topshop, Beams, Laguna Moon, Spick and Span, Ingni, Lowry’s Farm and G.V.G.V., were selected several times with regards to favorite shop and favorite brand. Overall, Mercury Duo was mentioned the most but it was very close and many other companies were selected. This applies to Forever 21, H & M, Gucci, Deicy, Louis Vuitton, Ships, Egoist, Jupiter, Polo Ralph Lauren, United Arrows, John Lawrence Sullivan, Liz Lisa, Sly, Free’s Shop, Stella McCartney, Osmosis, Journal Standard, Adam et Rope, Loungedress, Earth Music & Ecology, Lip Service, Smacky Glam (SmackyGlam), D’issy, Urban Research, Sister, Dazzlin, Miu Miu, Ryza, Jill Stuart, Jeffrey Campbell, Vivienne Westwood, A.P.C., Toga, Frayi D, Rosso, and a few others.

When it came to what people were wearing on the day then in the boots and shoes section, it was noticeable that Esperanza was highlighted four times by ladies in boots. Therefore, for four individuals to be dressed in these products from Esperanza does highlight that this company is popular and highly liked. Zara was also highlighted by two individuals.  However, overall apart from Esperanza being highlighted the most and Zara doing well, this area was extremely diverse and all the other companies mentioned were only stated once.

Dresses, blouses, and sweaters were put in the same category with regards to what ladies were dressed in on the day of the questions. Therefore, this section was simply the top half and companies that did well were Mercury Duo, Topshop, Dazzlin, Zara, Ingni, Earth Music & Ecology and Spick and Span. Other individual named companies that ladies were dressed in on the day applies to Ships, Kastane, Forever 21, Vivienne Westwood, Little New York, Double Standard Clothing, Beams, Tomorrowland, Polo Ralph Lauren, SmackGlam, Drawer, Free’s Mart, Spiral Girl, Moussy, Miel Crishunant, Ciaopanic, Loungedress, Jonathan Saunders, Lip Service, Laguna Moon, D’issy, and Yecca Vecca.

Once more, it is clear that ladies fashion in Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka is extremely diverse because boutiques mentioned were very varied. When it came to bags the same applied but Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Yves Saint Lauren, Coach and Egoist were being used by several ladies on the day. Also, it would appear that exclusive bags are seen to be important for many young ladies and that many individuals are willing to pay more for this fashion item. Other companies mentioned include Wego, Forever 21, Loungedress, Celine, United Bamboo, Cher, Carlife, Titty & Co., Mark Jacobs, United Arrows, Samantha Vega, Tory Burch, Diesel, Ozoc, and Lowry’s Farm.

Questions related to music were also fascinating because it was evenly balanced between J-pop and Western music but K-pop was selected to be the favorite style by around 10% of all females asked. Therefore, it is clear that South Korean music is making inroads in Japan.

The findings may be limited to 50 individual Japanese ladies but some patterns can be seen. This notably applies to the diverse nature of fashion in Tokyo and that many ladies still take pride in their luxury bag. Also, Shima was popular when it came to hair salons and Esperanza was highlighted when it came to boots.

Overall, the streets of Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka highlight the competitiveness of fashion in Tokyo and that ladies have an abundance of stunning boutiques to pick from. – Many lovely images by Style Arena

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