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South Korea, Japan and US fashion styles by Kpopsicle: Stunning international fashion

South Korea, Japan and US fashion styles by Kpopsicle: Stunning international fashion

Kanako Itamae and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times 

Kpopsicle ( is an amazing online fashion store which caters for stylish ladies who want to connect with the vibes of South Korea, America and Japan. Of course, the styles of these buzzing nations appeal internationally and this is the beauty of Kpopsicle. Therefore, this online fashion company provides stunning female fashion products all year round.

The Kpopsicle website is user-friendly and is updated regularly in order to connect with their client base and to highlight the latest trends hitting the streets of Seoul, Tokyo, New York and other vibrant cities. Also, images of items are extremely clear and taken from different angles in order that viewers can get a real feel about the product being viewed.

On the Kpopsicle website this company states that “We focus on stylish and trendy designs” and this is clearly true. Immediately on entering the website ladies will find an abundance of images and products to search. True to the words of Kpopsicle it is clear that this adorable online fashion company does focus on stylish and trendy designs which will appeal to ladies all over the world.

The models at Kpopsicle are extremely stylish and always highlight the lovely fabrics being used. Also, the color schemes and care of each product is more than noticeable. This means that not only is the Kpopsicle website user-friendly but more important everything seems so natural because the styles appeal greatly. Therefore, you have a lovely online fashion store whereby individuals can buy stunning products at the click of a button once studying the products from different angles on the Kpopsicle website.

International fashion styles hitting the streets of South Korea, Japan and the United States can be felt within the fashion on show. Of course Kpopsicle appeals to trendy female fashion lovers all over the world irrespective of nation. This is the beauty of Kpopsicle because they understand the latest trends and how to relate to fashion lovers.

In recent years the K-pop music angle keeps on growing therefore South Korean culture is in vogue and gaining more international headlines. This is rightly so because Korean culture is blessed with an amazing history. True to the nature of this country you have a culture which is rich in history but which is also ultra modern. Therefore, South Korean culture is ultra modern, vibrant, sophisticated and is connecting internationally. Not surprisingly, the fashion angle of South Korean fashion is also growing in strength because of all the above factors.

Kpopsicle fashion focuses on many different styles which relate to the modern fashion scene. This means that you can feel the latest trends running throughout the K-pop music scene through the fashion products that they sell. Kpopsicle fashion also focuses on elegance, sophisticated looks, streetwise fashion and a plethora of styles which are hitting the streets of major cities throughout South Korea, Japan and the United States.

Indeed, in Tokyo you can envisage the Kpopsicle fashion angle easily when you walk around fashionable districts like Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya and other amazing places in Tokyo. This is the beauty of Kpopsicle and this applies to the “instant connection” which can be felt when viewing their website.


The vibrant nature of K-pop with amazing groups and soloists like Girls’ Generation, BoA, Kan Mi Youn, T-ara, Kara, Orange Caramel, Sistar, G.Na, After School, A-Pink and a plethora of others can be felt within the fashion angle of Kpopsicle. Therefore, if you adore female fashion and the “Korean Cool” angle then Kpopsicle fashion will appeal to you.

Kpopsicle simply means style and vibrancy which connects easily within the complexity of international fashion. The reason Kpopsicle can connect easily with international fashion is because this online company understands the current trends hitting major international cities. Therefore, with a click of a button on your computer you have an adorable fashion company to view and then buy amazing and beautiful products. Kpopsicle


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Tokyo fashion and the amazing Style Arena website

Tokyo fashion and the amazing Style Arena website

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The website called Style Arena ( is awash with the latest fashion styles which are impacting on the fashion scene of Tokyo. Internationally, Tokyo is one of the most vibrant fashion scenes on this planet because of the fantastic diversity of the fashion scene in this high octane mega city. Therefore, individuals from all over the world are fascinated by the latest vibes hitting the streets of this fabulous metropolis.

Of course you will have many high quality websites highlighting Tokyo fashion. However, it is difficult to surpass Style Arena when it applies to the collective coverage of different fashion districts. Also, Style Arena isn’t focused on any particular boutiques like some other websites nor is this website limited to an over emphasis on one particular angle or special district in Tokyo. Instead, Style Arena updates the “real vibes” hitting Tokyo and gives ample information about the individuals who are highlighted. For this reason, this buzzing website stands out because of the angles which are highlighted and the lovely quality which is portrayed by their in-house images.

The Style Arena website is maintained professionally by the Japan Fashion Association all year round. Therefore, you will see regular updates of new images and important information related to the vibes of Tokyo. Another major theme of this adorable website is the international feel. This applies to the interactive nature of Style Arena which can be viewed in Japanese, Chinese, English, and the Korean language.

This angle highlights the amazing professionalism of this adorable website and that the Japan Fashion Association is fully aware about the power of Tokyo fashion. In this sense, Style Arena can’t be matched when it comes to this fantastic feature. The same also applies to the images of street fashion which isn’t tainted by bias unlike some other websites, which are too predictable after viewing time after time. Therefore, Style Arena is based on freshness and relating to the needs and requirements of the viewer.

On the current main page of Style Arena the vibes of Harajuku, Omotesando, Ginza, Daikanyama, and Shibuya, are highlighted. Thereby, people can not only view the stunning images on show but they can also read about important fashion factors. This notably applies to the respective favorite boutiques of individuals and where they bought their current clothes from.

Other ( lovely features apply to the “Special” area and “Event Snap.” These two important features highlight the latest events in Tokyo and show the fashionable runways which express the stunning nature of Tokyo fashion. Like usual, the images match this area to perfection because the photos are elegantly done.

Throughout the year you will have articles and information about other amazing fashion districts in Tokyo. This entails focusing on Ebisu, Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa, Ikebukuro, Koenji, Nakameguro, Jiyugaoka, Yurakucho, and all fashionable districts of dynamic Tokyo. Alongside this you will have articles which highlight “New Tribes” and “Shops” of interest.

In a past article about Style Arena by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “Style Arena began in 2002 and in June this year this stunning fashion website will mark ten years. In all that time people have witnessed a website which highlights the Tokyo fashion scene with complete professionalism and care. This is clearly apparent by the layout, the user-friendly nature of the website, striking images of fashionable individuals in Tokyo, and updated information highlighting fashion companies, new trends, and other important areas.”

At Modern Tokyo Times we have no qualms about highlighting Style Arena and stating openly that this amazing fashion website can’t be surpassed, when it comes to “the real fashion angle” of this amazing city. This applies to the interactive nature of Style Arena related to language, images, information, user-friendly layout, unbiased focus on the Tokyo fashion scene, and other important areas.

It is also important to stress that for boutiques which are focused on the fashion scene in Tokyo – a wealth of essential information is being provided by Style Arena. After all, information about favorite boutiques and so forth is provided under the main image highlighted. This fantastic feature can be utilized by fashion lovers and the fashion sector alike.

If you adore Tokyo fashion and want to view the diverse nature of street fashion and the latest vibes hitting Tokyo. Then without a shadow of a doubt Style Arena is a must for all individuals who cherish the fashion scene of Tokyo. Style Arena is simply a cut above the rest when it applies to the collective fashion angle of buzzing Tokyo.

Images in this article are not from Style Arena.  Please click on the Style Arena website to view the latest trends of Tokyo.

The images in this article belong to Modern Tokyo Times but please feel free to use our images. If you mention Modern Tokyo Times it would be appreciated but all images are for our supporters and belong to everyone because of our interactive nature.

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Tokyo fashion in Shinjuku: Marui One is amazing for Lolita, Kawaii, & other unique styles

Tokyo fashion in Shinjuku: Marui One is amazing for Lolita, Kawaii, & other unique styles

Sarah Deschamps and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In Tokyo the names of Laforet Harajuku, Shibuya 109, and Marui One, stand out for being amazing stores to visit when it comes to fashion. If you adore kawaii fashion, Goth styles, punk, Gothloli, Lolita, Visual Kei, and so forth, then Mauri One in Shinjuku is a must. After all, the choice available is amazing and the environment blends well with the many boutiques which provide fantastic styles.

Famous boutiques which have enhanced the Tokyo fashion vibe can be found in Marui One because clearly they understand the significance of this major department store in the heart of Shinjuku. Indeed, it is thanks to some of these boutiques that the fashion industry in Japan is so famous internationally when it comes to unique styles. After all, many of the boutiques in Marui One have enabled the unique fashion trends of Tokyo to expand internationally.

Of course, the same boutiques can be found in other department stores and are located in many other cities. However, it is the unique fashion angle of Tokyo which attracts the younger generation from all over Japan and internationally. Yes, other major cities like Osaka and Kobe are blessed with stunning fashion districts and often alternative trends have begun in Osaka. Yet internationally it is the streets of Harajuku, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, which hit the headlines when it comes to youth culture, subcultures, and the latest trends in fashionable Tokyo.

In fairness, it is a little harsh on Kansai because it was this area that was the initial bedrock of Lolita fashion in Japan but internationally Tokyo gets more international attention than Osaka. Early boutiques which began this movement many decades ago applies to Milk and Pretty (known as Angelic Pretty in time), Pink House, The Stars Shine Bright, and Metamorphose temps de fille.

Therefore, turning back to Marui One it is clear that the strong background of some of these boutiques have enhanced the growing reputation of this department store in Tokyo.  Marui One also took a unique approach and collectively it is working like “a dream ticket.” Given this, stunning boutiques including Angelic Pretty; Metamorphose; Baby, The Stars Shines Bright; Alice and The Pirates; h.Naoto; Jesus Diamante; and many others, moved into Marui One because they understood the dynamics of this amazing store.

Angelic Pretty comments on their website that “Angelic Pretty provides adorable clothing covered in lace, frills and ribbons like that of the fairytale princess you dreamed about as a little girl. We want girls to never lose sight of that dream — And this is a brand for girls who want to keep that dream alive.”

Metamorphose comments that Metamorphose is an adorable brand of Lolita fashion made for everyone, best described as EGL or Elegant Gothic Lolita.”

“Almost everyone has the desire to “transform” one’s self, be it into an angel, someone who is more elegant, or even back to the time they were a little girl. With this concept in mind, we created the Metamorphose brand. In order to assist you in your “transformation”, while not being a slave to the current fashion, we continue to conceive cute EGL fashion.”

In truth, the companies highlighted in this article are real treasures because they stand out for being unique and providing a different angle to the diverse Tokyo fashion scene. Therefore, if you want to feel the vibes and unique styles of Tokyo then a visit to Marui One is a must because you have so many different styles to view. Also, the quality of the clothing stands out and the color schemes, creative angle, and unique thought patterns are clear for all to see.

In an earlier article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that fashion at Marui One applies to “…fantasy fashion, romantic designs, modern kimono, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, dreamy fashion, casual styles, visual kei, and other amazing trends. Therefore, Marui One is like “a mirror” of parts of Harajuku because this store is internationally famous. Marui have many different stores in Shinjuku (and throughout Tokyo) but Marui One stands out because of its individualism.”  

Therefore, if you adore fashion then a visit to Marui One is most rewarding.  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Angelic Pretty Metamorphose Atelier Boz h.Naoto Jesus Diamante  

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Tokyo fashion: Style Arena is an essential website for Tokyo fashion

Tokyo fashion: Style Arena is an essential website for Tokyo fashion

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Style Arena is an essential website for individuals who adore Tokyo fashion. Of course, you have many amazing fashion websites highlighting this amazing fashion city and clearly individual websites will be focused on different styles, angles, and other important areas. However, if you want essential information which is updated regularly and to view images of the Tokyo scene, then Style Arena comes highly recommended.

Style Arena is administered by the Japan Fashion Association and clearly this organization understands the need to relate to people in Japan and the international community. The interactive nature of this website is easily understood and you can read the website in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. This is a real bonus and shows the care and passion of Style Arena in furthering not only fashion but greater cultural understanding.

Currently on the main page of Style Arena you can view the latest fashion scene in Daikanyama, Harajuku, Omotesando, Shibuya, and Ginza. This area constantly changes and areas like Ebisu, Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa, Koenji, Jiyugaoka, Ikebukuro, Nakameguro, Yurakucho, and all fashionable areas throughout Tokyo are highlighted.

Style Arena began in 2002 and in June this year this stunning fashion website will mark ten years. In all that time people have witnessed a website which highlights the Tokyo fashion scene with complete professionalism and care. This is clearly apparent by the layout, the user-friendly nature of the website, striking images of fashionable individuals in Tokyo, and updated information highlighting fashion companies, new trends, and other important areas.

Throughout the year ( are covered and if you click on the following link you will witness “real” Tokyo fashion. The care to detail, angle of images, clearness of each image, and so forth, are all done in a very appealing way. This applies to freshness and clearly the images relate to the fashion scene which can be seen in trendy areas throughout Tokyo.

The most essential and important angle from the view of Modern Tokyo Times is the information supplied alongside the images. For example, if you click on the latest images from Omotesando then immediately you will know about where the individual bought their clothes, their favorite brands, and other essential information.

From a marketing point of view this is amazing because immediately after viewing so many images you will get to know the latest trends. Also, information about favorite brands, favorite shops, and the brands that individuals are wearing on the day, is most helpful. Like always, this is done in true style and information isn’t overloaded and the same applies to the images.

Overall, if you want to know the latest fashion vibes of Tokyo then Style Arena must be on your hotlist.

Images in this article are not from Style Arena.  Please click on the Style Arena website to view the latest trends of Tokyo.

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Korean International Style Show in Tokyo Jan 25/26/27: Fashion and K-pop

Korean International Style Show in Tokyo Jan 25/26/27: Fashion and K-pop

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

In Tokyo ( buzzing nature of Korean fashion and K-pop will be on show for three days starting on January 25. The “Korean wave” which is spreading internationally and growing in power in distant lands, will be on show in the ultra-modern city of Tokyo. Also, while the K-pop phenomena is internationally known because of the vibrancy of the younger generation in South Korea, this three day event will also focus on Korean fashion and show the buzzing nature of fashion in this nation which is rich in culture and history.

The event will be held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in trendy Tokyo and this building is in walking distance of the amazing fashion district of Harajuku. Girls Award presents KISS (Korean International Style Show) and clearly everything is being prepared for a stunning fashion and K-pop event which will reverberate throughout Tokyo.

The Korean fashion angle is showing the natural extension of the vibrant K-pop music scene because both flow naturally together. More important, the fashion and music vibes of Tokyo, Seoul, Busan, Osaka, and other major cities in Japan and South Korea respectively, are in high demand and with the economic power of major international cities like Tokyo then these are exciting times.

Stunning models will also enhance the fashion vibes of South Korea. Also, the “Tokyo apple pie” and “Osaka apple pie” continues to attract amazing K-pop groups and soloists from South Korea. Therefore, this event will highlight the energy and vibrancy of fashion and K-pop and show the synergy of both nations.

Japanese fashion will also be highlighted despite the main focus being South Korean fashion. Also, Lumine which is adored in Japan will show the huge crowd why this department store is one step ahead. The mixture of Japanese fashion being in the background but providing a nice angle is a really nice touch and Lumine will express the trends within the Tokyo and Japanese fashion scene.

On the first day on January 25 high end fashion companies will be showing their latest trends and the elegance of South Korean fashion. This applies to Lie Sang Bong, Doho, Couronne, and Resurrection by Juyoung. Japanese fashion brands will also be on show and this applies to Dresscamp and Loveless x MCM.

The following day on January 26 will witness the buzzing South Korean fashion trends of Spicy Color, Mag/Mag (Magnificon/Magnificent), Who A.U. California Dream, and LAP (Los Angeles Project). Lumine will also compliment proceedings by showing the vibe of this amazing department store which is based throughout Tokyo. This day promises to be high action and will show a different angle to day one.

The final day of this three day event will highlight South Korean street fashion from the shopping mall Doota. This applies to brands which can be found in this trendy shopping mall in South Korea and brands on show will be Blooming, Gshopgirl, Senorita, Cres.edim, The Style, and Le Queen Couture. On the same day the Japanese fashion brand Guild Prime will highlight their latest products.

Of course the music aspect is very important and currently 33,000 tickets have been sold. K-pop groups on show include Kara, Girls’ Generation, After School, T-ara, CN Blue, Beast, Sistar, F-T Island, 4 Minute, Rainbow, Secret, and Infinite.

Kara, Girls’ Generation, After School, and T-ara, are often highlighted in the media in Japan because these stunning bands have enabled the “Korean Wave” to grow and prosper in Japan. BoA laid the foundation stone and this stunning soloist is still going strong because her recent track “Milestone” was full of emotion and passion. Therefore, for all K-pop lovers in Tokyo and throughout Japan, this is a great chance to witness amazing music acts from South Korea and to view the buzzing nature of South Korean fashion.

The three day event is a must for all individuals who adore K-pop and the fashion scene. – Website for full details of the event

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Pakistan Fashion and female designers with stunning styles: the Tokyo angle (Part Two)

Pakistan Fashion and female designers with stunning styles: the Tokyo angle (Part Two)

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Urooj-ul-Qamar and brand name Urouge Qamar


Japanese and Pakistan fashion is very different and of course you will have various styles within both nations. However, the impact of modernization, international trends, global brands, and the role of mass communication and international networking, is impacting on the majority of nations throughout the world. Therefore, while cultural and religious differences may be very different on the whole between Japan and Pakistan, you do have similarities which cut across these differences.

Tokyo fashion


The role of “soft-power” is very important to Japan and this applies to anime, cosplay, J-pop, computer games, kawaii culture, fashion, and many other areas. On the other hand, the international community needs to focus on the dynamics of Pakistan and not just negative factors related to religious extremism. After all, Pakistan is very diverse and you have many fashion designers, musicians, writers, and other vital areas where the younger generation is reaching out internally and internationally.

In the article called Pakistan Fashion: women entrepreneurs, amazing styles and the Tokyo angle (part 1) the focus was on Sabeen Waqar, Maheen Waqar, and Kulsoom Rizvi. The two sisters have a brand company called “Jalebi” and clearly both Sabeen Waqar and Maheen Waqar have been blessed with many talents. Likewise, Kulsoom Rizvi who created the brand called “Kaaf” is equally blessed with amazing skills and her creativity is attracting people to her own unique style.

These three elegant ladies from Pakistan are highlighting the power of a new generation which is confident, international minded, and in the world of business they are showing their own individual styles. In this article the focus will be on Urooj-ul-Qamar and her brand Urouge Qamar because she is yet another lady from this nation who adores fashion and being creative.



Before focusing more on Urooj-ul-Qamar the attention will be briefly on Japan and the buzzing districts of Tokyo and Osaka. Like mentioned in the previous article it is hoped one day that fashion designers from Pakistan will also be visible in the huge fashion market of Japan. After all, fashion on the streets of Aoyama (Tokyo), Harajuku (Tokyo),Ikebukuro (Tokyo), Namba (Osaka), Omotesando (Tokyo), Shibuya (Tokyo), Umeda (Osaka), and throughout both cities, is a mixture of Japanese, European, and North America fashion. However, given the youthful nature of Kulsoom Rizvi, Sabeen Waqar, Maheen Waqar, and Urooj-ul-Qamar, it is hoped that these young fashion designers from Pakistan will impact internationally in the future because they have so much to offer the world of international fashion.



Also, the uniqueness of Kulsoom Rizvi, Sabeen Waqar, Maheen Waqar, and Urooj-ul-Qamar, and other modern designers from Pakistan, should be watched closely internationally because new ideas, fusions, different thinking, and creativity, is what makes the fashion industry fresh. Therefore, by focusing on the designs of all the above mentioned it is clear that their color schemes, styles, creativity, and individualism, shines through.



Urooj-ul-Qamar is a final year student of Textile Design in Karachi and studies in the Department of Visual Studies. Her focus is on art work and designing and both these talents can be seen in the brand company called Urouge Qamar. Also, like the fashion brand Jalebi, Urooj-ul-Qamar is another lady who focuses on recycling and this will go down well in Japan and throughout the world.

Urouge Qamar


Urooj-ul-Qamar commented that “I was very good with aesthetics from a very young age and my interests are in field of “Jewelry Making” with real stones.” This elegant and stylish lady continues by stating that “I was thinking about bringing some change to the typical jewelry women wear these days therefore I ended up making jewelry from wicker.” This style is complex and difficult to produce but the end result is amazing and shows the spirit and creativity of her fashion brand Urouge Qamar.

Urouge Qamar


Accessories are adored by ladies in Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and throughout Japan. Therefore, Japanese ladies who shop in fashionable areas like Aoyama, Harajuku, and Umeda, and so many other fashion districts, would clearly adore the elegant and sophisticated designs of the fashion brand Urouge Qamar. This applies to clutch purses with fabulous color schemes and stunning jewelry which fits many different styles. It is therefore hoped that just like European and North American designers have impacted on fashion in Japan, that ideas emanating from stylish designers in Pakistan will also make a major impact in the future.

Japanese fashion


The handmade and innovative fashion accessories by the brand Urouge Qamar are extremely elegant and full of panache, just like the designer. Therefore, all the elegant designers mentioned in this article are showing a different side to Pakistan. This applies to being blessed with amazing young female fashion designers who are confident and ultra-modern in their thinking and styles.

Urouge Qamar


Urooj-ul-Qamar can be contacted at urooj.qamar@live.comand it is hoped that one day her designs will be seen on the streets of Osaka, Tokyo, London, New York, and other major cities throughout the world.

Fashion in Omotesando in Tokyo


Overall, each individual designer highlighted in this article is clearly articulate, sophisticated, and stylish. Therefore, because of their stunning designs and creativity, they are showing the vibrant nature of Pakistan. These young business ladies and designers augur well for the future of this nation because they all have something fresh to offer the international fashion community.

The ladies mentioned in this article can be contacted below:

Kulsoom Rizvi can be contacted at

Sabeen Waqar can be contacted at

Urooj-ul-Qamar can be contacted at   Part 1 – Read more about the other fashion designers mentioned in this article

Thanks to Ms. Zara for photography

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui runs his own design studio called “CARTEL Design Studio” and provides valued consultancy information to important domestic and international companies. Also, in publication & writing he is the Foreign Correspondent for the Korean Textile Newspaper ( where you can find his publication on every Thursday. Also, he is writing for a Korean Fashion Magazine called Fashion Clue.  Recently, he joined Modern Tokyo Times and his knowledge is in high demand because of his unique vision.

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui


He can be contacted at and please check his website at

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Pakistan Fashion: women entrepreneurs, amazing styles and the Tokyo angle (part 1)

Pakistan Fashion: women entrepreneurs, amazing styles and the Tokyo angle (part 1)

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Kulsoom Rizvi – Kaaf

Pakistan is blessed with a rich culture and this country provides wide opportunities for the people of this nation to have a variety of styles in the field of fashion. Therefore, when you look all around Pakistan you will see many stunning colors and styles. This applies to bangles, mehendi (traditional type of tattoo work), jewelry, bags, and an abundance of different types of traditional dresses. Therefore, this enables fashion designers to fuse aspects of this richness when creating something new to suit the modern lady throughout the world.

In recent times we can say that today’s fashion in Pakistan belongs to the upcoming youth designers who are more bold and daring. Given this, you have many young entrepreneur designers who are reaching out internally and externally. Also, it is great that female designers are showing a positive image of Pakistan and highlighting a side which is being ignored in the mass media.

Sabeen Waqar – Jalebi

Therefore, in this article the focus is on Sabeen Waqar of the brand called “Jalebi,” her sister Maheen Waqar who focuses on the jewelry angle, and Kulsoom Rizvi who is the owner of the brand called “Kaaf.” Each individual lady is sophisticated, stylish, and elegant, and they are highlighting the vibrant spirit of fashion in Pakistan. Also, these entrepreneurs are showing the world that behind all the negative headlines you have a different Pakistan which is confident, international, and independent in spirit.

Clothes in Pakistan are being highly stylized by modern and upcoming designers and trend setters. This is the reason for the growing popularity of designers in Pakistan and the unique vibes coming from within the culture is being fused within the fashion industry. Not surprisingly, fashion companies in the western world and designers can see this “fresh Pakistan wave” and increasing attention is being focused on the fashion industry in this nation.

If we look at the “Korean wave” in K-pop and notice the pulling power of the Japanese market then it is feasible that “a Pakistan fashion wave” could also reach the streets of Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and other leading cities.  Also, the rich traditions of Japan and Pakistan could fuse a different style and commercial aspects of both nations need to understand that both countries have much to offer.

Crème de la crème fashion companies target the Japanese market and walking around the trendy areas of Aoyama, Omotesando, Harajuku, and throughout the Tokyo fashion scene, you will see a plethora of European boutiques. The same applies to all major cities in Japan and the buzzing districts of Osaka in places like Umeda is a fine example. This applies to many crème de la crème boutiques from Europe and North America which blend naturally with boutiques from Japan.


Returning to the fashion designers in this article then the first focus will be on Kulsoom Rizvi and her brand Kaaf. Kulsoom Rizvi is an extremely beautiful lady and richly talented and clearly this can be seen by her stunning designs. Her company Kaaf became established in August 2011 and currently this sophisticated lady is in her third year at the Asian Institute of Fashion Design, whereby Kulsoom Rizvi is studying Textile Designing.

The background of Kulsoom Rizvi is very fascinating because despite her young years her experience is extremely powerful This applies to working with leading designers in Pakistan and this includes Nomi Ansari, Sonya Battla, Vaneeza Ahmed and textile giant Gul-Ahmed who recognized her creativity and abundant talents – therefore he printed her stylish designs in 2009 with regards to the winter collection.


Her main source of inspiration has been her sister in law Amna Asghar Nawab who is the Regional Manager of Khaadi in the United Arab Emirates. Her brand Kaaf includes apparel, upholstery and accessories, therefore, Kaaf caters for a broad spectrum and at all times you can feel and see the vibes of this talented lady. Kulsoom Rizvi is most recognized for her vibrant choice of colors, rhythmic designs, and enchanting styles. Also, one consistent element in her designs has been the peacock, which is the symbol of pride and beauty and clearly her designs and “self” applies to “pride and beauty” because of her creativity and elegance.

Kaaf is a company which is in its infancy but this charming lady is showing the vibrant spirit of the younger generation in Pakistan. Therefore, Kulsoom Rizvi is clearly a young lady of substance and her confidence and elegance is based on the new spirit emerging in this nation. Recently her collection was exhibited in Karachi and clearly fashion lovers were amazed by the talents of this 21 year old lady.

Kaaf is in growing demand because Kulsoom Rizvi understands the market and the need to find new angles in this competitive field. The first objective for Kaaf is to expand within Pakistan and then to reach out globally and clearly the potential of this lady is enormous. Also, from the point of view of fashion in Tokyo, Osaka, and throughout Japan, it is essential that new fashion hubs emerge in other nations because this will lead to new fusions, ideas, and expand cultural ties.

Sabeen Waqar of the brand called Jalebi is another lady who is passionate about fashion and clearly her motivation is extremely high and this is matched by her creativity and sophistication. Her sister Maheen Waqar is also extremely talented and focuses on the jewelry angle of Jalebi. Therefore, these two sisters are highlighting the growing strength of female designers and business individuals in Pakistan who are challenging the status quo and this angle needs to be shown to the international community.


The basic concept behind Jalebi and the main purpose of launching this brand is their passion for fashion alongside their love for recycling, making hand-made jewelry which is arty, and designing affordable fashion. These intriguing aspects have all been met with style, elegance, and “a spirit of freshness” which is extremely attractive.

Currently Jalebi is being stocked at several places but in time both sisters desire to expand and to show people their unique ideas and creativity. Jalebi focuses on vivacious colors, chewy textures, flirty feminine cuts and other important aspects of their charming fashion designs.


Jalebi commented that “Our main message to the world is to re-use what they call garbage and convert it into astonishing arty products, or just come and buy our products and contribute in saving the planet.” This angle will certainly go down well on the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe, and throughout the world.

In time Jalebi will further the recycling angle into new areas of the company but for now both sisters have high hopes for the future. These ambitions deserve to be rewarded because both sisters are sophisticated and they are part of a new international generation which is fusing business alongside strong ethics related to the environment. More important, from a fashion point of view, these ladies from Pakistan have so much to offer the fashion world because of their creativity, vibes, and their passion for focusing on new styles and relating this to the environment.


It is hoped that in the future that the fashion scene in Pakistan will reach the streets of Ginza (Tokyo), Harajuku (Tokyo), Namba (Osaka), Omotesando (Tokyo), Umeda (Osaka), and throughout Japan. After all, the European and North American fashion scene is thriving in Japan and of course the same applies to stunning Japanese boutiques. Therefore, one day in the future it is hoped that the younger generation in Pakistan will make their mark in Japan and throughout the world.

Kulsoom Rizvi can be contacted

Sabeen Waqar can be contacted

Thanks to Ms. Zara  for photography

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui runs his own design studio called “CARTEL Design Studio” and provides valued consultancy information to important domestic and international companies. Also, in publication & writing he is the Foreign Correspondent for the Korean Textile Newspaper( where you can find his publication on every Thursday. Also, he is writing for a Korean Fashion Magazine called Fashion Clue.  Recently, he joinedModern Tokyo Times and his knowledge is in high demand because of his unique vision.

Umair Ahmed Siddiqui

He can be contacted at

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