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Kosovo and U.S. sponsored terrorists unraveling: war crimes and Hague for Clinton?


Kosovo and U.S. sponsored terrorists unraveling: war crimes and Hague for Clinton?

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

In the heart of the cradle of Serbian Orthodox Christianity in Kosovo the U.S. and U.K. support of sponsored terrorism during the Kosovo conflict is unraveling.  Orthodox Christian churches have been destroyed in many areas since Kosovo Albanian rule and minorities fled in fear. However, despite this the U.S. and U.K. was feeling content with the de-Christianization of Kosovo and ethnic persecution of minorities which include the Serbs and Gypsies.

Therefore, this article will focus on the reality of what really happened and highlight a different side of the Clinton administration. Also, because of bias against the Serbian position all quotes will come from Western sources and this applies to major Western news agencies and the heart of government in America. 

Powerful PR campaigns had done a great job of victimizing the Serbs despite this minority being the victim of Kosovo Albanian nationalism for many decades under the old Yugoslavia. Therefore, the former terrorists of the KLA according to the U.S. in early 1998 miraculously became “freedom fighters” and soon they were allies of NATO in its illegal intervention.

Bill Clinton, the leader of America who gave tacit support to thousands of Islamists who slit the throats and beheaded Orthodox Christians in Bosnia, was up to “dirty tricks” once more. This applies to Bill Clinton’s special envoy to the region who in February 1998 had stated that the KLA “without any questions, (was) a terrorist group.” However, within a few months everything would change and a mass media campaign would state “freedom fighters.”

This didn’t go unrecognized and in the United States Senate, Republican Policy Committee (, in the report titled The Kosovo Liberation Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties – many hard facts were mentioned.

In this report it was stated by the United States Senate, Republican Party Committee, on March 31, 1999, that One week into the bombing campaign, there is widespread discussion of options for further actions. One option includes forging a closer relationship between the United States and a controversial group, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a group which has been cited in unofficial reports for alleged ties to drug cartels and Islamic terrorist organizations. This paper will examine those allegations in the context of the currently unfolding air campaign.”

Further down in the report it states “The Kosovo Liberation Army “began on the radical fringe of Kosovar Albanian politics, originally made up of diehard Marxist-Leninists (who were bankrolled in the old days by the Stalinist dictatorship next door in Albania) as well as by descendants of the fascist militias raised by the Italians in World War II” [“Fog of War — Coping With the Truth About Friend and Foe: Victims Not Quite Innocent,” New York Times, 3/28/99]. The KLA made its military debut in February 1996 with the bombing of several camps housing Serbian refugees from wars in Croatia and Bosnia [Jane’s Intelligence Review, 10/1/96]. The KLA (again according to the highly regarded Jane’s,) “does not take into consideration the political or economic importance of its victims, nor does it seem at all capable of seriously hurting its enemy, the Serbian police and army. Instead, the group has attacked Serbian police and civilians arbitrarily at their weakest points. It has not come close to challenging the region’s balance of military power” [Jane’s, 10/1/96].

Therefore, in the heart of America and with information from only Western sources the KLA were supported by the “descendants of the fascist militias raised by the Italians in World War Two” and had been bankrolled by the Stalinist dictatorship in Albania because they had originally been “diehard Marxist-Leninists.” Of course the sweeping sands of time meant that the old ways of Marxist-Leninism was coming to an end and now a powerful Islamic terrorist reality was gathering in strength in many parts of the world.

The report continues by stating “The group expanded its operations with numerous attacks through 1996 but was given a major boost with the collapse into chaos of neighboring Albania in 1997, which afforded unlimited opportunities for the introduction of arms into Kosovo from adjoining areas of northern Albania, which are effectively out of the control of the Albanian government in Tirana. From its inception, the KLA has targeted not only Serbian security forces, who may be seen as legitimate targets for a guerrilla insurgency, but Serbian and Albanian civilians as well.”

Further down the report it states that “In order to get the Albanians’… acceptance [of the peace plan], Ms. Albright offered incentives intended to show that Washington is a friend of Kosovo…Officers in the Kosovo Liberation Army would . . . be sent to the United States for training in transforming themselves from a guerrilla group into a police force or a political entity, much like the African National Congress did in South Africa.” [New York Times, 2/24/99]

“The Times’ comparison of treatment of the KLA with that of the African National Congress (ANC) — a group with its own history of terror attacks on political opponents, including members of the ethnic group it claims to represent — is a telling one. In fact, it points to the seemingly consistent Clinton policy of cultivating relationships with groups known for terrorist violence — not only the ANC, but the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Irish Republican Army (IRA) — in what may be a strategy of attempting to wean away a group from its penchant for violence by adopting its cause as an element of U.S. policy.”

Therefore, whoever said that terrorism didn’t work had never met Bill Clinton because he was open to all and sundry in the pursuit of goals that were not a concern of America. The tragic reality from a British point of view is that not only had the Serbs in history been allies of the British but now the U.K. under Tony Blair was selling its soul.

Turning back to the report it states that “Among the most troubling aspects of the Clinton Administration’s effective alliance with the KLA are numerous reports from reputable unofficial sources — including the highly respected Jane’s publications — that the KLA is closely involved with:

The extensive Albanian crime network that extends throughout Europe and into North America, including allegations that a major portion of the KLA finances are derived from that network, mainly proceeds from drug trafficking; and

Terrorist organizations motivated by the ideology of radical Islam, including assets of Iran and of the notorious Osama bin-Ladin — who has vowed a global terrorist war against Americans and American interests.”

“The second and more troubling observation is that the Clinton Administration has demonstrated, to an unprecedented degree, an unfortunate tendency — in some cases possibly involving an improper politicization of traditionally non-political government agencies — to manage or conceal inconvenient information that might call into question some of its policies. Examples of this tendency include:

“Iranian arms shipments to Bosnia: The Clinton Administration concealed its active cooperation with the Iranians for arms shipments to the Muslim fundamentalist regime of Alija Izetbegovic in Bosnia in violation of the United Nations arms embargo on the former Yugoslavia. [For details on the Clinton Administration’s active connivance with the Iranians, see RPC’s “Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base,” 1/16/97.] This track record undermines the Clinton Administration’s insistence that Russia, as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, is obligated to observe the same embargo with respect to Serbia [as stated by State Department spokesman James Rubin, daily briefing, March 24, 1999].

Eradication of the Serbs in Krajina: The Clinton Administration has stalled efforts to investigate what has been called the “biggest ethnic cleansing” of the Balkan wars, one which the Clinton Administration may itself have helped to facilitate: “

“Investigators at the international war crimes tribunal in The Hague have concluded that the Croatian Army carried out summary executions, indiscriminate shelling of civilian populations and ‘ethnic cleansing’ during a 1995 assault that was a turning point in the Balkan wars, according to tribunal documents. The investigators have recommended that three Croatian generals be indicted, and an American official said this week that the indictments could come within a few weeks. . . . Any indictment of Croatian Army generals could prove politically troublesome for the Clinton Administration, which has a delicate relationship with Croatia, an American ally in preserving the peace in Bosnia with a poor human rights record. The August 1995 Croatian offensive, which drove some 100,000 Serbs from a large swath of Croatia over four days, was carried out with the tacit blessing of the United States by a Croatian Army that had been schooled in part by a group of retired American military officers. Questions still remain about the full extent of United States involvement. In the course of the three-year investigation into the assault, the United States has failed to provide critical evidence requested by the tribunal, according to tribunal documents and officials, adding to suspicion among some there that Washington is uneasy about the investigation. Two senior Canadian military officers, for example, who were in Croatia during the offensive, testified that the assault, in which some 3,000 shells rained down on the city of Knin over 48 hours, was indiscriminate and targeted civilians….A section of the tribunal’s 150-page report is headed: ‘The Indictment. Operation Storm, A Prima Facie Case.’: ‘During the course of the military offensive, the Croatian armed forces and special police committed numerous violations of international humanitarian law, including but not limited to, shelling of Knin and other cities,’ the report says. ‘During, and in the 100 days following the military offensive, at least 150 Serb civilians were summarily executed, and many hundreds disappeared.’ The crimes also included looting and burning, the report says.” [“War Crimes Panel Finds Croat Troops ‘Cleansed’ the Serbs,” New York Times, 3/21/99]

“The Krajina episode — the largest in the recent Yugoslav wars, at least until this week in Kosovo — exposes the hypocrisy of the Clinton claims as to why intervention in Kosovo is a humanitarian imperative:”

“Within four days, the Croatians drove out 150,000 Serbs, the largest [until this week] ethnic cleansing of the entire Balkan wars. Investigators in the Hague have concluded that this campaign was carried out with brutality, wanton murder, and indiscriminate shelling of civilians. . . . Krajina is Kosovo writ large. And yet, at the same time, the U.S. did not stop or even protest the Croatian action. The Clinton Administration tacitly encouraged it.” [Charles Krauthammer, “The Clinton Doctrine,” Time magazine, 4/5/99]

“In short, the absence of official confirmation of the reports cited below can hardly be considered the last word in the matter. And given this Administration’s record, one might treat with some degree of skepticism even a flat denial of KLA drug and terror ties — which thus far has not been offered. As the Clinton Administration searches for new options in its Kosovo policy, these reports about KLA should not be lightly dismissed.”

The report is clearly damning and you had a political leader in Washington who was an ally of Islamic terrorists in Bosnia who had slaughtered Orthodox Christians and video-taped beheading them.  Not only this, it didn’t matter to individuals like Bill Clinton that the American administration was not only working with international Islamic terrorists in the heart of Europe but also the administration was in cahoots with an organization which clearly benefited from narcotics in many European cities.

Indeed, it makes you wonder why Bill Clinton isn’t sent to the Hague for war crimes and this applies to tacit support of massacres and ethnic cleansing in Krajina, allowing international terrorists to have a free-hand in Bosnia and allying the American administration to a tainted narcotics organization.

The report also states that “Elements informally known as the “Albanian mafia,” composed largely of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, have for several years been a feature of the criminal underworld in a number of cities in Europe and North America; they have been particularly prominent in the trade in illegal narcotics. [See, for example,”The Albanian Cartel: Filling the Crime Void,” Jane’s Intelligence Review, November 1995.] The cities where the Albanian cartels are located are also fertile ground for fundraising for support of the Albanian cause in Kosovo.” [See, for example, “Albanians in Exile Send Millions of Dollars to Support the KLA,” BBC, 3/12/99.]

“The reported link between drug activities and arms purchases for anti-Serb Albanian forces in Kosovo predates the formation of the KLA, and indeed, may be seen as a key resource that allowed the KLA to establish itself as a force in the first place:”

“Narcotics smuggling has become a prime source of financing for civil wars already under way — or rapidly brewing — in southern Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, according to a report issued here this week. The report, by the Paris-based Observatoire Geopolitique des Drogues, or Geopolitical Observatory of Drugs, identifies belligerents in the former Yugoslav republics and Turkey as key players in the region’s accelerating drugs-for-arms traffic. Albanian nationalists in ethnically tense Macedonia and the Serbian province of Kosovo have built a vast heroin network, leading from the opium fields of Pakistan to black-market arms dealers in Switzerland, which transports up to $2 billion worth of the drug annually into the heart of Europe, the report says. More than 500 Kosovo or Macedonian Albanians are in prison in Switzerland for drug- or arms-trafficking offenses, and more than 1,000 others are under indictment. The arms are reportedly stockpiled in Kosovo for eventual use against the Serbian government in Belgrade, which imposed a violent crackdown on Albanian autonomy advocates in the province five years ago.” [“Separatists Supporting Themselves with Traffic in Narcotics,” San Francisco Chronicle, 6/10/94]

Over a decade later and what do we have? Yes, a Kosovo where Serbian Orthodox Christianity is being dismantled and a Kosovo leadership implicated in organ scandals and killing witnesses. 

Not surprisingly everything is unraveling but despite this implicated individuals are still allowed to enter America. Therefore, for neutrals it is galling and a crime against humanity and for individuals who were against supporting radical Islam and narcotic tainted organizations, it is justification for not allowing this issue to disappear because the legacy of the Clinton agenda continues.

If the current Serbian government is sincere about war crimes and sending Serbian individuals to the international court in the Hague, then why no pressure on individuals who supported war crimes against Serbs?

Indeed, the Serbian government should ask for former leaders like Bill Clinton to be sent to the international criminal court in the Hague, and then he should defend his actions of supporting Islamic terrorism and narcotic tainted organizations.  The rat-lines don’t only apply to the United States because former leaders in the United Kingdom should also be made to account because all sides committed crimes in the Balkans but only one side was mainly blamed.

Of course, the reality of democracy is that “might” wins. Therefore, the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents doesn’t even enter the radar and major powers can manipulate law when it suits or to ignore international law when they desire.

The consequences of past policies in Kosovo, is that today you have a tainted leadership implicated in organ scandals and key witnesses dying in mysterious circumstances. At the same time more nations are supporting Kosovo independence despite all this. Therefore, it certainly seems that Serbian Orthodox Christian blood is not only cheap, but in truth it doesn’t seem to matter amongst the elites which waged a war against a people who had been allies in both world wars.

Today in Europe you have Orthodox Christian ghettos in Kosovo and no justice for past wrongs and the ongoing reality of modern day Kosovo.

Therefore, while events are still unraveling against leaders within Kosovo, it still seems that none of this will count to nations that recognized Kosovo independence. Also, if Ratko Mladic and others are being held accountable then why aren’t others like Bill Clinton?

Democracy and justice never flourishes when the system is corrupt to start with and this can be seen by the current reality in Kosovo. However, if no Serbs remain in Kosovo because of institutional discrimination, fear of entering Kosovo Albanian areas, no economic future, and so forth – then the fate accompli of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and the organ-narcotic-terrorist tainted KLA will have won the day. (Islamists in Bosnia because of USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Islamist Alija Izetbegovic) (Islamists in Bosnia because of USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Islamist Alija Izetbegovic) (Muslim massacres of Christians)  (Inter Muslim fighting – Serbs supported moderate Muslims)  (Henry Kissinger) (Henry Kissinger)

KOSOVO AND ORGAN SCANDAL – All sources are American and from the United Kingdom



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Somalia and Afghanistan: the barbarity of Sunni Islam

Somalia and Afghanistan: the barbarity of Sunni Islam


By Lee Jay Walker
The Modern Tokyo Times

Islamic radicals support stoning women, terrorism, and killing converts to Christianity in Afghanistan and Somalia.  However, central forces also support Islamic Sharia law and killing apostates to Christianity or other non-Muslim faiths.

Islam equals dhimmitde. 


Somalia is yet another failed state where various Sunni Islamic factions are vying for control.  Just like fellow Islamists in Afghanistan and throughout the world, they hate diversity and Christian minorities are killed frequently in Somalia.  The madness of the “Islamic year zero” is gaining ground because of the global jihadist network and finance and training from fellow Islamists throughout the Middle East.

If democratic nations believe that Somalia is a million miles away then they are mistaken.  After all, many Somalians who reside in America, the United Kingdom, and other democratic nations, are joining radical Islamic terrorist factions in Somalia after being indoctrinated in the West.

Various Islamic factions in Somalia desire to create an Islamic state based on Sharia Islamic law and the brutality of their thinking can be seen by recent events in Somalia. This most notably applies to stoning a young lady to death and beheading a Christian convert from Islam.

However, even moderate forces within the government support the implementation of Islamic Sharia law and it is clear that democracy and civil liberties are not on the table. Instead it is the brutal reality of Islam which is creating fear and barbarity amongst all the chaos of Somalia.

Therefore, the stark reality of modern Somalia is an inefficient government which lacks real power and the limited power it does manage to have is based on the root cause, which is Islam itself.  After all, it is clear that Islam is not creating a flourishing nation in Somalia but like usual it is the root cause for the complete backwardness of Somalia.

Instead of progress and modernization we have all sides supporting laws which infringe on free thinking, democracy, and a society based on equality.  Yes, central forces are much better than al-Shabab and Hizb al-Islam but just like Afghanistan it is clear that another generation is going to be brainwashed and indoctrinated.

Therefore, women will be kept in the shadows and stoning to death and other draconian Islamic laws will keep them chained.  At the same time the minority Christian community will face death at the hands of al-Shabab and Hizb al-Islam and apostates will face the same fate by the so-called central government.

On 7 June, 2010, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad wrote an article for The Guardian newspaper called “How Somalia’s civil war became new front in battle against al-Qaida.”

In the article he quotes from a member of the al-Shabab who states that “One of the reasons for our strong name is not only the war, it’s the strong fierce rule that is based on cutting heads as punishments for the crimes,” he says. “We have gained respect. We implement a strong rule that no one can deviate from which has also made us very popular with Arab and other mujahideen. We have courts all the time that implement sharia, but when we are in the middle of war and the fighter captures the traitors and the apostate soldiers of the government then we implement the sharia immediately and cut the head.”

This clearly shows you the mentality of al-Shabab and other Islamic factions and this is the brutal reality of Islam after all other alternatives have been crushed.  Islamization leads to backwardness, brutal laws, the abandonment of rationality, and any semblance of normality.

Regional nations like Ethiopia and Kenya are deeply worried about events and the international community should have done more to support Ethiopia in the past.  However, both regional nations and the international community understand the need to contain al-Shabab and Hizb al-Islam because global Islamic jihadists threaten to destabilize the region and much further afield.

Yet just like Afghanistan, it is hard to see any end product because while the need to contain Islamic jihad is essential.  It is also vital to create “a new society” but this isn’t happening and despite tens of billions of dollars being spent on Afghanistan it is clear that you have no end product.

For the reality of modern day Afghanistan is that the central government also supports killing apostates from Islam and crushing the rights of women.  Yes, just like the regime in Saudi Arabia, they don’t mind non-Muslims defending them but of course they still deem non-Muslims to be infidels and unclean.

Therefore, unless “Islam” is taken out of the power base you appear to have little hope in the future.  Given this, why aren’t Western donors supporting secular education in Afghanistan and laws which are based on secularism and freeing women from their daily bondage? 

Are American, British, and NATO troops dying for maintaining Islam and supporting the implementation of Islamic Sharia law and the development of other Islamic institutions in Afghanistan because this is “a new liberal containment policy?”

If so, the war is already lost because it means that future generations in Afghanistan will be indoctrinated and all modernization of the economy will be given credit to Islam instead of Western donors.  This also applies to Somalia because like Afghanistan it is clear that central forces are much better than Islamists who want to spread their jihad to other nations. 

Yet in the long term it appears that central forces will do little to change society and while Somalia is weak because of the ongoing chaos and lack of institutions with any power.  It is still apparent that “a Japanese doctrine” is not being implemented in Afghanistan.

This applies to allied powers enforcing a democratic process on Japan and taking central power away from the forces which unleashed so much barbarity in the 1930s and which lasted until the end of World War Two. The same can be said about eradicating NAZI ideology but when it comes to tackling a similar but more potent Islamic ideology then nothing is being done, apart from containing Islamic jihadists but maintaining Islamic control via newly selected leaders.

 Therefore, the choice is stark, either the international community must focus on the real root cause of such barbarity and backwardness, or nothing will change?  However, given the political correct agenda of modern Western nations it would appear that the only goal is to stem the tide of Islamic terrorists while preserving the rule of Islam.

 Surely this thinking is leading to a dead-end because instead of taking brave measures in order to break the chain of Islamic indoctrination, we are just seeing the status quo.  Yet the status quo means killing apostates, keeping women in chains, and indoctrinating the next generation and clearly this policy is leading to a dead-end. 



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