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Tokyo fashion: four essential websites for fashion and consumer news

Tokyo fashion: four essential websites for fashion and consumer news

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Information about the vibrant nature of fashion in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, and other major cities in Japan, is in huge demand. This applies to mainstream fashion, business factors, Japanese subculture and fashion, buzzing districts, new fashion movements, high range fashion, and a host of other factors. Therefore, this article is aimed at highlighting essential websites about the fashion scene and consumer news in Japan but with an emphasis on Tokyo.

Of course, you have amazing fashion in cities like Osaka and this notably applies to Namba and Umeda. In truth, Osaka is a “hidden global gem” because the sheer vibrancy of fashion in places like Namba and Umeda is amazing and these two districts would bless any major city in the world. However, sadly it is difficult to find a website which regularly updates about the fantastic fashion scene in Osaka. Therefore, the stunning style of Namba ladies remains hidden unlike the fashion scene in Harajuku in Tokyo which is internationally famous.

However, the JapanConsuming website focuses on the entire sector throughout Japan. Therefore, this highly recommended website is aimed at companies based in Japan, companies that are thinking about entering the Japanese market, and for all individuals who are focused on the consumer market in Japan.  The client base tells the story about the influence of JapanConsuming because the list includes L’Oreal, Max Factor, Giorgio Armani, KPMG, Estee Lauder, Godiva, Tiffany, Celine, and a host of others.

Information applies to many factors including market entry, current trends, industry data analysis, and a host of essential areas related to the complex nature of business in Japan. Therefore, if consumer news in Japan is needed alongside a company which is focused on providing detailed information, then JapanConsuming is a must. After all, many companies like Nokia, Tesco, and many others, have found the market in Japan to be either too complex, inflexible, unable to adapt to different demands or have entered a market which is either saturated or not open to change based on various factors.

Tokyo Fashion is a very different type of website because this online magazine is focused on fashion trends in Tokyo, clothing, accessories, the changing scene, trendy districts, up to date news, and various other areas like kawaii culture. Tokyo Fashion website is interactive and this applies to new fashion images of street fashion and using Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, if you want to see visual images of individuals who adore fashion in Tokyo, alongside great information about ongoing events and new in vogue companies, then Tokyo Fashion online magazine will open up the vibrant scene of this mega city.

If you are an individual, company or media source who wants to understand the vibrant alternative scene of Tokyo then La Carmina is the lady to do this. This is based on her first-hand knowledge of the subcultures of Tokyo and the alternative fashion scene. Also, La Carmina is extremely elegant and stylish and this talented individual is clearly passionate about the areas she covers and Gothic Lolita and other fashion styles are highlighted.

Therefore, La Carmina is in huge demand and this applies to powerful international networks. La Carmina also opens up a new world and digs deep in order to highlight the latest alternative fashion trends, which are hitting and shaping the vibrant Tokyo scene. Her connections also enable La Carmina to stay one step ahead and in the world of alternative fashion and subcultures this is essential.

Style Arena is an amazing website for regular news and lovely images of trendy Tokyoites. Therefore, if you want to know about fantastic suburbs to visit, latest fashion news and an abundance of amazing images which enable people to connect with trendy Tokyo – then Style Arena is a place to visit and see Tokyo up close.

Style Arena is administered by the Japan Fashion Association and Modern Tokyo Times certainly checks this fantastic website for news about “Tokyo Street Fashion.” Clearly, the Japan Fashion Association is showing the vibrancy of Tokyo fashion and aspects of culture in this amazing city. This website is a must for people who adore fashion and Tokyo because the contents and images are truly enlightening.

The websites highlighted were not mentioned by ranking but were based on a natural flow and this applies to JapanConsuming being based on the Japanese market unlike the other three websites being focused on Tokyo. Also, La Carmina’s website focuses on the alternative fashion scene and subcultures of Tokyo and this split the other two websites which have more in common, despite the style and layout being different.

Modern Tokyo Times is also aimed at being interactive and if individuals believe that other fashion and consumer websites should be highlighted, then please forward the appropriate website. Overall, these four websites provide many different angles and collectively they provide a powerful picture of the fashion scene in Tokyo.

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