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Tokyo fashion: Lumine to open a new store in trendy Yurakucho

Tokyo fashion: Lumine to open a new store in trendy Yurakucho

Michel Lebon and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times 

Lumine in Tokyo – MODERN TOKYO TIMES

The retail fashion expert at Tokyo Fashion Daily, Timothy Schepis, who can be viewed at the following website, is highlighting the opening of Lumine in Yurakucho which will be open for business on October 28. Lumine is a very trendy fashion store whereby you have many exquisite boutiques which target young ladies in their 20s and 30s.

In Ikebukuro the Lumine store certainly helped to rejuvenate the west side because the boutiques inside are elegant, stylish, lovely quality, and trendy. Also, Lumine is building on from Marui, H&M and other fashionable stores which have opened up in the same Yurakucho and Ginza neighborhood.

Therefore, the demographic make-up of shoppers in Ginza and Yurakucho is reflected by these recent changes and if anything, it really compliments the entire fashion set up of Ginza and Yurakucho. This applies to extremely up market fashion boutiques which are focused mainly on a slightly older client base and this blend of diverse shoppers is creating a fresh buzz.

Timothy Schepis comments that “…the newly redeveloped Yurakucho location will be the 14th for Lumine in Japan and will be the first not to be part of a railway station. At 22,000sqm Yurakucho Lumine will house up to 100 tenants targeting women in their 20s and 30s which make up Lumine`s core customer. Most of the tenants will be fashion brands including United Arrows with the rest of the tenants; cosmetics brands, household goods and restaurants.”

Timothy Schepis is also highlighting the fact that the new store will “be the first not to be part of a railway station” and this is intriguing because it shows either new thinking or realism? Realism applies to retail space available and the fact that the train station isn’t designed for a trendy store of such high quality.

However, surrounding Yurakucho train station you have many exquisite buildings and fashionable areas. Also, with the fame of Ginza and the fact that Ginza and Yurakucho are connected means that a sizeable hub of fashion keeps on growing and this makes good commercial sense for Lumine.

After all, Marui, H&M, and other stores, have already began to alter the nature of fashion in the area. Therefore, Lumine, which is a fantastic company because it moves with the times, clearly saw an opening and the omens look good despite the negativity of the economy of Japan.

It is also noticeable that United Arrows will be a tenant at Lumine’s new fashion store because this company is doing sound business. Timothy Schepis comments that “United Arrows success stems from their strong product merchandising and ability to understand fashion trends and translate them to strong merchandise and sales.”

It is clear that changes are happening in Yurakucho and the surrounding area and this adds to the beauty of fashion in Tokyo because it never remains static. These fresh ideas and new stores opening is what makes Tokyo fashion so special because companies can’t rest, and if they do, then others will simply take their market away from them or reduce their market share.

Lumine and Hankyu will also be connected and this is a continuation of past policies by Lumine. After all, the trendy Lumine store in Ikebukuro on the west side is also connected with Tobu Department Store.  This fact will be a clear winner for both companies and clearly this is a strong safety mechanism.

The new buzz created by Lumine and other companies will certainly add spice to the entire area because other stores like Printemps Ginza focus on a similar market. This competition will create a fresh dimension and Matsuya Ginza and Mitsukoshi Ginza began their “Ginza Fashion Week” on October 19.

The word is out thanks to Timothy Schepis and other fashion experts who provide essential information about Tokyo and Japanese fashion. – TIMOTHY SCHEPIS  (can be followed on Twitter) (3rd article from the top shows some images of Lumine in Ikebukuro.)


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Fashion in Lumine is buzzing in Ikebukuro despite the so-called gloom of Tokyo


Fashion in Lumine is buzzing in Ikebukuro despite the so-called gloom of Tokyo

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Stylish Lumine in Ikebukuro - Modern Tokyo Times image
Stylish Lumine in Ikebukuro – Modern Tokyo Times image

According to reports in many media outlets, the fashion scene in Tokyo is feeling a little gloomy and the same applies to people having a good time.  However, in Lumine in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, trade and shopping is buzzing and recent serious issues appear to be distant.  Therefore, unlike the impression of many media agencies outside of Japan, Lumine in Ikebukuro was vibrant and full of energy.

Indeed, the photo image of Ginza in the New York Times in the article called Less Appetite for Luxury did not resemble the Ginza that I witnessed and it must be remembered that certain changes are only to be expected.   However, if you visit Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ginza, then you will see a multitude of shoppers and fashion conscious individuals who continue to visit these vibrant parts of Tokyo.

It must be remembered that many companies are closing earlier because of constraints on power and other factors.  Therefore, it is true that areas look quieter at night but the reasons are based on necessity and for every photo which is published which shows doom and gloom; you could alternatively show a different photo which shows energy and vibrancy.

I visited Lumine in Ikebukuro on March 26 and the crowds were very large on each floor and clearly people were browsing many high quality companies in this shopping complex. 


Fashion lovers in Lumine in Ikebukuro - Modern Tokyo Times image
Fashion lovers in Lumine in Ikebukuro – Modern Tokyo Times image

Young ladies were dressed in their finest and browsing around elegant and stylish shops in Lumine.  Each different shopping area was full of life and all staff members were dressed so stylishly. Therefore, you could see one beautiful lady after another and clearly they were focused on high quality fashion and the finer things in life.

Different shops within the complex had different color schemes and styles.  Stunning striking red garments, followed by exquisite pale blue dresses and an abundance of choice. 

The hordes of female shoppers also matched the stylish and elegant atmosphere of Lumine which is modern, sophisticated, buzzing, radiant, and stylish. 

Indeed, if you feel gloomy and despondent about the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Fukushima, then Lumine is a magical place to visit because of its energy and panache.

Yes, I am sure that shoppers know full well that many people are suffering in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, and other badly hit areas; however, in order for Japan to get back on its feet and to rekindle the economy then it is vital that normality returns.

This is not based on selfishness or shallowness; after all, I am sure that nearly all the shoppers will have given donations, offered prayers, phoned distant friends, and a minority will have offered to be volunteers. 

Yet it is vital for the psychology of Tokyo and Japan to be focused on the future, while understanding the seriousness of now.  The economy needs to tick, just like restructuring and helping individuals and companies which have lost everything.

Therefore, the atmosphere of Lumine was based on vitality and energy and it showed you that “the Dunkirk spirit” is alive and well.  After all, so many doom-mongers want to paint a picture of desperation and foreboding; however, all I witnessed in Lumine in Ikebukuro was hope, beauty, and people returning back to normality.


Elegant displays in Lumine in Ikebukuro - Modern Tokyo Times image
Elegant displays in Lumine in Ikebukuro – Modern Tokyo Times image

Yes, they know that suffering is happening and that some prefectures are in crisis.  However, just like the Japanese government invested trillions of yen into the money markets; then it is also vital that shoppers return to buying and helping the economy because rebuilding Japan needs many different areas to work together.

It may seem that fashion is trivial given the current reality of tens of thousands of people dying in Fukushima, Iwate, and Miyagi.  However, unless the economy picks up then the crisis will only deepen and while trade may suffer in the short-term it would appear that a pick up will eventually follow.

Therefore, the atmosphere in Lumine in Ikebukuro was a huge boost from the daily news about radiation and how Japan faces serious hardship. 

If people outside of Tokyo want to see the real images of Ikebukuro, Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku; then maybe the international media is the last place to search if you want to find the real answer to the current reality of Tokyo.

In Lumine in Ikebukuro it was all about energy, stunning displays of ladies fashion, workers being primed in beautiful clothes, female shoppers taking deep care about their looks and fashion sense; in truth, it showed the real spirit of Tokyoites and the freshness of a city which is famous for quality fashion.  (please visit this website)  (3rd article from the top shows some images of Lumine in Ikebukuro.)


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