Tokyo fashion: Esola in Ikebukuro is a trendy fashion store

31 Oct

Tokyo fashion: Esola in Ikebukuro is a trendy fashion store

Sarah Deschamps and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Fashion in Ikebukuro continues to bloom and the store Esola is a very trendy place to visit.  Ikebukuro isn’t internationally famous like Aoyama, Ginza, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Shinjuku but this district in Tokyo is awash with fashion. Also, in the last few years the west side of Ikebukuro is becoming a fashion hub in its own right. Therefore, Ikebukuro is not only on “the fashion map of Tokyo” but it is increasingly becoming more assertive and fashion lovers are spoilt for choice in this vibrant district.

Of course Seibu Department Store and Tobu Department Store have been the backbone of Ikebukuro and part of the modernization process of this district. Marui and Parco also have fashion outlets in Ikebukuro and Lumine on the west side is a lovely place to visit for elegant fashion.  

At the same time you have a modern underground hub of fashion stores which were built when the Fukutoshin train line opened. Therefore, when you exit the Ikebukuro Fukutoshin train station you are directly entering into a delightful world of underground boutiques.

Immediately you will see many elegant stores catering for fashion, accessories, places to eat and you can feel the vibe of the area which is awash with shoppers. Esola is easily connected with this area and this shopping mall is within a short walk from five different train lines which have train stations in Ikebukuro.

Also, Esola is very close to Lumine and Tobu Department Store and this in itself is creating a lovely hub for fashion.  Marui is also near because it only takes a few minutes to walk between both trendy fashion stores.

In Esola you have many exquisite boutiques based in this lovely and stylish shopping mall.  This applies to Actuel, Amphi, Barbie Store, Beardsley Gallardagalante, Blue Bell Market, DouDou, Elleva, FRAMeWORK, Free’s Mart, Jolly Boutique, Muriel & Mercuria, Nuit et Jour Spick and Span, Opaque Clip, Royal Flash, and Turno Jeana.

All these fashion boutiques have created a quaint and sophisticated fashion store because the companies located in Esola have their own style and the mix is delightful. Therefore, Tokyo ladies are spoilt for choice and can enjoy the nice surroundings and layout. Also, with Esola being so close to Lumine, Tobu Department Store, and Marui, then this shopping mall mixes well because you can feel an independent spirit about Esola.

Not only this, in Esola you have quality stores catering for cosmetics, beauty care, food, furniture, and dog wear. On top of this, you can relax in café de Esola or if you want to wine and dine then you have many scrumptious restaurants to pick from. The restaurants cater for Japanese and international cuisine and the surroundings make it a very pleasurable place to eat.

Ikebukuro is fantastic for fashion and keeps on growing and with exquisite companies like Lumine, Marui, Parco, Seibu Department Store, Tobu Department Store, and many others, then Esola is maintaining and enhancing the quality of fashion in Ikebukuro.

Therefore, Tokyo ladies who adore fashion will certainly enjoy the elegant boutiques in Esola and this exquisite shopping mall is part of the “fashion buzz” which can be fealt in Ikebukuro. The atmosphere also suits the lovely layout because you can browse around lovely boutiques and take in the ambience of the shopping mall.

Boutiques in Esola are charming, elegant and sophisticated. Spick and Span official blog

Other Shops

All images of fashion clothes in Esola by Modern Tokyo Times

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