Dr. Vojin Joksimovich praises Bosnian article by Lee Jay Walker

02 Feb

Lee Jay Walker’s Bosnia Column                            –  THE SEOUL TIMES




Osama bin Laden

Dear Editor!

I am writing to congratulate you and Mr. Lee Jay Walker on the outstanding column Bosnia and Clinton’s Radical Islamists.

I have written the book: The Revenge of the Prophet: How Clinton and His Predecessors Empowered Radical Islam in which I have offered an explanation for the rise of radical Islam, including 9/11, due to flawed U.S. foreign policies. In the book there is a chapter dealing with the war in Bosnia in which president Clinton allowed Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda to establish the beach head in Europe. Bin Laden has used that opportunity to initiate planning of 9/11.

Mr. Walker has correctly analyzed President Clinton’s involvement in Bosnia siding with the radical Islam against the Christian Serbs, which amounted to supporting the Serbian adversaries in order to win over the Muslim street. He has appropriately referenced the findings of the U.S. congressional committees as well as the recent Sky News report containing gruesome photos of bestial mujahideen crimes over the Serbian civilians.

The U.S. media has played a major role in propagating the Clinton administration lies, which portrayed the Muslims as the victims and the Serbs as the victimizors. This included one the worst hoaxes of our time—the Srebrenica massacre invention which enabled the Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia to indict the Serbian political and military leaders not only for the war crimes but even for the genocide which never took place. Mr. Walker’s investigative reporting helps to establish the truth about what happened in Bosnia.

Respectfully,Dr. Vojin Joksimovich
406, Hidden Hills Ln
Escondido, CA 92029-6827
Vojin Joksimovich


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