NIGERIA and Christian martyrs

22 Sep

Nigeria and Christian Martyrs


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent   –  THE SEOUL TIMES


The Boko Haram extremist group killed many Christians in northern Nigeria.

The nation of Nigeria is multi-ethnic and multi-religious and this nation also suffers because of radical Islam. In truth, Nigeria is a frontline nation in the struggle between Christianity, religious pluralism and an open society against radical Islam and dhimmitude. Therefore, Nigeria, just like Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Sudan, is a frontline nation in containing the dark forces of Islam and preventing the spread of Islamic Sharia law.

However, I will mainly focus on Nigeria and the recent Christian martyrs of this nation but I will touch on the importance of the other nations. After all, Christianity is still the most dominant religion in the world and unlike the majority of mainly Muslim nations, the vast majority of mainly Christian nations support religious freedom.

In contrast, the “heart of Islam” beats to supremacy, dhimmitude, persecution, and either religious alienation or in cases like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia; then the “heart of Islam” beats to the annihilation of all religious minorities. The differences between mainly Christian nations and mainly Muslim nations when it applies to religious freedom, is clearly a million miles apart.

After all, let us not get bogged down by major and intense debates; instead let us look at the stark reality. If a male Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, atheist, or other, had sex with a Muslim female, then this would be punishable by death in Saudi Arabia and in other conservative Muslim controlled societies. Even so-called moderate mainly Muslim nations would be in a fix and a spell in prison may suffice.

If Muslims had the same constraints in nations like America, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and a host of other nations, then you would have a huge outcry by both Muslims and liberals alike. However, such discrimination is happening, but of course it is brushed under the carpet in order to appease either Islamists, one world pipe dreamers, moral relativists who excuse everything under the sun and a host of others who desire to manipulate reality.

However, for nations on the frontline it is very different and of course Sunni Islamic bigotry and fascism is on the rise and it is essential for non-Muslims and Muslim moderates to tackle this hatred head on and not by “holding up the white flag.” Therefore, I will re-focus on the need to not only remember the Christian martyrs of Nigeria but the importance to understand why they were killed and how they stood up for religious freedom, liberty, and all the values that decent people all over the world support.

In July 2009, the sword of radical Sunni Islam was once more in action and the Boko Haram extremist group killed many Christians in northern Nigeria. Churches were set ablaze and Christians became open targets and many were told to either convert to Islam or die. This statement was given to three Christian pastors because if they converted to Islam then pastors Sabo Yukubu, Sylvester Akpan, and George Orji would be alive today.

Despite the terrible violence that was going to be enacted on them they all remained firm and choose the Christian faith over the dark forces of militant Islam which is based on the Koran, the Hadiths, and then enforced with the implementation of Sharia Islamic law. These pastors, who are real believers of God and love, gave up everything so that “the light of religious freedom, liberty, and truth” could shine during this terrible time of Islamic barbarity.

Therefore, while they were being tormented and tortured by radical Sunni Islamists these three brave individuals gave everything and put their trust in God and the Christian faith.

Even if you are not a Christian, just think of the firm conviction that they had and just look at the contrast and how people abandon friends over small issues. Yet Sabo Yukubu, Sylvester Akpan, and George Orji gave up everything in order that “hope, love, freedom, and justice” would emerge victorious and of course this was based on their Christian faith and in the knowledge of everlasting peace on The Day of Judgement.

However, look at the contrast, you just had Koranic inspired hatred and Hadiths which justify killing infidels during jihad. Of course, for the three innocent pastors and other Christians, they had never done anything wrong but in the twisted logic of radical Sunni Islam then jihad is open to anything.

Given this, while they were being beheaded the Islamists were shouting “Allah Akbar” and other Islamic statements. The pain they suffered is outside of our imagination and the Islamic torments were loud and full of joy while these Christian martyrs were entering their final seconds. Can you imagine their fear, bewilderment, and utter shock at seeing Muslims baying for their blood and celebrating like they were doing something Godly?

Yet this madness in northern Nigeria is nothing new and Christians in the north are on the frontline against the tide of Islamic hatred and dhimmitude. Yes, many Muslims will also feel aghast at such barbarity in northern Nigeria, however, for others they will deem it their Islamic duty to kill and persecute in the name of Islam.

Today Christians are on the frontline in many nations and the same applies to other religious minorities, for example Buddhists in southern Thailand face the same sword and the same applies to Hindus in Pakistan and Kashmir. Also, only recently Christians were burnt alive in Pakistan and converts from Islam to Christianity in Somalia were also beheaded.

The Muslim leader of this madness in northern Nigeria was Mohammed Yusuf, and just like Osama Bin Laden , he also ran away despite ordering Muslims to die in jihad. However, he was found cowering and scared unlike the three innocent Christian pastors who remained loyal to Christianity and religious freedom.

Shortly after Mohammed Yusuf was caught he would soon be found dead and you have various accounts of what happened. However, sadly you have many other Mohammed Yusuf’s all over the world who also desire to kill infidels in the name of Islam.

This madness will never end if appeasement is the answer or if political leaders like Obama, the President of America, make false statements about the real nature of aspects of Islam. I should also stress that “important and deadly facts about the Islamic faith are not being told.” However, Islamists are doing this carnage in the first place because of their deep knowledge of Islam and because killing apostates, forcing minorities into dhimmitude, and declaring jihad is all sanctioned by Mohammed and the Islamic faith.

Therefore, it is vital that these Nigerian Christian martyrs are never forgotten because Islamists and jihadists are also based in many Western nations and freedom and liberty must be a universal value and not limited to a pick and mix foreign policy.

More important, these three individuals, and so many others before them, gave everything because of their love of humanity. While the killers did everything because they hate religious freedom, liberty, justice, and equality. Instead, these brutal Islamic militants killed because of hatred and this darkness must be stopped firstly in frontline nations and then closer to home.

After all, this radical Sunni Islamic jihad is much closer than we think and homegrown terrorists can be found in Australia, America, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and a host of other nations.



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