PAKISTAN and burning alive of Christians

03 Aug

Pakistan and Burning Alive of Christians


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  – THE SEOUL TIMES


Christians in Pakistan at a church in Karachi

In Pakistan the relentless hatred of Sunni Islamic fanatics towards all minorities is continuing and the reasons, like always, are based on their hate-filled minds. Therefore, at least six innocent Christians have been killed on the grounds that the Koran was desecrated. Of course, no evidence, and even if evidence, does this mean you can burn alive women, men, and children? Well in the eyes of radical Sunni Islam it does.

You see, in the past few weeks many Shia Muslims have been murdered by radical Sunni Islamic fanatics in Iraq; meanwhile Buddhists are often killed or beheaded by Sunni fanatics in Thailand; and now it is the turn of Christians to be killed at random in nations like Somalia and Pakistan. The connection, just like September 11 in America, is the burning hatred within Sunni Islam towards people of different faiths and towards minority Muslims who belong to the Shia or Ahmadiyya.

Yes, of course not all Sunni Muslims are fanatics, it would be foolish to claim they were but simply put, it is clear that Sunni Islam is inflicted with mass hatred amongst a sizeable minority of followers. This hatred is being aimed across the board, irrespective if you are Buddhist, Christian, Shia Muslim, Ahmadiyya Muslim, Hindu, or whatever. The pattern is the same but world leaders are either looking in the wrong direction or they are in mass denial.

Returning back to the massacre of these innocent Christians in Pakistan, just let us judge it in the complete light of day. Why were they killed, simple, because it was alleged that the Koran was desecrated. Even if it was desecrated, and no evidence to say it was, but does desecrating a book mean that you have the right to burn women, children, and men alive or to kill them by other means?

Just imagine the complete fear of being a minority in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and other majority ruled Sunni Muslim nations. It is a living nightmare, for one moment you can be at peace with your neighbours but over one small incident you may be killed or persecuted. It is complete dhimmitude ( and servitude to the ruling Sunni Muslim majority.

Also, even Buddhists are being slaughtered in parts of Thailand despite being the mass majority in this nation. After all, in the Muslim majority regions of southern Thailand it is now a living hell for Buddhists and moderate Muslims who oppose Sunni Islamic fanatics. However, Buddhists on the whole are not attacking Muslims in Buddhist dominated areas outside of the south where the current civil war is. So where does this burning hatred come from?

Of course a lot of the burning hatred comes from the Koran, the Hadiths and Islamic Sharia law. Other faiths in the past have modernized and changed but some Muslims want to go back to year zero, or year Mohammed!

You have co-existence in some nations like Kazakhstan and Malaysia because minorities are sizeable and tensions are minor when compared with nations like Pakistan. Yet even in nations like Turkey the small Christian population faces mass discrimination and sporadic attacks by Sunni Islamic fanatics.

Remember, we are not talking about a civil war in Pakistan or Somalia, no; we are talking about a small Christian population which is being attacked because Sunni Islamic fanatics do not want equality, liberty, or freedom. Therefore, when Muslims are killing each other in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia; the minority Christian community is targeted at the same time because these fanatics despise diversity.

Therefore, we have the mass stupidity of the President of America going to Egypt and talking about tolerance and co-existence and the need to reach out. Yet he fully knows that in nations very close to Egypt, for example in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen; that Sunni Islam is persecuting all minorities and internal Muslim civil wars in Somalia and Sudan have killed millions.

Also, in Egypt itself, many Coptic Christian women have been raped by Sunni Muslims or kidnapped and converted to Islam, or a mixture of both. Not only this, while President Obama was praising Egypt he must think that to manipulate reality is in vogue. After all, the Coptic Christian community suffers systematic persecution and many have been killed by Sunni Islamic fanatics in the past, and of course the legal system is anti-Christian in Egypt when it comes to family law, building new churches, and so forth.

Turning back to Pakistan and the latest massacre of six Christians in Gojira (the figure may be higher) it is clear that burning women and children in order to protect a book, is deemed to be both logical and Godly in the eyes of these Sunni Muslim fanatics. Yet of course it is not logical and it is certainly not Godly because it is an act of mass barbarity against innocents.

Remember, if you close your eyes and visualize the area of modern day Pakistan in the past you would have seen a world of many religions. Buddhists would have wandered this land in the past to preach about the Buddha and of course Hinduism is the very fabric of the Indian sub-continent. While other faiths, for example Jains, Zoroastrians fleeing Islamic persecution in Persia (Iran), and Sikhs, would have wandered far and wide.

Yet in modern day Pakistan you have virtually no Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, and other minorities left because they all either fled because of persecution or to escape dhimmitude. While in the distant past, massive persecution and countless massacres eroded this rich diversity.

Therefore, in modern day Pakistan this Sunni Islamic madness continues and now they are killing each other in the north of the nation, while causing mayhem in Afghanistan. At the same time, they are killing minority Christians, Shia Muslims and Ahmadiyya Muslims. It is like a state of madness with no end game apart from complete Sunni Islamization and then an internal Sunni Islamic war on the grounds of who is the most radical.

The end result of this madness is that Sunni Islamic fanatics were shouting Allah Akbar (God is great), Allah Akbar, while they were burning people alive. Why, simply because they are being taught hate and this hate is being taught in many mosques and this hatred is inspired by the teachings of their own faith.

Therefore, will the world wake up to this hatred which is persecuting small minorities or will people be silenced because of fear or ignorance?



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