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NIGERIA challenged by radical Islamists

Nigeria Challenged by Radical Islamists


By Lee Jay Walker – THE SEOUL TIMES
Tokyo Correspondent


Radical Islamists in Nigeria

The Nation of Nigeria is multi-ethnic and multi-religious and ethnic and religious tensions erupt from time to time. However, the current crisis in parts of northern Nigeria is related to radical Islamists who want to impose Sharia Islamic law on all non-Muslims and to Islamize Nigeria. Therefore, the Nigerian army is bent on crushing Al-Sunna wal Jamma in order to preserve the delicate status quo in northern Nigeria.

The followers of Al-Sunna wal Jamma desire to implement Sharia Islamic law and this applies to controlling the Christian community and followers of traditional beliefs. Once more it is about religion and politics being entwined together under a theocratic theory whereby minorities will become dhimmis.

If we relate the current crisis with Sudan and the enforcement of Islamic Sharia law on non-Muslims, then clearly Al-Sunna wal Jamma is a threat to the nation state. After all, in Sudan the Arab dominated elite wanted to Islamize Sudan and to completely subdue the Christian and Animist minorities. In time, Islamization in Sudan would lead to Arabization because even African Muslims were deemed to belong to an inferior culture and because of this many African Muslims in Sudan also challenged the central state.

Yet what Sudan shows, is that the followers of Al-Sunna wal Jamma could completely destabilize Nigeria because the Christian population in certain cities in the north is sizeable. Also, if Sharia Islamic law was enforced on non-Muslims in Northern Nigeria then in time the same Islamic fanatics would want to introduce the same law to the entire nation.

In 1999 the government of Nigeria allowed the north to introduce Islamic Sharia law and the implementation of this was spearheaded by the state of Zamfara. After Zamfara implemented Sharia Islamic law in the north another eleven states would follow. This applies to
Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano, Kastina, Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto, and Yobe.

Yet Islamic Sharia law is meant to be implemented for Muslims but clearly many Muslims desire to enforce their views on Christians and other religious minorities. Also, to implement this codified legal system piecemeal is not going to work, after all, what happens if a Muslim wants to convert to Christianity in the north of Nigeria?

If Nigeria is to remain unified then a fair legal system is needed to protect all Nigerian nationals, irrespective if Christian, Muslim, a follower of traditional beliefs, atheist, or whatever. How is it possible to implement Sharia Islamic law and provide equality at the same time for minorities in the north, including Christians?

Islamic Sharia law means that all non-Muslims are inferior in law and society will restrict the movement of women and non-Muslims. Just like what happened in Sudan when policies of Islamization and Arabization were enforced on Africans in this nation. The result of this policy was the enslavement of non-Muslims and a violent civil war, whereby millions were killed.

In the world of Al-Sunna wal Jamma and radical Sunni Islamists, the Nigeria of today will look very different. You will see women being stoned to death for adultery, converts to Christianity will be killed, non-Muslims will be inferior in law, chopping of hands and feet, and other authoritarian measures.

Clearly, for non-Muslims and Muslims who support the unitary nation state, this will lead to chaos and war. Yet despite this, radical Sunni Muslims in Nigeria are bent on implementing the Islamic legal system. Therefore, the military is trying to crush the current uprising in parts of the north. This notably applies to Maiduguri in Borno state and other parts of northern Nigeria, for example in Bauchi, Damaturu, and Wudil.

The President of Nigeria, Umaru Yar’adua, vows to crush the Islamic insurgency and restore order to northern Nigeria. However, the current crisis may lead to more violence and just like in Somalia, outside meddling may pose a severe problem for central forces in Nigeria. After all, foreign Islamists in the past have been good at creating even more mayhem; therefore, the government of Nigeria must check funding organizations or covert Islamic agencies which may try to internationalize the crisis.

At the moment the situation is chaotic and hundreds of people have been killed. Also, attacks have erupted in the past by Al-Sunna wal Jamma and then this movement went underground. However, last year many Christians and Muslims were killed in Jos and you have reports of Christian churches being destroyed during the current crisis.

Therefore, the Nigerian government must contain the current crisis quickly and firebrand Sunni Islamic leaders must be challenged. The central government must also solve the legal crisis within Nigeria, because it is clear that Islamic Sharia law discriminates against non-Muslims and the rights of women are eroded.

Also, you do have genuine issues in Nigeria which need to be solved and this applies to uneven economic development, rampant poverty, corruption, exploitation of resources, ethnic tensions, religious tensions, and other vital areas of concern. Yet despite this, it is clear that Al-Sunna wal Jamma is not the answer because this organization wants to enslave non-Muslims via dhimmitude and reduce the role of women in society.



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SOMALIA and Christian martyrs killed by Muslims

Somalia and Christian Martyrs Killed by Muslims


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  –  THE SEOUL TIMES


A Muslim man in Somalia

In some parts of the world it can be very dangerous to convert from Islam to Christianity, or any other faith. Sometimes Christians are killed by radical Muslims or sometimes by the state which sanctions death or prison. Somalia, like some other Muslim majority nations, clearly does not believe in religious freedom and the small Christian population faces an uphill struggle to survive. Therefore, it is essential to remember these martyrs because organizations like Al Qaeda would like to spread this tyranny to every nation. So why is it so dangerous to convert to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, or any other religion, from Islam?

Firstly, it is essential to remember that religious freedom is denied to other faiths in other parts of the world. For example, religious freedom is severely restricted in Laos and Cambodia. However, religious restrictions in these two nations, and other similar type of nations, is based on political ideology and no single religion is favoured.

Yet when we focus on Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and other Muslim majority nations it is clear that religious freedom is denied because of Islam itself. These restrictions are multiple, and this applies to either radical Islamic organizations or because of state sanctioned Islamic Sharia Law.

For example in modern day Saudi Arabia the Islamic establishment will not allow one non-Muslim place of worship. Also, conversion from Islam is punishable by death and you are not openly allowed to read about Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, or any other non-Muslim faith in Saudi Arabia. These laws and restrictions in Saudi Arabia are based on the Koran, the Hadiths, and Islamic Sharia Law.

Even in more moderate nations like Egypt we see state sanctioned discrimination because the Coptic Christian community is treated unequally. This applies to the very basics of human life. For example a Coptic Christian male will suffer persecution if he wants to marry a Muslim female and in child custody cases involving a Muslim male or Christian female, the child or children will be given to the Muslim male. The reasons for this are simple, it is because Christians are deemed to be inferior to Muslims and this issue threatens all non-Muslims in Sharia Islamic based nations.

Turning back to Somalia it is now “open season” to kill Christian converts from Islam because radical Sunni Islam is on the march. Last year, for example, Sunni Muslim fanatics beheaded Mansuur Mohammed who was a Christian convert. He was beheaded in the most cruel and barbaric way and at the same time Muslims were celebrating by saying Allah Akbar (God is great).

You see, for rational people or people of compassion this act was barbaric and a crime against humanity. However, for the Muslims who did this they are following the Koran and the Hadiths and to these Islamic fanatics it is they who are following Islam to the full.

Therefore, Mansuur Mohammed had done nothing wrong in accordance to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, or any other religion. Yet in accordance with Islam, Mansuur Mohammed was an apostate and despite him caring for humanity, this meant nothing. Given this, Sunni Islamic fanatics held him down and beheaded him while they were praying to Allah.

The last moments of Mansuur Mohammed were full of pain and just like the followers of Osama Bin Laden, the brutal killers video taped this murder, just like so many people who have been killed by fanatics in Iraq. Therefore, just like the complete annihilation of Buddhism in Afghanistan in past history, these Islamic jihadists desire the same outcome.

Sahih Bukhari recorded the sayings of Mohammed and the Hadiths are very important to Muslims. In volume 4, Book 52, Number 260: Ali burnt some people and this news reached Ibn Abbas, who said, “Had I been in his place I would not have burnt them, as the Prophet said, ‘Don’t punish (anybody) with Allah’s Punishment.’ No doubt, I would have killed them, for the Prophet said, ‘IF SOMEBODY (a Muslim) DISCARDS HIS RELIGION, KILL HIM,’”

Therefore, in the eyes of many Muslims, not all, it is moral and right to kill converts from Islam and in nations like Saudi Arabia this is enshrined fully within the codified law of Islamic Sharia Law. Even moderate branches of Islam face persecution, for example the Alevi’s in Turkey and the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan are also victimized by conservative Islam.

Therefore, the martyrdom of Christians in Somalia continues and in recent times we have heard about the brutal killings of innocent Christians in Somalia. The list includes Mansuur Mohammed, David Abdulwahab Mohammed Ali, Prof. Da’ud Hassan Ali, Pastor Hussein Adan Ahmed, Faarah Ibraahim Adaaweh, Pastor Liibaan Ibraahim Hassan, Ahmadey Osman Nur, and Savid Ali Sheik Luqman Hussein.

Sadly the list will continue to grow and the aim of these Islamists is to turn Somalia into a one hundred percent Islamic nation. Not that this will help Somalia because just like in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the same Islamists will then desire to kill and persecute moderate Muslims or kill Muslim minorities, for example many Shia Muslims have been killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I can hear both liberals and Islamic apologists complaining about this article and the implications of what is written. Yet you have one simple truth, and often the truth is very hard to find. However, if any Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, or Sikh, went to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or Somalia, and they openly tried to convert people then the consequences would be death.

The Christian martyrs of Somalia died because they loved humanity but all that is evil in humanity killed them because they want to crush religious freedom, liberty, justice, and all that is positive in this world. In modern day Iraq the minority Christian population is trying to survive massive persecution and violence because Islamists, just like in Somalia, desire to destroy and crush all minorities.

Therefore, the Christian martyrs of Somalia are a testimony of the evils of a religion which fears the freedom of religion and free thought. In modern day America and Japan where I reside, people have the freedom to follow any religion or no religion and Muslims are welcome in both nations. However, in modern day Saudi Arabia and Somalia, the sword of Islam is still being used against converts to Christianity, therefore, how much longer can the world remain silent?



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KOSOVO and systematic persecution by KLA

KOSOVO & Systematic Persecution by KLA


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  –  THE SEOUL TIMES

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)

The former Yugoslavia was engulfed by many conflicts and ethnic and religious differences tore away at the very fabric of this nation. Like all wars, atrocities took place on all sides but the mass media in general focused on Serbian atrocities, while neglecting brutal crimes committed against the Serbian community. This certainly applies to the glossing over of war crimes done by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

However, more and more evidence is coming to light about brutal KLA death camps and killing people for organs. Therefore, will former KLA members be charged with war crimes and will the “real truth” be told about international collusion? If not, then where does this leave Kosovo?

Before focusing on this important issue I fear a major cover-up. After all, the American version of history is that Kosovo should be independent because Albanians suffered greatly, therefore, Serbia does not have a moral right to keep Kosovo under Serbia.

Yet, if it comes to light that the KLA killed mainly Serbians, and also fellow Albanians, Roma, and other minorities, then where does this leave the American, British, and the Albanian version of events?

Remember, we are not talking about massacres taking place by opposing armies; on the contrary, we are talking about the KLA killing civilians for organs and for other brutal reasons.

Also, since the ending of the conflict it is clear that countless numbers of Christian Orthodox Churches have been destroyed and non-Albanian culture is on the wane. Added to this, thousands of people have been killed by Albanian nationalists and innocent Serbians, Roma, and others, have “been killed in silence” because it doesn’t suit the interests of America, the United Kingdom, and other nations who supported the KLA.

The BBC, a very liberal British network, highlighted the brutal deeds of the KLA during the airing of “Crossing Continents” and “Newsnight” which was broadcasted on April 9, 2009. Paul Mitchell, BBC correspondent, states that this provides “another side to the conflict which the world was not supposed to see.”

If we take this further, it also undermines the claims of America, the United Kingdom, and other nations who support the independence of Kosovo. After all, the findings show “a dirty covert war” and it raises further important questions, for example, how did the KLA develop overnight and where did they obtain their military hardware from?

However, I do not want to get bogged down by the justifications of either side in this article. Instead I want to focus on the disturbing findings of the BBC and others who hope to bring to light the past evils of the KLA.

Once more, before delving into this I wish to state that all sides in this conflict committed atrocities be they Albanian or Serbian. Also, the brutal civil wars which took place in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo, witnessed many massacres and like all wars, you have no pure side because war always leads to atrocities and often it is the civilian population which is victimized the most.

Therefore, this article is not intended to be anti any one single ethnic group and of course many Albanians in Kosovo were also victims. Each ethnic and religious group suffered pain, irrespective if Orthodox Christian or Muslim, or if Serbian or Albanian.

However, the mass media mainly gave a one sided point of view, and this point of view was anti-Serbian. Yet the findings by the BBC and others highlight a different story and one which continues to be mainly ignored. This applies to the brutal killings and torture of innocent Serbians by the KLA and others were also murdered by this terrorist organization.

Yes, I stress terrorist organization for one simple reason. Throughout all of the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia it was clear that many Muslims remained in Serbia, after all, the Muslim community in Serbia is part and parcel of this independent nation which is multi-ethnic and multi-religious.

However, did the KLA protect Serbian Orthodox Christians, Roma, and other minorities? The answer is clearly no. Instead the KLA used a reign of terror against all minorities and persecuted fellow Albanians who were deemed to be traitors. Therefore, the KLA was a terrorist organization and clearly this organization was involved in major criminality including the killing of innocents in order to sell organs.

In the article written by Paul Mitchell, a former KLA prisoner states “I’ve seen a lot, people beaten, stabbed, hit with steel pipes, left without eating for 5 or 6 days. People had bullet proof vests on and were shot to see if it was working, thrown into tombs, beaten up and killed.”

The former KLA prisoner continues by saying “What can you feel when you see those things?” he added. “It’s something that is stuck in my mind for the rest of my life. You cannot do those things to people, not even to animals.”

Another Albanian who is suffering the aftershocks of this brutal conflict also bravely speaks the truth. He highlights that he drove trucks with prisoners who were shackled and he stresses that the majority were Serbian civilians and not only this, he drove them from Kosovo to Albania. He continues by stating “I was sick. I was just waiting for it to end. It was hard. I thought we were fighting a war [of liberation] but this was something completely different.”

KLA sites of systematic torture and killings were based throughout Kosovo and also in parts of Albania. For example Kukes and Burrel in Albania were used by the KLA with regards to military training, obtaining weapons, and for other factors. This in itself raises the role of Albania and NATO nations which took part in the bombing of the former Yugoslavia.

However, getting back to Kukes and Burrel and systematic torture and killing of innocents, it becomes apparent that these sites witnessed many barbaric atrocities. The International Centre for the Red Cross obtained information about brutal murders in Burrel in 2000. This applies to being informed by KLA fighters who stated that Serbian civilians were killed in 1999 in Burrel and these killings had an economic motive because organs were removed and then sold abroad.

Of course, this information would be very troubling for both America and the United Kingdom, because both these nations had sold the war in the disguise of “good” versus “evil.” However, if the good side, the KLA, is involved in killing civilians for harvesting organs and then selling these organs on to other nations, then what does this make America and the United Kingdom?

Also, the hard sell by America, the United Kingdom, and other nations who support independence, is that independence is justified on the grounds of Serbian atrocities. Yet if the KLA was found to be involved in killing civilians for organs then “the spin machine” collapses and “democracy” rings hollow.

The role of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) is also criticized because of deeds which took place. UNMIK’s former head for Missing Persons and Forensics, Jose Pablo Baraybar, comments that “There were people that are certainly alive that were in Kukes, in that camp, as prisoners. Those people saw other people there, both Albanians and non-Albanians. There were members of the KLA leadership going through that camp. Many names were mentioned, and I would say that that is an established fact.”

More alarming, Baraybar openly admits that UNMIK was fully aware that the KLA had many detention centres and this in itself should have warranted a major investigation. Yet, claims Baraybar, “no proper investigation was ever carried out.”

Sian Jones, Amnesty International spokesperson was more scathing because Jones states that UNMIK “chose not to investigate.” Jones also adds that there were “lots of allegations, lots of victims but little true justice.”

Therefore, it is clear that important vested interests have a need to cover-up the real truth behind “this dirty war.” The United Nations, NATO, the role of Albania and major political leaders in nations like America and the United Kingdom, all come out of this in a terrible light. Also, it raises the issue of “war crime tribunals” and fairness and this terrible and tragic conflict questions the morality of major nations and institutions.

The issue of Kosovo remains because the majority of the international community does not recognize Kosovo to be an independent nation. If the truth really “came to light” and a full and major investigation took place, then clearly you would have many disturbing findings. However, world leaders from major nations do not have to worry about war crimes, and this is the problem, you still have a world of “real power” versus nations of “limited power” and we all know that the outcome is dependent on this sad reality.

The real tragedy of Kosovo, like all civil wars, is that innocents died on all sides. Yet it is clear that a major investigation is needed because killing innocents for organs is truly barbaric and you have enough evidence that this did take place. So will this disgraceful chapter come to light or will it be brushed under the carpet because of power politics?

If we judge past history then it would appear that it will be brushed under the carpet. However, when major powers want to ignore issues like this, it is truly sickening and the role of the mass media in general is also a loser because not enough was said or done at the time of this conflict. Once more the propaganda machine of “the rich and powerful won” and the real losers were the innocents on all sides.

However, one story was told, that of the persecution of the Albanians; but the other story, the persecution of Serbians, Roma, and other minorities remains untold. Yet the story of death camps and killing innocents for organs must be told and a true investigation is needed and this applies to everything and not just minor people who took part in this brutal war.



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JAPAN ignores child abduction because of racism

Japan Ignores Child Abduction because of Racism

By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent – THE SEOUL TIMES

Japan ignores child abduction because of racism

The government of Japan continues to allow international child abduction because it is clear that many national governments have asked Japan to change the legal system. However, the government of Japan just ignores the issue or brushes it under the carpet. Yet one aspect of Japanese law is clear, and this is the racial nature of the legal system and how Japanization is the “heart” of this policy. Therefore, why isn’t Japan deemed to be a pariah in the international community?

Firstly, I want to highlight the case of Shane Clarke, a British national, because The Guardian newspaper highlighted his case on Sept. 15, 2008. Before focusing on this case it is important to mention that The Guardian newspaper is very liberal, therefore, you always get a balanced point of view.

The article, written by Justin McCurry, highlights the problem of child abduction in Japan and the ineffectiveness of the legal system in this nation. Sadly, but only all too frequently, Shane Clarke would soon understand that the legal system in Japan is not based on fairness, equality, justice, or equal rights; on the contrary, he would see the true nature of Japanese family law which is based on racism and inactivity.

Shane Clarke states about his Japanese wife that “From the moment I met her at Narita airport I knew something was wrong.” He continued by stating that “The whole thing had been orchestrated.”

Yet I would add further, that the whole thing being orchestrated literally means “the whole thing being orchestrated.” I am talking about the government, the judicial system, the police, and all major institutions being “orchestrated” in order to preserve the supremacy of Japanese nationals over non-Japanese nationals.

Justin McCurry states the following “Japan is the only G7 nation not to have signed the 1980 Hague convention on civil aspects of child abduction, which requires parents accused of abducting their children to return them to their country of habitual residence. He is one of an estimated 10,000 parents, divorced or separated from their Japanese spouses, who have been denied access to their children. Since the Hague treaty came into effect, not a single ruling in Japan has gone in favour of the foreign parent.

Yes, read again, “not a single ruling in Japan has gone in favour of the foreign parent.” Therefore, no right-minded individual with these statistics can claim that the justice system is based on equality in Japan. The only other possible conclusion can be racism and we are talking about institutional and systematic racism. Also, we are talking about collusions and “done deals” between different institutions in the name of “Japanization.”

Surely this issue must be raised at the United Nations? Yet sadly, many national governments like the British are hypocrites because the government of the United Kingdom understands full well that child abduction in Japan is a major reality. Therefore, how can the British government support Japan over the abduction issue in North Korea, yet remain quiet over the abduction of British children of mixed blood in Japan?

However, the European Union, America, and Canada, are all urging Japan to sign the Hague Convention which relates to children. Of course the British government is too meek and mainly interested in economic issues, therefore, Japan makes the most of its economic clout and the indifference of many national governments.

Turning back to the case of Shane Clarke, he would soon understand that the legal system of Japan is not based on equality but on racism. Also, he would soon find out that the British government is compliant and helping Japan to violate human rights by remaining silent and indifferent.

Shane Clarke states “We are talking about two British citizens, and no one will help me. The message our government is sending out to foreign nationals is that it’s perfectly all right for them to commit a crime on British soil, and as long as they leave the country quickly enough, they’ll get away scot-free.”

Justin McCurry also notes “he can expect little sympathy from Japanese courts, which do not recognize parental child abduction as a crime and habitually rule in favour of the custodial – Japanese – parent.” Not surprisingly, Japan is being rebuked for being “a haven for child abductors” by campaigners.

Therefore, Japan should be taken to the United Nations and a binding resolution should be passed on this nation. After all, 10,000 cases involving a non-Japanese national and a Japanese national in Japan but despite this high number, not one single case where a foreign national won equality or justice? Therefore, racism and a system which loathes the “outsider” is clearly a reality in modern Japan.

The talking must stop because action is now needed and it is vital that this issue is raised until Japan is shamed into acting like a normal developed nation. Clearly Japan will only act if all major powers raise this issue and ordinary citizens must do more to put pressure on national leaders.

Japan is an international pariah when it comes to international child abduction and clearly Japan wants to become a permanent member of the United Nations. Therefore, it is important to focus on Japan’s “weak spot” and raise this issue with the United Nations and to make sure that all national governments know about this important issue.



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JAPAN allows international child abduction

Japan Allows International Child Abduction


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  – THE SEOUL TIMES

Japan allows international child abduction.

In Japan the “kicking-boy” is always North Korea and one reason for this is the abduction issue which is raised all the time. Yet, in Japan, you have a much bigger abduction issue but this gets little media coverage and of course the nationalist tainted government does not want to dwell on this problem. Therefore, is the “wall of silence” based on racism, double-standards, or is it about Japanization and superiority?

Before focusing on Japan and this nation allowing international child abduction it is important to note that Japan desires to be a permanent member of the United Nations. However, the same Japan will not ratify the Hague Convention and despite ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, it is a mere gesture because many aspects of this convention have not been implemented.

In recent times, many nations have put pressure on Japan about the seriousness of child abduction and the need to amend the legal system in Japan. Some people, including myself, who is very cynical, believe that even if Japan signs the Hague Convention, it will not have the desired result. After all, it will look good politically and help in Japan’s bid to be a permanent member of the United Nations, however, the reality will be very different.

In Japan the family court does not have real enforcement powers and the police, even if provided with an address of an international child who was kidnapped, will do little. The “wall of silence” behind “false smiles” will just continue and Japanese courts will still have many ways to block real reforms. Or if the courts try to enforce these laws then the police and other authorities will do little.

Also, I know of one foreign parent who went to the immigration office in Tokyo (name withheld for safety reasons) because I went with him to give him moral support. He took evidence of bank statements which showed that he had been paying a sizeable amount each month to support his two children. Not only this, the ex-partner wrote a letter supporting him. Despite this, the immigration official just asked the same question, “Why are you in Japan” and then refused to give him a proper visa to stay and work in Japan.

At the same time, the same immigration officials were stamping visa’s for sex workers. You see, in Japan, failed mixed-marriages and the desire to stay near your child means little; but stamping visas for sex workers, well then the immigration system is much kinder and understanding. However, to see “a person broken” while this was happening at the same time was truly sickening.

The Children’s Rights Council of Japan was created by foreign victims of the Japanese legal system. Yet other nationals have been victims of two legal systems. For example the legal system of England and Wales does not care about deporting children with meaningless documents after sending their child or children to a non Hague Convention nation. Therefore, while this article is primarily focused on the failings of the Japanese legal system, it must be remembered that other legal systems are also failing children, parents, grandparents, and other family members who can no longer see “special people.”

However, the main difference between the United Kingdom and Japan, and all other G-7 nations, is that they have to abide by international legal documents, but Japan does not worry about this for this nation refuses to sign the Hague Convention. Therefore, the Children’s Rights Council of Japan faces an uphill struggle because they have been campaigning for a long time and despite this, they have had little reward for their “just cause.”

I am not being negative towards the Children’s Rights Council of Japan because if you check their website at it is clear that all members are committed and they are giving more than 100 percent. Also, this organization is tenacious but the cold reality of day is that children are being manipulated and brainwashed by the respective Japanese parent who is violating international law.

Also, with each passing month and year, we are seeing Japanization and cultural alienation. Therefore, the years keep on ticking and grandparents and parents of abducted children are dying or losing their health. The mental and physical strain is also enormous and “rays of sunshine” are few and far, but long periods of hopelessness and despair is common.

According to the Children’s Rights Council of Japan “there are 100 or more new cases of U.S. citizen children who are abducted to and/or retained in Japan.” If we look at this figure it is clear that Japan is an abducting nation when it comes to children and ignoring international law. Therefore, binding legal documents from all nations are blatantly ignored in Japan and it makes a mockery of Japan complaining about the North Korean issue.

If we add the 100 or more children from America each year and then apply this to other nations, it is clear that we are talking about the illegal abduction of thousands of children. However, while nations like America and the United Kingdom will openly condemn North Korea; the same nations are quiet when it applies to children who are American or British.

Therefore, why doesn’t the international community call for a United Nations motion against Japan? Also, why are nations like the United Kingdom sending children to Japan and other non-Hague nations during custody battles? After all, this is sanctioning child abduction by either blatant complacency or pure ignorance.

The Children’s Rights Council of Japan states the following. “Japan is the only G-7 industrialized country that is not a party to The Hague abduction convention, which is an important tool for those seeking the return of children abducted across international borders, or to exercise their rights of access to see them. Japanese law enforcement and social service agencies do not enforce custody orders, international arrest warrants, and extradition requests relating to international child abduction. Japan also indirectly supports international child abduction by not having a formal two-parent signature requirement for obtaining passports for minors.”

The following statement sums up Japan correctly. It is a nation which discriminates to the full and refugee or asylum figures is further evidence of the right-wing nature of the elites within Japanese society. However, for parents, grandparents, and family members, it is not about ideology or a clash of culture; it is about justice, pain and sorrow, abandonment by their own national governments, betrayal, frustration, and so much more.

Therefore, is Japan ashamed by being a nation which supports the abduction of thousands of international children of mixed blood? Apparently not, so “the road remains long and full of obstacles” for foreign nationals and sadly it is too late for many. I will say it once more; Japan is the main nation for international child abduction when it applies to developed international nations. Yet silence, racism, indifference, and other negative factors, are at the heart of this nation and until a binding resolution is made against Japan then little will change.



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ETHIOPIA continues to develop under EPRDF

Ethiopia Continues to Develop under EPRDF


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  – THE SEOUL TIMES


Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi

The government of Ethiopia could easily be engulfed on a major scale by ethnic and religious turmoil just like Sudan. Or radical Sunni Islamic zealots in Somalia could be causing mayhem by exporting their brand of “hatred” to fellow Muslims in Ethiopia. However, Ethiopia, despite being multi-ethnic and multi-religious, continues to thrive under the leadership of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

The EPRDF under the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, have managed to galvanize a desperate situation because modern day Ethiopia is developing rapidly. The reason for this development is because the EPRDF have put great emphasis on modernization and stability. This can be seen by the expanding education sector and the continuing growth of new universities and the same applies to developing the road system and infrastructure of Ethiopia.

The legacy of the Mengistu regime which collapsed in 1991 was deplorable and the EPRDF had to virtually start from scratch. This applies to the democratization of Ethiopia, modernization, and creating a system which benefited the people of Ethiopia.

While Ethiopia started on a path of democratization and modernization many neighboring nations remained in chaos. This applies to the ongoing crisis in both Somalia and Sudan. Meanwhile, Eritrea is hardly developing on the right path; on the contrary, this nation is alienating itself because of its role in Somalia and other dubious foreign policy ventures.

If we turn the clock back, it is apparent that many centralized nations which were communist, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious, failed to survive the political environment of the 1990s. This notably applies to the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia; meanwhile, it must be remembered that minorities in China are massively outnumbered by the majority ethnic Han.

Added to this, is the hostile environment because millions have been killed since the 1990s in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, and other nations. Despite this, the EPRDF is open to all ethnic and religious groups and this political party clearly understands the need to respect all ethnic and religious groups in Ethiopia. Therefore, ethnic and religious tensions have been contained because of the role of the ruling party and the ongoing democratization of Ethiopia.

Of course, the 1990s and early 21st century for Ethiopia have not been easy. This applies to the war with Eritrea and ethnic and religious tensions which sometimes become ignited because of various factors. Also, the threat from Somalia is real because Sunni Islamists threaten to destabilize Ethiopia and allow global jihadists to spread both internal and global terrorism.

Also, the infrastructure was very weak under Mengistu and at the same time the population continues to grow rapidly. Despite this, the EPRDF is clearly focused on creating a sustainable economy and expanding opportunities for all Ethiopians irrespective of ethnicity or religion. Given this, fresh hope is on the horizon because recent years have seen high economic growth rates and many new sectors are starting to bloom.

In recent weeks, Meles Zenawi hinted that he may leave office and he may or may not do so? Whatever he and the EPRDF decide, it is clear that the EPRDF is a functioning political party and Meles Zenawi, like all politicians, is replaceable despite wisely guiding Ethiopia during difficult times.

After all, the EPRDF functions to serve all Ethiopian people and Meles Zenawi functions within the EPRDF. This once more shows you the democratic nature of the EPRDF and how it sole purpose is to serve the Ethiopian people under the democratic institutions which have been put into place by this political party.

For many Ethiopians and EPRDF members, they are hoping that Meles Zenawi will remain in power and that he will guide the EPRDF in the next general election. However, his vision, and the vision of the EPRDF is based on developing and modernizing Ethiopia and for this reason the majority of Ethiopians supported the EPRDF during the last election. Therefore, while this issue is topical, it pales into insignificance when compared with developing Ethiopia.

Therefore, Meles Zenawi and the EPRDF can be trusted to do what is best for Ethiopia. After all, the foundation stone for a prosperous Ethiopia is being firmly laid by the EPRDF and this “stone” applies to all Ethiopians, irrespective if Christian, Muslim, a follower of traditional beliefs, secular, or whatever.



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SAUDI ARABIA and why child marriage is allowed

Saudi Arabia and Why Child Marriage Is Allowed


By Lee Jay Walker  
Tokyo Correspondent  –  THE SEOUL TIMES


An old Arabic man marrying a young bride

The nation of Saudi Arabia is in a flux because this nation is often rebuked for allowing child marriages to take place. However, for Saudi Islamic clerics they justify this on the grounds of what Mohammed did. After all, Mohammed married a child himself and for many Islamic clerics in Saudi Arabia this means that child marriage is sanctioned. Therefore, the morals of Saudi Arabian law and the concepts of Islam appear to be one of confusion?

On the one hand the Saudi Arabian legal system of Islamic law supports killing people for adultery and homosexuality. However, on the other hand it is deemed to be Islamic to marry a young child of 8 years of age or 9 years of age, irrespective if the male is 30 years old or 40 years old, or even older. Surely these morals are twisted?

Before focusing even more on the strange morals of the Saudi Arabian legal system it is vital to state why child marriages are allowed. This of course applies to Mohammed. After all, when Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, was 49 years of age he married a 6 year old child called Aisha. When Aisha was 9 years old and Mohammed was 52 years old, he consummated the marriage.

Therefore, this sets a major problem for the conservative Islamic religious leaders in Saudi Arabia because they want to govern society by the laws of Islamic Sharia Law and the Hadiths. If they support raising the age of marriage like the majority of mainly Muslim nations have done, then how does this fit in with the legal system being based on the teachings of Mohammed?

The following quotes are all from highly acclaimed Muslim scholars and these Hadiths have been followed and read by Muslims since the early days of the advent of Islam. Sahih Al-Bukhari states in volume 5, 234, that “Narrated Aisha: The prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six. We went to Medina and stayed at the home of Harith Kharzraj” and it continues that “Unexpectedly Allah’s Messenger came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age.”

From the Hadith of the scholar Muslim, volume 2, 3309, “Aisha reported: Allah’s Messenger married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house at the age of nine…..” Al-Bukhari also states “Narrated Aisha: that the prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old.”

For people who do not understand the Hadiths then I will briefly mention what they are. The “Hadith” is a clear record of the founding father of Islam, Mohammed. The numerous Hadiths are based on Mohammed’s words and deeds according to statements written by his companions, wives, and relatives. Sahih Al-Bukhari is accepted by the vast majority of mainstream Muslims because of authenticity and the Hadiths are very important to Muslims throughout the world.

Before focusing on deeper political issues it is important to mention that laws in Saudi Arabia are based on Sharia Islamic Law and the Hadiths. Therefore, we are not talking about people on the margins of society who have no power, but who support child marriage. On the contrary, we are talking about major political leaders and Sunni Muslim religious leaders who support child marriage.

Therefore, the Hadiths vindicate religious leaders like the kingdom’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh. To him, the Koran and the Hadiths must be upheld and this also applies to killing all converts from Islam and persecuting all other religions.

Given this, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh is adamant that marrying young female child brides is consistent with both the teachings of Mohammed and the life of Mohammed. He stated that “it is incorrect to say that it’s not permitted to marry girls who are 15 and younger.” In truth, if we look at the teachings of Islam, then clearly Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh is correct.

The Grand Mufti is clearly focused on abiding by Islamic scripture and the Hadiths will vindicate him and then he, and other Islamic leaders and scholars, will base this within Islamic Sharia Law. He further added that “A girl aged 10 or 12 can be married. Those who think she’s too young are wrong and they are being unfair to her.”

This article is not merely based on “ifs” and “buts” but on the reality of the Islamic justice system in Saudi Arabia and it is a real problem and one which should shame Saudi Arabia. However, and this is the crunch, the majority of Islamic scholars and leaders firmly believe that they are implementing God’s law in Saudi Arabia.

Several months ago a judge in Saudi Arabia justified the right of an 8 year-old child to marry a man of 47 years of age. Even after the mother signed a petition to demand the annulment of the marriage, the judge still refused because of the teachings of Islam. Therefore the judge, Sheikh Habib Abdallah al-Habib, refused openly to annul the marriage and in his eyes it is morally right to marry a child to an old man.

Of course child marriage is not only a problem which affects Saudi Arabia because sadly many young children are victims in various different nations. Yet we are not talking about “a failed state” whereby you get chaos like in Afghanistan and Somalia. Instead we are talking about a nation with vast energy resources and a legal system which is being regulated by Sunni Islamic clerics and the government of this nation.

Some people are now speaking out and trying to challenge the conservative status quo. Therefore, some moderate Sunni Islamic scholars want to modernize and change the legal system. Despite this, the conservative stranglehold remains firm and the co-founder of the Society of Defending Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia, Wajeha al-Huwaider, states that it is vital to stand up to people who desire to “keep us backward and in the dark ages.”

While it is vital that change must come from within, it is also essential that America, China, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and all modern nations must hold Saudi Arabia accountable. The rights of children should not be based on either energy resources or appeasing conservative Islam. Instead it must be based on global morals and nations which violate the rights of children should be held accountable.

It is also an affront to many people that Saudi Arabia can discriminate openly against other religions and violate the rights of women. After all, not one single Buddhist temple or Christian church is allowed and leaving the Islamic faith can mean either imprisonment or death. Therefore, it is time to challenge aspects of Islamic Sharia Law in this nation and in other parts of the world when it infringes on the rights of children, women, and religious minorities.

On what moral grounds is it that a child of 9 can marry an old man? On what moral grounds is it that you can kill homosexuals? On what moral grounds is it that you can kill converts from Islam to Buddhism, Christianity, or any other faith? On what moral grounds is it that you can deny women from speaking openly or driving cars? If the moral grounds are solely based on the Koran and Hadiths, like in Saudi Arabia, then what is this telling you?



CHINA faces a fresh bout of ethnic hatred

China Faces a Fresh Bout of Ethnic Hatred


By Lee Jay Walker  
Tokyo Correspondent   –  THE SEOUL TIMES


Angry demonstrators throw rocks at police in Urumqi, capital of China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on July 5, 2009.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) faces a new wave of ethnic tensions and just like the crisis in Tibet, much is based on the growing size of the Han Chinese community and the feeling of alienation amongst the mainly Muslim Uighur people. However, for the leaders of the PRC it is like a re-run of ethnic clashes in Tibet because just like now, the government of China is blaming outside agitation. Therefore, what are the real reasons behind the current unrest?

Firstly, the current death total states that 153 people have been killed during the current riots and street battles in Xinjiang, western China. This figure is likely to increase and more that one thousand people have been injured. In the “fog of hatred” it is hard to pin the blame on any one side.

After all, you have clear evidence of Tibetan Buddhists killing both Han Chinese people and Muslims during riots in 2008. Therefore, a similar pattern may have taken place and it would appear that more Han Chinese people have been killed in the current ethnic violence.

What is clear is that you have had major economic growth in Xinjiang, like Tibet, and central rulers in Beijing will point out that the government of China is merely focused on modernization. Therefore, from a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) perspective the central government does not discriminate against any ethnic group because all citizens belong to the PRC.

Also, China is not regulating the movement of people; on the contrary, the political leadership merely wants to eradicate poverty and to bring economic development to poorer regions. Therefore, internal migration is natural and clearly many Han Chinese, and other ethnic groups, have migrated to Shanghai and other parts of China in order to find work.

However, in both Xinjiang and Tibet you have two powerful ethnic and religions groups and within both communities you have people who feel marginalized or fear the erosion of their traditional way of life. This especially applies to the rapid growth of the Han Chinese ethnic community in both Xinjiang and Tibet. Yet what is the PRC meant to do?

After all, if the PRC neglected both regions in the field of economics then you would have a further outcry of neglect and abandonment. Also, both regions were economically weak prior to the creation of the PRC and poverty was rampant. Therefore, China, just like multi-ethnic America or the United Kingdom, and other nations, will see major changes in migration patterns.

For example the Hispanic community is now thriving in many parts of America and ethnic changes have been rapid in many parts of this nation, notably in southern areas of America. The same applies to many cities in the United Kingdom. For example the Muslim community 60 years ago in places like Bradford, Oldham, and other cities, was very small yet today the Muslim community is thriving. Yet just like China, much of this ethnic change took place because of economic reasons and migration was a natural phenomena and not state regulated.

In the streets of Iran today, people are dying in the name of democracy and it is the centralized state which is clamping down on open demonstrations. Yet these demonstrations are a million miles away from what happened in Tibet last year, and what may have taken place in Xinjiang. For in Tibet you had Tibetan Buddhists surrounding Han Chinese people and other ethnic groups, and killing innocent people in terrible acts of violence. However, demonstrators in Iran are demanding their democratic rights by peaceful ways.

Turning back to Xinjiang, then it is clear that tensions in the provincial capital, Urumqi, and other smaller outbreaks in Kashgar is causing alarm in Beijing. Ethnic tensions are nothing new and many nations and societies face similar problems. Yet for the PRC recent events in Tibet last year and now in Xinjiang, is problematic because it will hinder both economic development in the short-term but more worryingly, it means that ethnic hatreds will linger on.

Yes, the indigenous people of both Tibet and Xinjiang will have genuine complaints and many fear the loss of their identity or being marginalized. Yet it is also true to state that Buddhism and Islam are thriving in both Tibet and Xinjiang respectively, and in other parts of China. Also, unlike the Okinawan people in Japan who mainly speak Japanese, the people of Tibet and Xinjiang still speak their mother-tongue.

Therefore, you have a lot of anti-Chinese propaganda about cultural destruction, however, modern day China is very different from the China of 40 years ago which was based on ideology. Given this, the centralized government of China must foster stronger links with important regional institutions in Tibet and Xinjiang respectively. At the same times, negative elements within all communities must be “rooted out” because unlike the genuine demonstrations in Iran, both demonstrations in Tibet and Xinjiang turned into ethnic riots and the killing of innocent people happened on the grounds of ethnicity.

Lee Jay Walker


ISLAM and the myths of unity and peace

Islam and the Myths of Unity and Peace


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  – THE SEOUL TIMES

A Kurdish refugee holds her baby. The Kurds are an Ethnic-Iranian ethnolinguistic group mostly inhabiting a region known as Kurdistan including adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey.

The so-called Islamic world is in crisis because many see enemies all over the place, be it democracy, Westernization, liberalism, socialism, and so forth. While alternative faiths are frowned upon, therefore, Christian and Buddhist missionaries must be aware for merely talking about your faith can mean either prison or death. Yet the real threat to Muslims and minority Muslim groups within various different nations is their fellow co-religionists, so why are outsiders hated so much when the real threat is Islam itself?

After all, since 1970 approximately 5 million Muslims have been killed by fellow Muslims, however, one mention of Israel, and we hear about the Muslim unity card. However, the real “Muslim unity card” is a non-starter and this applies to the very foundations of Islam itself because the majority of early Muslim caliphs were killed by Muslims. Therefore, the current situation is similar to the past because it is based on internal tensions and mutual hatreds which run deep.

The Kurds are a prime example because the majority of Kurdish people follow the Islamic faith, most are Sunni. Despite this, the Kurds, irrespective if Sunni or Shia, face persecution in modern day Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. The Kurds, ironically, have much greater freedoms in mainly Christian Armenia where a minority reside or throughout the European Union where many have fled because of persecution in the Middle East.

Therefore, the Kurds, the biggest stateless people in the world are marginalized and persecuted by fellow Muslims throughout the Middle East where they reside. Yet Muslims in the Middle East often speak-out for the Palestinian cause, however, the very same people often remain silent about the Kurdish cause. Therefore, it is clear that double standards are at play and Israel is a very easy scapegoat.

After all, look at recent history and the reality of the modern world. For since 1970 at least 5 million Muslims have been killed by their co-religionists on the grounds of Sunni-Shia divisions, ethnic tensions, political tensions, and other issues.

This applies to the Iran-Iraq war; the persecution of African Muslims in Darfur by the Arab Muslim dominated government in Khartoum; Kurdish persecution in Iran, Iraq, and Turkey (deaths have been a lot lower in Syria but persecution does take place); Pakistan-Bangladesh war; Algeria, Somalia, Syria (1982); Tajikistan; Yemen; and other nations. Also, roughly 150,000 Shia Muslims have been killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, by Sunni Islamic fanatics.

Despite this reality we have world leaders like President Obama of America appealing to the so-called Muslim world for a fresh start. Yet surely an internal fresh start is needed first, however, it seems most unlikely because the spiral of hatred runs very deep.

Therefore, do Shia Muslims in America, France, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and other mainly non-Muslim nations reside in fear? Of course the answer is no. Yet Shia Muslims have been targeted in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and other nations, by Sunni Islamic zealots. Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia it is clear that Shia Muslims are second-class citizens because the Sunni elite do not believe in religious equality.

Then if we look at one Muslim branch, the Ahmadiyya’s, and the Bahai’s which is an offshoot from Islam (but an independent religion), it becomes apparent that internal Islamic hatred and persecution is strong. After all, the Bahai community in Iran and the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan, suffer enormous persecution.

Therefore, many Bahai’s and Ahmadiyya’s have fled both Iran and Pakistan respectively, but if either branches fled to Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, or other conservative Muslim nations, then they would suffer persecution once more. Given this, many Bahai’s and Ahmadiyya’s have fled to mainly non-Muslim nations because they have much greater freedom.

Then if we focus on al-Qaeda (al-Qaida) and Osama Bin Laden and fellow Sunni Islamic zealots, then we see a similar pattern. For when al-Qaeda emerged in Afghanistan they took their deadly sectarian ways with them and Shia Muslims were murdered in cold blood by forces loyal to al-Qaeda. The same happened when al-Qaeda entered the Iraqi civil war because once more they slaughtered Shia Muslims at will and moderate Sunni Muslim leaders were also killed by Sunni Muslim fanatics who had been brainwashed.

Given this, it is clear that Muslim unity is not only a sham but it is based on lies and sadly many elements within the mass media are ignoring this reality. Yet if Israel kills Palestinians in self-defence or during a military operation, then the usual mantra of Muslim brotherhood and Muslim persecution is raised.

However, the real reality is very different because the vast majority of Muslims who are killed throughout the world are killed by their co-religionists.
Therefore, the biggest persecutor of Muslims in the modern world is being done by their own co-religionists. At the same time, the deniers of democracy, religious freedom, female emancipation, and other important issues, are Muslim elites in many Muslim majority nations.

Also, it is abundantly clear that America and other nations are not anti-Muslim. After all, you have had three wars in Europe involving Muslims and Orthodox Christians in recent times. This applies to Cyprus, Bosnia, and Kosovo (Serbia), and every time America supported Islam against Orthodox Christianity. Just like America supported Indonesia despite countless massacres of Timorese people in the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s.

However, when the Arab dominated regime in Khartoum, Sudan, was killing millions of mainly African Christians and Animists in southern Sudan did mainly Muslim nations enter Sudan to stop the bloodshed. Of course they did not and many African slaves in Sudan were sold internally but the outcry was very silent in the so-called Muslim world.

Despite everything, the President of America, Obama, is offering an “olive branch” but surely it should be the other way around. For in America people have the right to follow any religion they want or to have no religion. Yet in the land of Mecca and Medina (Saudi Arabia) you are not allowed to have one single Christian church, Buddhist temple, Hindu temple, or any other non-Muslim place of worship.

Therefore, what is the real agenda? Is it that Saudi Arabia can do whatever it likes because of their massive amounts of oil reserves? For this nation is spreading radical Sunni Islam to Afghanistan, Chechnya (Russian Federation), Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and many other nations, without any fear. Or is it that political correctness means we have to be pro-Islamic to show how nice we are, therefore, minority Muslim branches, Christians and other non-Muslims are allowed to be “lambs to the slaughter of Islam?” Or is it a mixture of both or collective amnesia?

Maybe I will always be in lament because Israel is the easy scapegoat and of course many Muslims appear to believe that they are victims. However, the real truth couldn’t be further away because the biggest threat to minority Muslim groups and to the freedom of Muslims, is being done in the name of Islam by either radical zealots or despotic rulers who invoke Sharia Islamic law in order to preserve their respective power bases.

The mass media should take a long look at itself and start to question the so-called House of Islam, Arab unity, Muslim brotherhood, and so forth. For Arab unity ignores both Arab disunity and the many non-Arab groups who reside in Arab dominated nations. While the House of Islam was divided within a short time of the death of Mohammed and Muslim brotherhood is based on unreality.



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