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USA is worried about events in PAKISTAN

USA Is Worried about Events in Pakistan

By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent


Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton,
US secretary of state

The United States is clearly at odds with the government of Pakistan because it appears that the government of Pakistan is playing a very dangerous game. This applies to the government of Pakistan allowing the Taliban a free reign in the Swat valley and surrounding region. Therefore, senior political leaders in America want greater action in Pakistan and this applies to dismantling the Taliban and other radical Sunni Islamic forces. Yet will central forces in Pakistan respond?

In recent days Hillary Rodham Clinton, US secretary of state, sharply rebuked the government of Pakistan. Her words were very harsh and hard-hitting because Clinton stated “I think that the Pakistani government is basically abdicating to the Taliban and to the extremists.”

Clinton also added that the Taliban and growing instability “poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world.”  

She further upped the ante by stating that “If you talk to people in Pakistan, especially in the ungoverned territories, which are increasing in number, they don’t believe the state has a judiciary system that works … It’s corrupt, it doesn’t extend its power into the countryside. So the government of Pakistan, however it is constituted, which is of course their business, not ours, must begin to deliver government services.”

However, while America may be alarmed by current events it is clear that radical Sunni Islamic forces have been emboldened. For example, Sufi Mohammed, a Muslim cleric, stated that “The Koran says that supporting an infidel system is a great sin … and un-Islamic laws and customs will be abolished.” Sufi Mohammed was mainly relating this to the Swat region but in time he believes that this will apply to other regions.

Muslim Khan, a Taliban spokesman, is clearly gearing up for further gains because he commented that “When we achieve our goals in one place, we need to struggle for it in other areas.” More alarmingly, Muslim Khan stated that “Sharia does not permit us to lay down our arms if the government continues anti-Muslim policies.” Therefore, in the eyes of radical Sunni Islamists they want to “enforce the rule of Allah on the land of Allah,” and this is just what Muslim Khan stated.

Once more, the US special envoy, Richard C. Holbrooke, is clearly unhappy with the central government. Holbrooke warned against giving in to the Taliban but the leaders of Pakistan either ignored him or they believe that their options are limited.

Therefore, Holbrooke stated that recent events must be a “a wake up call to everybody in Pakistan that you can not deal with these people by giving away territory as they creep closer and closer to the populated centers of the Punjab and Islamabad.” Yet it would appear that the central government of Pakistan is not listening or that they are playing a dangerous game in order to get further economic support?

After all, if you listen to the president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, he states that “If we lose, you lose” and “If we lose, the world loses.” So clearly Zardari is playing the “Islamist” and “nuclear card” by blackmailing the international community in order to obtain more international finance.

Given the geopolitical importance of Pakistan and the nuclear factor, not to mention the global terrorist network and narcotics angle, then clearly the stakes are very high. Yet surely it is up to the government of Pakistan to clear up their own mess?

However, because events have spiraled so quickly and because of the seriousness of the crisis, then the international community is being pushed into a corner. If the international community sits back and does nothing, then we have “a real nuclear nightmare” and yet another breeding ground of radical Sunni Islam.

In recent times both America and Japan have each pledged $1 billion US dollars each over the next two years and Saudi Arabia also offered economic support. Similar economic support is also coming from the European Union and a host of other nations. Yet, given the past, then will this money be yet another “economic black whole?”

Whatever the future holds, it is clear that the stakes are very high but it is also obvious that “the muddy water” is “even cloudier” given the past links between the government of Pakistan and Sunni Islamic terrorism. For now it is a case of wait and see but in truth, the Taliban could only topple the government of Pakistan if the army changed sides.

Therefore, it is now “a battle of hearts and minds” and it is worth remembering that Pakistan is a mosaic of different ethnic groups and Islam is “not a single thought pattern.” Given this, moderate and traditional views must challenge the Talibanization of parts of Pakistan.

Also, like Clinton states, it is essential that the central government adopts robust policies which work. This applies to helping the people of Pakistan with regards to real “bread and butter” issues. So will the government of Pakistan rise up and challenge both the internal threat and at the same time, modernize the nation via real economic and educational policies which benefit the people of Pakistan?





USA, CIA created Sunni Islamic Terrorism

USA, CIA Created Sunni Islamic Terrorism


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  –  THE SEOUL TIMES

Radical Sunni Islam is striking terror throughout the world.  From Madrid to September 11 to London to Mumbai and so forth; it is the same branch of Islam which is causing global mayhem.


The United States of America is clearly responsible for the dire situation in modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the consequences of this is that global Sunni Islamic jihadists are still bent on causing more mayhem. So why did ex-President Jimmy Carter, and other leaders of America, develop such a pro-Sunni Islamic terrorist network? Also, why aren’t past leaders like Jimmy Carter and ex-National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, being made accountable for their failed policies?

Of course it is true that radical Islam is not a new concept and Sunni Islamic forces have used terror and war since the 7th century. After all, you will find very few traces of Christianity in modern day North Africa outside of Egypt and the same applies to Buddhism in modern day Afghanistan. Similar statements can be used about the defeat of Zoroastrianism by Islamic forces or the ongoing marginalization of Hinduism in modern day Pakistan.

Yes, “Islamic apologists” will point the finger at past Christian misdeeds in South America, and so forth, or they will make up a multitude of excuses. However, in the 21st century we are still witnessing the ongoing Islamic jihad movement and this movement desires to crush religious liberty, freedom, democracy, the rights of women, and the richness of diversity.

Yet the real tragedy is simple, because democratic forces, creeping secularism, moderate versions of Islam, and so forth, were springing up throughout the Middle East and much further afield where Muslims were a majority. Therefore, in nations like Indonesia the Christian faith was allowed to spread and Muslims and Christians had a united bond, this bond was humanity.

It appeared that the “notion of Islamic jihad” was on the wane, just like radical Christian forces had been challenged by new ideas in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Therefore, pan-Arabism, socialism, and other forces, alongside passive Islam, was changing the make-up of society.

This is an over-simplification because the topic is so vast, however, new laws were being implemented in nations like Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, and a host of other mainly Muslim nations, whereby greater freedoms were being enforced. So just like Europe, which once had its brutal Catholic-Protestant inter-wars, a new era looked liked it was going to “dawn.”

However, this era was soon about to collapse but the reasons behind this collapse are galling because the hands of America and Saudi Arabia can be found everywhere. Therefore, let us now focus on the unleashing of Sunni Islamic “dark forces” via American and Saudi Arabian sponsorship of terrorism.

To place an exact date is complex because links between America and radical Sunni Islamic forces run deep but it is clear that democratic forces, nationalistic movements, pan-Arabism, socialism, and other more moderate forces were seen to be the enemy. For example, Egypt went from being secular under Nasser to adopting Islamic laws under the pro-American, Anwar Sadat.

The same scenario would happen in Pakistan because America welcomed General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq who took power in the late 1970s. Therefore, Pakistan was transformed into a more Islamized nation whereby laws and other institutions would be Islamized. In time the USA would strengthen their ties with Zia-ul-Haq in order to fund the Islamic insurgency in Afghanistan.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) implemented Operation Cyclone and this policy was aimed at supporting the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski began a new policy whereby America would support radical Islam in the full knowledge that this meant supporting terrorism and a movement which supported killing all apostates from Islam and persecuting women.

Just like Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the next leader of America, Ronald Reagan, would continue this policy. Jimmy Carter stated that “The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is the greatest threat to peace since the Second World War.” However, the greatest threat to global peace was America and the Sunni Islamic terrorist movement which was funded by the CIA and other important American operatives.

For unlike communism or pan-Arabism, or other political ideologies, these movements are temporary. Yet radical Islam had sprouted up throughout history after periods of relative decline and it is not a movement which can be switched on and off. After all, we are talking about a radical ideology which is fused with religion and this makes it more potent.

Therefore, both political parties in America were involved in the funding of radical Sunni Islam. People like Michael G. Vickers, a Special Forces NCO, was commissioned by the CIA to support radical Islamic forces. Of major importance was coordination and launching attacks against the Soviet Union which would prove to be successful. Given this, Vickers, and other covert operatives, would train terrorists and in time they would unleash a force that could not be contained.

The CIA’s regional head, Gustav Avrakotos, alongside people like Charlie Wilson, Gordan Humphrey, Fred Ikle, William Casey, Joanne Herring, and a host of others, were all responsible in spreading radical Islam in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Therefore, the “dark forces” of radical Sunni Islam were being unified via enormous funding and military training. So the CIA, political leaders, and the people mentioned above, would all play their role in the future destabilization of Afghanistan and Pakistan and in making September 11th happen.

Of instrumental importance was Pakistan and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) unit which would work hand-in-hand with the CIA and other covert networks. Other nations were also involved, including the British, because MI6 and the SAS, would help to train Islamic terrorists and of course Saudi Arabia would provide ample funds in order to spread radical Sunni Islam.

Therefore, America, China, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, funded “the year zero Islamic jihadists” for different reasons. For China, it was based on hostile factors related to the Soviet Union. Yet it is clear that America and Saudi Arabia were instrumental in spreading radical Islam and of course the British “tail” also “wagged” in order to appease Washington.

Between 1981-1987 the USA provided over US$3.2 billion dollars and this was followed by a further $4.2 billion dollars. More important, the CIA, MI6, the SAS, and other covert agencies, were involved in training radical Islamists. The outcome being a multi-ethnic jihadist movement which would be armed and trained by America, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and others, but with America and Saudi Arabia being the cornerstone, and with Pakistan being the unifying factor because of geopolitical factors.

So major Sunni Islamic warlords like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar would be funded and trained. Hekmatyar in turn would develop relations with Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda and the nucleus of this would come by helping Maktab al-Khadamat.

The late Benazir Bhutto stated that “You are creating a Frankenstein.” Benazir Bhutto stated this when she met President George H. W. Bush in the late 1980s. This “Frankenstein” would certainly come back to haunt America and Pakistan, and of course undermine Afghanistan to this day.

Given this, then it is abundantly clear that the killing of Christian converts from Islam, stoning women to death, flogging people, chopping hands and feet off because of Islamic Sharia punishments, were all tolerated by America and the people who supported radical Islam in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. So why no accountability, after all, America supports war crimes in the Balkans but why not try past America leaders or CIA operatives, and others, who have unleashed mayhem and disaster?

Even today, America is “turning a blind eye” towards Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan and Pakistan are in crisis. Yet look at the people on the ground, it is women who now fear persecution in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is minorities, like Shia Muslims, Christians, Ahmadiyya’s, and others, who face death daily or the fear of persecution.

September 11th, the destruction of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the spread of radical Islam to moderate nations like Indonesia, can all be blamed on past American leaders and names that I have mentioned already. So why aren’t these people facing the consequences of their actions?

For they have unleashed “a potent” and radical Sunni Islamic movement which is destroying the fabric of society in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Just like the same Islamists caused mayhem and bloodshed in Algeria and other parts of the world. The road to September 11th and “year zero Islamic jihadists” was created by the forces of America and Saudi Arabia, alongside other important players like Pakistan. Yet what about real accountability and “the real story being told?”



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PAKISTAN Faces Internal Threat

Pakistan Faces Internal Threat

By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  –  THE SEOUL TIMES


Richard Holbrooke, the American special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan

The nation of Pakistan is entering a very dangerous stage because this nation is deeply divided and the current prevailing conditions are very troubling. So can a solution be found to the inner-struggle which is tearing the heart out of Pakistan? Or will these deep divisions lead to more bloodshed, chaos, terrorism, violence, and further divisions?

At the moment, the omens look rather bleak because the spiral of violence and lack of central control is a current reality. If the situation continues on the same path then Pakistan will become “a failed state” and further centralized disengagement will happen.

In truth, centralized disengagement is already happening in parts of this nation and just like the leaders in Afghanistan, who can control only limited areas, then the same now applies to the central government of Pakistan. What makes the situation more alarming, is that this nation is a nuclear state and NATO forces in Afghanistan are being undermined by events in Pakistan.

So what does the future hold for Pakistan? Well, this is the problem because nobody really knows but one thing is for certain, and this applies to the growing power of radical Sunni Islam within this nation. This in itself is a nightmare because you have many minorities in Pakistan and currently the Shia are bearing the brunt of Sunni Islamic extremism.

Of course, the United States of America (USA) is deeply troubled by the crisis in Pakistan. This notably applies to the Swat Agreement which allows Sharia Islamic law to be enforced in the Swat valley and surrounding region. For America, it is not Sharia Islamic law which they are worried about, after all, many allies of America enforce Sharia Islamic law; but the real problem is that this agreement will increase the power base of pro-Taliban forces.

Another major side-effect of this for America is that the Taliban will now have a free reign to cause mayhem in Afghanistan. Also, for many ordinary citizens in Pakistan it is apparent that it is the Taliban which is growing in power and not the government. This is deeply troubling for America, Afghanistan, India, Iran, and NATO forces.

If we look at the Iranian angle, then clearly they fear more anti-Shia pogroms because in recent times many Shia Muslims have been killed in Pakistan by Sunni Islamic extremists. Also, Iran is trying to contain the narcotic trade which flows from Afghanistan and Pakistan and enters into Iran. Another worry for Iran is that if events further erode then once more Iran will have to take in millions of refugees because of the growing crisis in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Therefore, Iran shares similar worries to America and Afghanistan. Richard Holbrooke, the American special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, is also deeply alarmed. Holbrooke stated that “It is hard to understand this deal in Swat” and he further commented that radical Sunni Islamists in this region “…..are murderers, thugs and militants and they pose a danger not only to Pakistan but the US as well.”

While nations clearly worry about this issue it is worth remembering the people who actually reside in Pakistan. For many, especially minorities, this deal is a nightmare because Ahmadiyya Muslims, Shia Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and other minorities, all fear the growth of radical Sunni Islam. This is because of constant persecution and murders which are done in the name of “radical Sunni Islam.”

Of course, moderate Sunni Muslims are also worried because they clearly understand that a Talibanization of Pakistan would be a disaster for civil liberties, commerce, and other areas of society. Ironically, Shia leaders have been very prominent within the leadership of Pakistan despite belonging to the minority community. After all, the founding father of Pakistan, Muhammed Ali Jinnah, was a Shia Muslim and other notable Shia leaders include the Bhutto family, Muhammad Ali Bogra and Asif Ali Zardari.

Yet just like in Iraq, but in reverse because the Sunni’s are a distinct minority in Iraq; it is abundantly clear that many within the Sunni community distrust the Shia. Therefore, sectarian violence is widespread in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Radical Sunni Islamic organizations based in Pakistan who hate the Shia includes the Taliban, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, Lashkar i Jhangvi, and al-Qaeda which wonders freely between Afghanistan and Pakistan. While Sunni Islamic scholars like Israr Ahmed declare open hostility towards the Shia and non-Muslims.

Israr Ahmed stated that “The process of the revival of Islam in different parts of the world is real. A final showdown between the Muslim world and the non-Muslim world, which has been captured by the Jews, would soon take place. The Gulf War was just a rehearsal for the coming conflict.” He and a host of others declare their hatred towards others and of course the Shia Muslim minority in Pakistan face this Sunni backlash.

The role of education is also a very important area and today you have tens of thousands of Islamic schools which are spreading radical Sunni Islam. Of course, the majority of Sunni Islamic schools are merely teaching Islam and other subjects, however, a sizeable minority (around 10% to 15%) are spreading hatred and jihad. Therefore, unless all schools are regulated then nothing will change apart from more Sunni jihadists being indoctrinated and brainwashed.

Another growing concern is the role of the secret services because the Inter-services Intelligence (ISI) in Pakistan may be splintering or losing control of the political situation. For Steve Coll, from the very important think-tank, the New America Foundation, stated (March 2, 2009) that the “Taliban-led insurgents today control large swaths of territory in Pakistan’s northwest, where they enforce a brutal regime of Islamic justice, and recently signed a truce with the government in the Swat valley. They have mounted a bombing campaign that has reached Islamabad; some of the bombs have been aimed at the Army and the I.S.I., suggesting a loss of control by the I.S.I. over its jihadi clients, or a split within the Pakistani security services, or both.”

Steve Coll also stated (April 6, 2009) that “U.S. policy [in Pakistan] is not going to defeat the Taliban,” and he continued by commenting that “Only the Pakistani state can contain and defeat the Taliban.”

However is the Pakistan state capable of defeating radical Sunni Islamic forces which desire a radical state based on Sharia Islamic law? Also, given the divisions within the military and ISI then it is clear that opinions differ enormously. Therefore, in the short-term to medium-term it is clear that Pakistan faces further chaos and it will take a major overhaul to put the jigsaw back again.




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NORTH KOREA pulls out of 6-Party Talks because of JAPAN

N. Korea Pulls Out of 6-Party Talks because of Japan

By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent – THE SEOUL TIMES

Unused nuclear fuel rods in the warehouse at North Korea’s main nuclear plant in Yongbyon as of January 2009

The Japanese government used the nationalist card during the recent dispute over a missile test or satellite which was launched by North Korea on April 5. Other more moderate regional nations, notably the Russian Federation and China, stated that nations must remain calm otherwise the consequences may become dire. However, the Prime Minister of Japan, Taro Aso, who is deeply unpopular, used the nationalist card and he and his government desired to make political capital out of the situation.

Yet now, it appears that North Korea will no longer play ball and the region is once more braced for fresh tensions. So should Japan be expelled from regional dialogue because of their usual non-helpful stance?

Before concentrating on this issue it is important to think about the crisis from the perspective of North Korea. It does not mean that you have to agree with the North Korean government however unless you try to put yourself in “their shoes,” then you will solve nothing.

From the North Korean perspective it is clear that they believe that the military is needed in order to neutralize the threat from outside forces. It is worth bearing in mind that American forces are based in both Japan and South Korea, and in other nations throughout Asia. Also, unlike North Korea in recent history, it is the nation of America which invades other nations and even today you have ongoing conflicts.

Of course, some people will claim that America had to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq, and that bombing Serbia was justified. Yet the consequences of these invasions have been tragic. This applies to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people who have been killed “in the name of democracy.”

It is also true that each conflict must be judged separately but the same symptom is to be found, and this applies to America using massive force in order to implement certain foreign policy objectives. Yet for the Serbian Christian and Gypsy minority in Kosovo and for the innocent civilians in Iraq, it is hard to understand why they have become victims in their own lands.

If we think about past invasions, from Vietnam to Iraq, or ongoing covert operations in Colombia, then the hand of America is behind all of these. It also does not matter if the government is Democratic or Republican, the same applies. Yes, depending on your thinking, you can either justify or be against these conflicts. However, this is not the issue. The point is that for North Korea they see mass hypocrisy and an enemy which is more than willing to invade.

Then we have the problem of Japan because what does the Japanese government want? Does the Japanese government want to cause mayhem in North Korea or do political leaders want to pander to nationalists? I would have thought that the Japanese people want a non-nuclear North Korea but it would appear that the government of Japan merely wants to obstruct progress.

This is not an anti-Japanese statement, for it is merely aimed at the government of Japan. They firstly raised the abduction issue time and time again and then “made a song and dance” about the missile test or satellite test according to North Korea. Yet which is the biggest threat to Japan? Is it the abduction issue or missile test or the nuclear weapon issue? Of course, for the vast majority of Japanese nationals it is the nuclear issue which is more important.

Once more, I would like to point out that Japan is a “democracy” which is usually under the patronage of the same political party. But recently, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) goes from one crisis to another. Therefore, the North Korean issue is an easy target in order to manipulate many Japanese nationals.

Today, we may be witnessing the “final nail in the coffin” of the six-party talks because of Japan’s intransigence. So how did Japan help the other nations who desired a non-nuclear North Korea? In truth, they did not help but instead they have hindered all recent progress and now other nations are back to square one.

Given this, then it is clear that Japan must be omitted from future talks about this important issue. For it would appear that Japanese nationals will be better protected by wiser leaders in both China and the Russian Federation, who seek a genuine deal based on “give and take.” Even American leaders have become more open recently towards solving this important crisis, but sadly Japan appears to have dragged down America.

So what now? Well, it would seem that the six-party talks are dead and buried but in politics, you never can say anything one hundred percent. Yet today the Foreign Ministry of North Korea stated that North Korea will “never again” participate in future talks and that they will “actively review” building a light-water reactor.

On top of this, the Foreign Ministry of North Korea stated that they have “no choice but to further strengthen our nuclear deterrent to cope with additional military threats by hostile forces.” So now we once more have a major problem in Northeast Asia and this time it can not be blamed on either America or North Korea, instead the finger must firmly be pointed at Japan.

The only hope is that other nations will rally round together in order to influence North Korea. However, North Korea will only listen providing either Japan is taken out of the equation or Japan relents from its usual anti-North Korean stance. Yet given the internal political problems of the ruling LDP in Japan then maybe the current government is already in a nationalist corner which it can not get out of.

Therefore, it is now essential that both China and the Russian Federation put diplomat pressure on North Korea via a genuine understanding of the fears that this nation holds. You may not agree with North Korea or you may despise the regime but this will not help. Therefore, realism is needed and America must also soften its stance in order to create a new framework whereby a long-lasting solution can be found.



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IRAN is a stabilizing power in AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ

Iran Is a Stabilizing Power in Afghanistan and Iraq

By Lee Jay Walker – THE SEOUL TIMES
Tokyo Correspondent


The President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a critic of the George W. Bush Administration and supports strengthened relations with Russia, Venezuela, Syria, and the Persian Gulf states. He has said Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and has refused to end enrichment despite United Nations Security Council resolutions.

The government of Iran is a regional power which must be respected and greater transparency is needed when writing about this nation. After all, the government of Iran is often a scapegoat for failed American policies but in reality the leaders of Tehran have been very compliant when it comes to Afghanistan and Iraq respectively. This is also clearly visible because it is radical Sunni Islam or Sunni nationalism, which is challenging America and other nations who have sent their armed forces to the region. Therefore, why is Iran being rebuked all the time and sidelined?

Before focusing on Iran and the positive policies which have been implemented by Tehran, I will just mention other factors which do do not apply to this article. Firstly, this article is firmly based on the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq, therefore, other issues like Lebanon, the nuclear issue, and the internal political situation in Iran, is of secondary importance because America and allied nations are bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq respectively. Therefore, the geopolitical reality of the “real world” needs to be told and if you fully concentrate on current events in these nations then you get a different picture.

However, the stabilizing factor of Iran is either rebuked by America or just ignored when major statements are being made by senior people in the American administration. For example Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State, stated “Iran constitutes the single most important single-country strategic challenge to the United States and to the kind of Middle East we want to see.” However, this is the same America which props up Saudi Arabia and if we are to talk about democracy, then even democracy Iranian style is a million miles more democratic than Saudi Arabia. In fact, Iran is one of the most diverse nations in the region and women also have much more greater freedom in Iran than Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is hard to understand what America means, unless it means they don’t like independent nations who happen to desire to follow their own model?

Also, when it comes to international terrorism then the finger must firmly be pointed at radical Sunni Islam. After all, Islamic terrorist attacks in America, Bali in Indonesia, Kenya, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and other nations, were carried out by radical Sunni Islamists. More important to the American people, not the government, is that the vast majority of people who were involved in September 11 came from Saudi Arabia. However, the main negatives that come from Saudi Arabia are always glossed over and of course another $20 billion dollar military contract was signed between both nations in order to boost the armed forces of Saudi Arabia.

Yet from an American military perspective, then surely the government of America must be confused or in denial or the Bush administration simply does not care? After all, the American military body count in Afghanistan and Iraq is collectively very high and the main culprits again are the so-called friends of America. This applies to the biggest source of foreign fighters in Iraq being Saudi nationals. While in Afghanistan many specialists state that rogue elements within the security services of Pakistan are supporting the Taliban. For example Steve Coll, president of the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think tank, stated “some current and former Pakistani military and intelligence officers sympathize with the Islamist insurgents with whom they are notionally at war.”

Many American officials outside of the inner-circle of the Bush administration have made similar allegations. The leader of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, also claims that Pakistan is not doing enough to stem the tide of the Afghan insurgency which uses the land of Pakistan to grow and develop. However, Pakistan refutes this and it must be remembered that around 1,000 soldiers from the army of Pakistan have been killed fighting the Islamists or Pathan Islamic nationalists who dream of a united nation. Also, the mixture of tribalism, radical Sunni Islam, and Pathan nationalism, fused with grinding poverty and a feeling of betrayal, is not easy to contain and given this reality it is not easy for Pakistan.

However, reasons given by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are not good enough for many political leaders in America and the same applies to the armed forces of America. Because whatever reasons are being given the answer remains the same. This applies to the huge American body count and the fact that funding, breathing space, manpower, and ideology, is being driven via Saudi Arabia and Pakistan respectively. Again this does not mean that both governments are sponsoring the chaos directly, but whatever the real facts are, you can state that both nations are not abiding by their responsibilities.

Yet the nation of Iran is still deemed the great threat but the facts do not meet the assumptions of President Bush and Rice. After all, the shia minority in Afghanistan is not at war against America or NATO forces. Also, in Iraq it is the Shia dominated government which is working together with America and the main problem in Iraq stems from Sunni nationalism or Sunni radical Islam. Of course some Shia factions in Iraq are against American forces but this problem is secondary because the vast majority of American deaths in both nations is because of fighting Sunni Muslims.

Therefore, the government of Iran desires to see stability in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Because of this fact, the security forces of Iran have not got involved to any major degree in either nation despite having the power to do so if they desired. It must also be remembered that when America was covertly supporting the Taliban prior to September 11, 2001, the government of Iran was supporting the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. So when America invaded Afghanistan the government of Iran helped America via the Northern Alliance. Therefore, why is America focused on Iran when the real problems are to be found in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan?

Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA



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JAPAN under Ishihara must not be given the 2016 Olympics

Japan under Ishihara Must Not Be Given the 2016 Olympics

By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  –  THE SEOUL TIMES


Shintaro Ishihara (石原 慎太郎), who was on Sept. 30, 1932, is a Japanese author, politician and the governor of Tokyo since 1999.

The Olympic Committee must be given all the facts about the Governor of Tokyo because Shintaro Ishihara is not only a denier of history; he is a dangerous maverick who installs anti-Korean and anti-Chinese hatred. Not only this, we are talking about a rampant sexist who made an alarming comment about the role of women in society. Ishihara also belittled Africans in another tirade and the only reason he remains so silent recently, is because the nationalist leader of Tokyo understands that he is under the international spotlight. Therefore, it is essential to enlighten people about this individual who stokes up hatred towards others via un-logical outbursts of inhumanity.

We must all remember that the spirit of the Olympics is about unity and all nations unifying under the banner of sport. In the past the Olympics was sometimes hijacked by both ideological sides during the Cold War. However, in recent times the Olympics is back on track but if Ishihara emerges victorious then the games will become tarnished.

I stated in an earlier article that “Ishihara desires to leave a legacy but the real legacy of Ishihara is being anti-Korean, anti-Chinese, and anti-foreign in general. I am not talking about mild nationalism but an extreme version of anti-Korean and anti-Chinese nationalism which is based on dangerous grounds. This applies to historical revisionism and when this applies to an important political figure like Ishihara, it is clearly dangerous. Therefore external forces must notify others about the consequences of awarding Tokyo the Olympics under such a blatant revisionist of history.”

Given the reality of the Governor of Tokyo, then surely this issue must be raised because it is in complete contradiction to the Olympic ideal. I also wonder why the Olympic Committee is even entertaining the current Tokyo 2016 bid under such a blatant nationalist.

Therefore, my conclusion is that the Olympic Committee does not understand the true nature of Ishihara and the same applies to the other bidders of the 2016 Olympic Games. Also, it would appear that people who are in the know are not raising their voices loud enough. Yet just imagine if Tokyo was awarded the 2016 Olympics. It would mean a victory and a legacy for a nationalist leader who denies the real impact of the Rape of Nanking and he supports other forms of revisionism.

In 1990, Ishihara clearly denies one of the worst massacres of the 20th century, and we are talking about a century which had numerous terrible massacres. Ishihara made it known in a Playboy interview that the Rape of Nanking was merely fiction because he claimed that “People say that the Japanese made a holocaust but that is not true. It is a story made up by the Chinese. It has tarnished the image of Japan, but it is a lie.” Also, more recently he backed the film The Truth about Nanjing, which also claims that the Nanking Massacre was Chinese propaganda and based on false history.

So would the Olympic Committee award Germany if the local governor denied the Jewish and Gypsy holocaust during the NAZI period? Of course not, indeed the individual would face criminal charges for inciting hatred. Yet sadly, and to my amazement, both the Olympic Committee and the people of Tokyo are not speaking out enough against such an important political leader.

Of course I am not saying that Tokyo should not be awarded a future Olympic Games, certainly not; however, Tokyo should be prevented from holding the 2016 Olympic Games under the current political leader. If Tokyo emerges victorious then clearly it will become “a very dark day” in the chapter of the Olympic Games.

Other obnoxious comments by Ishihara include an extremely sexist statement and just think about what he said. For in 2001 Ishihara stated in the Shukan Josei magazine that he subscribed to the theory that “old women who live after they have lost their reproductive function are useless and are committing a sin.” He is therefore implying that women are no longer fit to be alive and that they are useless once their reproductive function is over.

It is surely hard to surpass such a terrible and cold-hearted comment but of course Ishihara did not apologize. So I wonder what he thinks about female sport stars?

Turning back to the often used “racial card” by Ishihara, then he clearly understood what he was implying when he stated “Atrocious crimes have been committed again and again by sangokujin and other foreigners. We can expect them to riot in the event of a disastrous earthquake.”

For people who do not understand the real meaning of this statement, then let me enlighten you a little. During the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake many massacres took place whereby Koreans were killed like lambs to the slaughter. These brutal killings took place because some Japanese newspapers made terrible false rumors. Therefore, thousands of Koreans were butchered and other ethnic groups, notably Okinawans, also suffered at the hands of nationalists.

For Ishihara, he fully understood what he was implying and this sums up the character of this person. So what would happen today if an American leader stated that slavery was ok? Yes, he or she would rightly suffer the consequences but for Ishihara he wants to keep nationalism alive and in its worse form.

So if you are alarmed by the rants of Ishihara and the menace he poses to foreign nationals and the stereotyping of women, it is vital that you contact your respective member of the Olympic Committee and your local politician. Ishihara may win if people remain silent but if Tokyo does win the 2016 Olympic bid then it will be a sad day for equality and the international global village. Therefore, it is up to individuals and organizations to campaign against Ishihara.



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USA is looking at Plan Colombia in order to tackle AFGHANISTAN

USA Is Looking at Plan Colombia in Order to Tackle Afghanistan

By Lee Jay Walker  
Tokyo Correspondent    – THE SEOUL TIMES


Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

The United States is clearly worried by the crisis in Afghanistan and now a new policy is being viewed in order to tackle the growing insurgency. Therefore, the Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, indicated that Plan Colombia may be a new approach to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. However, would Plan Colombia change the current situation in Afghanistan and how successful is Plan Colombia anyway?

Before focusing on this new approach which is being touted in important circles in Washington, it is vital to state the major differences between Colombia and Afghanistan. After all, do both nations share the same common problems and history?

I would clearly argue that both situations are very different and Plan Colombia may merely lead to yet another failed policy. For how do you equate The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) with the radical Sunni Islamic insurgency in Afghanistan? Surely it must be obvious that both movements use different tactics with regards to military objectives and political desires.

FARC is merely interested in installing a Marxist-Leninist government and this movement is a lot older than the Sunni Islamic Taliban and Al Qaeda threat in Afghanistan. Also, insurgents in Afghanistan want to turn this naiton into an Islamic state which will be governed via Islamic Sharia Law.

Then if we focus on military tactics it becomes clear that FARC and radical Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan are very different. After all, suicide bombings and countless splinter groups within the Islamic insurgency in Afghanistan is very chaotic, however, FARC is much more military based and centralized and the leadership is clear. Yet many insurgency fighters in Afghanistan are in charge of themselves or based in very small groups and you clearly do not have any major centralized fighting machine. Instead, you have sporadic and chaotic attacks which causes major carnage but often this is done by a very small number of people and then they either melt away or if a suicide bomber, then clearly they die on the battlefield.

However, Admiral Mullen and other senior members have touted the need to look at Plan Colombia and possibly use aspects of this policy in order to tackle the growing insurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Admiral Mullen stated ” … that I think many of us from all over the world can learn from what has happened with respect to the very successful developments of Plan Colombia. As in all plans, there are parts of it that would be very applicable in other parts of the world and specifically to Afghanistan and there would be other parts that would not apply at all.”

Admiral Mullen further continued by linking both insurgencies because he stated ” … the counter-insurgency approach, the providing security for the people, the need for governance upon which the people can depend, not just national governance, but local governance, the ability to create jobs and opportunities for people who feel secure in those jobs are fundamentals that apply here and apply in Afghanistan. I’m actually encouraged based on the briefings that I’ve received here, since I’ve been here, about the plans for the future.”

So it is apparent that senior military and political leaders are looking at Plan Colombia with regards to implementing aspects of this policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Therefore, Admiral Mullen continued by stating ” .. there is great learning which has occurred for all of us—applying that learning to a place like Pakistan and Afghanistan is certainly part of the approach that I take in this review for that strategy.”

Admiral Mullen does state that many differences apply between both situations, for example geography, however, it is noticeable that many aspects of Plan Colombia do appear to appeal to him and other senior members of the military and Obama administration. However, some people question the effectiveness of Plan Colombia because of important human rights violations and the ongoing narcotic menace which is reaching the streets of so many nations.

Therefore, Garry Leech, a senior writer for and a writer of many books, for example Beyond Bogotá: Diary of a Drug War Journalist in Colombia and The Failure of Global Capitalism: From Cape Breton to Colombia and Beyond, states a very different point of view about Plan Colombia. For according to Garry Leech, a much acclaimed journalist and writer and a free thinker, we must not ignore the negative aspects of Plan Colombia.

Gary Leech states “Not surprisingly, Mullen and others who advocate transferring the Plan Colombia model to Afghanistan point to improved security in Colombia’s major population centers and a dramatic reduction in murders and kidnappings in recent years. While a significant percentage of the Colombian population has indeed benefited from these successes, Mullen and others conveniently ignore the humanitarian crisis that has resulted from this establishment of “security” and Plan Colombia’s complete failure as a counter-narcotics initiative.”

Gary Leech continues by stating other valid points for he states that “ In recent decades, Colombia has endured one of the most under-reported humanitarian crises in the world … With almost four million internal refugees, Colombia ranks second in the world after the Sudan. And while supporters of Plan Colombia repeatedly point to improved “security” in urban areas, critics note that the internal refugee crisis has worsened in recent years, in part because of the Colombian military’s aggressive counter-insurgency tactics in rural regions.”

Therefore, it is abundantly clear that many aspects of Plan Colombia have failed and many people in Colombia have been uprooted, killed, or kidnapped. For example you had more than one thousand disappearances in 2008 in Colombia and clearly the motives are political and undemocratic. Also, many extrajudicial executions have taken place throughout this nation and the counter-narcotics initiative appears to have failed because cocaine production is still on the increase.

Overall, I believe that you can not overlook the huge differences between Colombia and the crisis in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This applies to political ideology and religious ideology, and different military tactics which are used by FARC and radical Sunni Islamists. Other factors, for example terrain, motivation, suicide attacks, centralized structures via decentralized structures, and other important factors must not be ignored.

More important, like Gary Leech points out, you have many failings within Plan Colombia and you also have many human rights violations. Therefore, if the Obama administration and senior military leaders want to focus on Plan Colombia, they must also look at the terrible consequences of this operation. More importantly, Obama hinted at “a new history” for mankind but surely to focus on Plan Colombia then this is not “a new history” but merely a continuing policy of mass intervention and the violation of rights.



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